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Tim & Dengue

Hello just a quick update while he’s asleep.

If you don’t already know, Tim is down with dengue 🙁

He came down with fever last Wednesday which wouldn’t go away.  The doctor told him it could just be a viral infection but by Monday when he was still having fever, I finally made him take a blood test.

It was a viral infection all right!  Dengue is caused by a virus ma wtf.

But funny thing was, on Monday they couldn’t detect the virus.  But they did however find that his platlet count was unusually low (but not at a very dangerous level yet)

So it’s been a worrying two days, wondering if he really had dengue and then what he was going to do.  Which hospital to admit himself into, whether it should even be in KL, whether to fly back to Penang, etc.

Today they finally detected the virus.  But amazingly, his platlet count had gone up.  And his fever was gone.  The doctor said it looks like he’s getting better so yay no hospital for him!

He’s still feeling tired most of the time and his skin is all red and splotchy (cos of the broken capillaries) but GETTING BETTER!  NO HOSPITALIZATION!

I think Fat Her and Mummy Ooi should get a big amount of the credit. <3

Yesterday when we feared it could be dengue, my mother sent Fat Her out to look for papaya leaves WTF.

Because she heard that drinking the juice from papaya leaves would cure dengue.

So Fat Her skulked around our neighborhood, rang a few doorbells, and when nobody answered, he broke  a leaf off some neighbor’s papaya tree for himself hahahahahahha

But then he panicked!  Cos the leaf was really fibrous and it wouldn’t break off!  He had to frantically claw at the leaf while looking around for witnesses before he could get it off hahahahaahha

No wonder when I got home I saw this huge frond in the corner of the kitchen hahahaha

Mummy Ooi also boiled up some herbs from the Chinese medicine store meant to cure dengue and made Tim drink it.

He said it was really bitter so she went “if you finish drinking I’ll give you a sweet!”

And Tim ran to me and said “your mother says if I finish my soup she’s going to give me a sweet yay!” hahahahahah true story ok wtf.

So I don’t know if it was the soup or the papaya juice (oh wait he hasn’t drunk that yet) but today he’s better wheeee

  • amane

    Go drink some sort of cactus + ginseng juice..
    I was hospitalize and after i drink that expensive thingie, the blood palate raised very well.

  • Jaclyn

    Lol! Tim is so cute!

  • Lydia

    Oh Audrey, it’s really sweet of your parents to take care of Tim like that. I’ve heard about the papaya juice remedy before too! I’d imagine it must be really difficult for Tim to have dengue. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery! xx

  • elaine

    Are u sure papaya juice works, without hospitalization???

    And it’sz like a week fever can subside without hospitalization? Better check it out to confirm again….No harm doing double checking to make sure your baby is ok..:)

  • kennysia

    Wah! Nuffnang’s computer confirm infected with virus wtf.

  • didi

    Woohoo! Tim is getting better 😀

    The good thing about him having the Dengue virus so now he is immuned to it … or something like that.

  • mae

    I think it’s incredibly sweet how your parents helped you take care of him. 🙂 Get well soon Tim!

  • jess

    normally when 1st kena dengue, if our body antibody can cure it, it will automatic slowly recover. My bf dont even know when he has the 1st dengue, cos 2nd time doctor tell him very dangerous can caused death! Apparently after kena dengue once, our blood test report for dengue will show it. So next time when kena it will show if u are 1st timer … according to the doc

  • Polly

    Wow! Tim is really lucky!
    I had dengue fever last time and a lots of needle (blood testing) is involve… scary experience >.<

  • VM

    Get bird nest soup. wroks for dengue ^^

  • Cherry

    the papayaleaves juice actually works i think. cos last time my sisters and i were down with dengue (me and my other sis werent really that ill so we got better after drinkin the papayaleaves juice) but the other sis was really ill cos of that dengue. so she ended up drinkin more papayleaves juice than us. wtf. although she did get hospitalized for dengue, but stil i think the papayaleaves juice did helped abit to cure the dengue lah. anyways, hope timothy gets well soon ah~

  • karyee

    you should try water frog with small size bitter ground…really works to bring the platelet up…my dad has just recovered from dengue not long ago..

