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Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience – version Tim

Top 3 places in Singapore Timothy Tiah would visit

1. Angus Steak House

At Ngee Ann City on Orchard!  Actually I had to google it WTF.  Tim loves steak — he once ate steak 3 times in a week until I scared him with gout WTF and swore off it (for 2 weeks) but I think he has it on average about once a week now. Oh and when he eats steak he doesn’t talk to me T___T  Cos he needs to focus and enjoy it fml.

I asked Elise where the best place to get steak was in Singapore and she said she’s not a steak peson but she sent me (which was the same site I found) which says Angus is the best so Angus it is!

Angus, you better not disappoint him wtf.

2. Sim Lim Square

Singapore’s Largest Electronics & Computers Center! wtf.  He calls Ming a big gadget freak but actually he’s one himself!  Just today he said he felt like splurging on something for himself (cos I was going shopping).  I asked him “oh what?” He said “a gadget.  But I can’t think of any gadget I need” wtf.

Cell phone (iphone) check.  Hard drive (1.5 terabyte or whatever) check.  New computer check.  Wii check.  Xbox check.  Bluetooth headset x1o pcs check wtf.  Camera check.  GPS check.  Bionic laser specs check wtf.

Think Sim Lim would be the best place for him to spend hours there!

3. St Regis, Singapore

To be more specific, the Presidential Suite at St Regis. 

For the biggest luxury hotel lover I know.

This post was written in conjunction with the Nuffnang Awards and because Tim and I have a challenge to guess where the top 3 places the other would love to visit in Singapore.

edit: this is his post here

So this is for him to Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!

  • Boss Stewie

    Hahahah okok baby.. u win.. i would like to go to all 3 places.

    except that i don’t think i can afford the Presidential Suite at St Regis.

  • Lisa Cheah

    To be even more precise, (I am such an aunty).

    I would think Tim would rather have you with him in the Presidential Suit.

    You guys are too cute, I am going to go to the corner and sulk with my boy, the smelly bolster.

    Have a great time in Singapore! Wish I could go too!

  • vvens

    Angus house steak in pavilion is very yummy too!!!

  • Kylie L

    invite me invite ME!!!

  • helen


    For best steaks in Singapore try Morton’s in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel – bit more pricey than Angus but definitely a must-try experience for a steak lover

  • loftgirl

    Lawry’s Prime Rib at Paragon (Opposite Ngee Ann City) is waaaay better.

  • pinky

    hahahah you two so sweet la!

  • pinky

    oh ya must announce who win the guessing! ahha

  • CraSH

    morton’s in sgp would be your best bet. if in brooklyn/ny/us… peter luger hands down.

  • Angie

    I miss you T____T

  • Mizz Sharon

    Having a take in order of Angus steak in the most luxurious suite in St Regis whilst fumbling around with the newest gadget bought from Sim Lim Square. Ah.. good life. =)

  • esil3

    like i told u, tim’s choices are good but he cheated, since u’ve already been to ma maison 😉
    so u win! hahaha

  • Anna

    that hotel looks so pretty! *_*

    read Tim’s and.. you went to Japan for a year?!! that sounds awesome ^^ so which languages do you speak?

  • Kelly

    wow gorgeous places.. very elegant and high class haha

    you speak Japanese?? That’s so cool!! lol.

    haha cheap hair extensions.. how cute hehe

    hey do u accept fb friends?

  • Audrey

    boss stewie: one day if im rich i take you!

    lisa: awwww i thought u had a boyfriend too?! and a great one at that

    vvens: i didn’t know there’s one in pavillion!

    kylie: HAHA invite you to st regis?

    helen: ooo thanks for the recommendation!

    loftgirl: is it? oh no so many choices!

    pinky: you also sweet!

    crash: haha not heading there anytime soon

    angie: i miss you too why u don’t reply me on msn T________T

    mizz sharon: WAH BEST

    esil3: YA GOOD POINT

    anna: i know, right! i speak um english? haha.. malay, hokkien and japanese!

  • Audrey

    kelly: haha yea i do! but no practice now so i suck 🙁 and i do accept requests if you tell me you read my blog!

  • mel

    for a good steak, i would recommend you to LesAmis. 🙂

  • joyce

    ooh i heart st regis! they sent us there for a media launch and i had a hugeeee room to myself!

    needless to say, i spent the whole time in the hotel. didn’t go out :p

  • eximius

    If timothy like steak, my recommendation is

    1) Morton’s of Chicago.. The steak here is BIG. really really big..In fact everything here is big – the baked potato, the salads, the famous Martini..

    2) Le Amis – French Restaurant but the steak is like you never tasted before.

    3) Astons – this chain started in food court –
    Best deal in town and you can get fillet mignon at food court prices..

  • eximius

    Oh.. One more.

    4) Brewerkz – better known for its beer and burgers but the steak is as good as any.. (have to plug for a friend,la…)

  • Wilfred Yeo

    Need help with the St. Regis, let me know 🙂

  • Audrey

    mel & eximus: wah so many to choose from! i’ll let tim decide 😀

    joyce: oh i heard about that! i didn’t know it was st regis u so lucky!


  • vanns

    you should really try Morton’s Steakhouse! it’s really good.