  • naz

    Erm, sorry to the bearer of bad news but the dengue virus is highly prevalent and it has four unique strains (serotypes to be exact but strains is easier to relate to) which means that if you’ve had one before, you could always get the other three! Oh and there isn’t a 100% guarantee of immunity from the first strain as well.

    Also to add, once a person has been infected with dengue in the past, the possibility of developing dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) becomes higher and may occur on the second infection. Why is this important to note? Simply because statistics from WHO have shown that without early detection and proper medical treatment from DHF, the fatality rate of DHF may reach 20% (1 in 5 people will die from it). However, if early detection occurs and the patient is given proper medical treatment, the rate of fatality may be as low as 1% (1 in 100 people will die from it.

    It was in the Seventh Malaysian Plan to keep the rate of fatality of DHF in Malaysia to 1% but sadly in our country the rate has been as high as 10% (1 in 10 people died from it) in the pass!

    What this all means is that:

    1. Once you have gotten dengue, definitely make sure you don’t get it again or you may develop DHF which 1 in 10 to 1 in 100 people will die from!

    2. Please recognize that you are not immune from dengue but just possibly immune to 1 of the 4 strains of it.

    3. Don’t try to develop immunity to all four strains because you have a high chance of fatality in the 3rd strain you’ve contracted and will mostly likely die before you can even develop any immunity to dengue.

    Keep those infected safe from future infections.

    I’ve written this long elaboration so you folks can be clear on the facts and be protected against the danger especially protecting your loved ones which have already been infected previously.

  • Ping Ping

    So it’s more like Nurse Mummy Ooi??? Hehehe…

    hope he’ll be fine soon.. =))

  • bernice

    I think this entry should be categorized under ‘Funny Fat Her stories’

    hahaha that was the first time i’ve ever heard of papaya leaf juice cure for dengue

  • Hayley

    get well soon Tim! there’re just too many viruses these days… yerr..
    everyone must take good care!

  • Penny

    Fat Her… Lol…

    So nice of your parents!

  • Francesca

    thanks jebus, hes ok now. ur parents v caring, aud ^^
    take care urself, aud

  • jj

    aud, 100 plus and guava juice should help and don’t come to penang, I heard there are couple of dengue case in penang right now.

  • Bob

    Try GLO, it works.2 table spoons every hour……………………………………
    Glo = dish washing liquid
    Sorry, stupid joke.

  • June

    LOL! glad you still retain the humour in difficult times. Promise tim that you will give him more than just a sweet if he gets better, and then see how fast he gets well!

  • jammie

    aww uncle ooi so heroic!

    and auntie ooi so pretty *quickly

  • 11

    hope he gets well soon! it sure is worrying seeing someone sick and yet not being able to suffer with that person 🙁

  • stalker

    first time posting here../shy take 100 plus. it saved my life when i got dengue. my platlet count dropped to 10 when the doctor detected dengue.

  • me

    it could be chikungunya too.

  • Sharon

    well believe it or not, the papaya leaves remedy actually works for my aunt who was hospitalized for dengue 2 years ago. she had high fever that just wont come down. so when my uncle heard bout the papaya leaves, he hunted everywhere in KL for it.
    my aunt drank it and it helped big time! 🙂
    i hope tim gets well soon too!

  • kate

    hahaha ur mum is so sweet.
    give sweet summore~ hahaha!

    hope tim get well soon! ^__^

  • Ming

    hope he recovers asap. ur parents r always so CooL 😀

  • Hiew10y

    take more rest… lack of rest will weaken your body defense system

  • Catfish

    Should try to drink alot of water or coconut…
    Coconut is cooling (cantonese: leong)…
    Will bring down the heatiness (cantonese: yit hei)…

  • carol

    hahaha why mummy ooi and uncle ooi so cute wan.

    no wonder daughter also like that, albeit in different ways wtf 😛