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San Fran Day 2 – Westfield

Sorry to everyone who have been asking me to take more pictures of the city because they miss it  because I have been spending all my time inside malls*shifty eyed

Aih what to do! Before coming I told Wombeh don’t bother bringing a lot of money because shopping in the US is not that good.

Well I totally lied wtf.

Not lie la I just forgot how good Forever 21 and Bebe is!

On the way to Westfield Mall!  Still damn jetlagged when Angela woke me up I felt like it was the middle of the night even though I had 9 hours already and I couldn’t talk for most of the car ride fml.

Best store in the world /boo

(ie F21)

Btw is it just me or is fashion these days very controversial wtf. Usually looking at a piece right away I know whether it’s nice or not.  But nowadays I feel like there are a lot of clothes out there that I can’t decide are cute or not! Hence the controversy wtf.

Likewise with the above denim shirt.  On one hand it looks damn cowboy-ish.  On the other, the light denim and studs combo is quite cute.  But on the other, it looks like a boy’s shirt…

Didn’t get it in the end.  Angela convinced us that when this season passes we’ll have no more use for the shirt.

This picture looks so summery right! With the big straw hat and cotton bow. Neither of which we got wtf.

Stores should never come up with wooden hangers.  Seriously okay I was carrying a bunch of clothes and hangers and by the time I exited Forever 21 my left arm was sprained WTF.

Day after that damn painful it even hurt to lift it up T_T

We’ve been looking all over SF for cancan hats and it’s impossible to find T3T

Closest we can find to it.  Angie bought that big flower though!

Dinner at Panda Express T________T

Seriously Audrey seriously.  Come all the way to San Fransisco to eat Americanized Chinese food *low maintenance

I happen to love Chinese food in America and so does Angie I don’t know why! Something yummy about it must be all the MSG wtf.

Um camwhoring at Sephora.  Angela just dyed her hair before I came but she thought the color looked uneven so she wanted me to do it for her again so we were in Sephora buying hair care products wtf.

Sales assistant left us alone for 5 minutes *shifty eyed

Buying something from Aldo! (not for me)

Everyone crowding around Apple store for the Ipad.  Dad beside me thinks he’s the center of the universe (in addition to center of the photo wtf)

Waiting for Angie to see a bag she liked.

In Nordstrom, I saw this Miu Miu shoe.  Damn ugly until dunno what!  How can they make such nice bags but such badshaped shoes! Or is this some controversial fashion again that I am not in tune to!

Went to Nordstrom just so Angie could get her beloved sandals.


the best shoes in the world !!! <3

Pictures do not do it justice!

Oh ya and the rest of these pictures are purchase pictures nyehehe

L-R:  Ali Baba, Angela wtf.

Does this picture look like a beach too! Like sunglasses check. 50s style polka dot scarf check. Bikini lookalike bra strap check WTF. Errr vaguely blue background check wtf.

Bought a couple of these bow-scarf things too!

Think we overdid things a bit? But half or less only are mine ok! *defensive

  • Wendy Sim

    Both of you are way too cute. XD

  • Amanda

    How to do manage to live without Angie?!? You two are so cute together! I can see why she is your soul mate! ^_^

  • gypsy-on-the-move

    I thought I would be looking at pictures of buildings. But end up I’m looking at stuffs that are sold in the buildings. LOL!

  • yh

    I love it when both of you come together to take pictures 🙂

  • celchin


  • tzia

    aww. you both are seriously cute! looking sweet together!

    and… the sandal, seriously, awesome max!

  • hui wen

    Did you get the straw hat!!!

    And omg the shoes are GORGEOUSSSS <3

  • Irene

    I simply love love love F21 and Sephora. Did you go to Victoria’s Secret?
    Btw, is that a pair of red flowery zipper shoes? They look so cute. Mind if I know where did you get them?

  • KY

    i wanna see pics of san fran but all i see is 2 pretty gals wtflux!

  • Audrey

    wendy: haha thanks!

    amanda: i dunno i guess i was dead before WTF

    gypsy: hahahah aiya i promise i will put up scenery pics soon!

    yh: haha we love it too!

    celchin: thanks!

    tzia: awww thankew T3T haha which sandal! the chanel or the colorful one?

    hui wen: no it wasn’t the kind we saw in bangsar! ya i know the shoes are so pretty right <3

    irene: yea i did haha went to VS yesterday. the shoes are from bakers!

    ky; aiya hahahaha will put up tourist pics soon!

  • Huai Bin

    OMG you both are pros in puri club style poses. Cute! Haha!

  • fresh

    haha you look like you’re having the time of your life! AND YOUR SHOPPING LOOT OMAIGADS. i almost feel like i’m on the trip with you wtf. tumpang KY: more tourist pics pleez! 😀

  • girl

    I couldn’t view some of the photos! 🙁

  • vicky

    wou, big shopping!! envious T.T

  • kehrole

    i love your photos with angie /boo <3

  • unknown

    First time commenting here, read your blog here and there and I think I saw you today at SF Westfield Mall! Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your stay in SF..

  • bulat

    i want the bow scarfs things!
    can i buy one from you? *puppy eyes*

  • Audrey

    hb: ya a lot of practice hahaahah

    fresh: hokay hokay tourist pics coming up!

    girl: oh why ah i dont know why!

    vicky: ya! *broke

    kehrole: thanks love!

    unknown: really?? you should have said something!

    bulat: eh really? i don’t mind selling you a black and white one i got. you want?

  • unknown

    haha didn’t wanna approach you guys like a stalker. Besides, I wasn’t sure if that was you and you guys were entering and I was leaving in a hurry to attend an event. Maybe next time when you come back to SF or whenever I go back to M’sia for vacay. Wicked was awesome! Watched it with my boyfriend a few months ago at the Orpheum and I enjoyed it very much! One thing you gotta try in SF is Mitchell Ice Cream! Tell your friend to take you there..

  • Shevon

    hi audrey, i’m a reader of your blog…wanna ask where you get the two military jacket/top/vest????I’m so in love with them!!!

  • Audrey

    unknown: ya sure! but must tell me your name so i know wtf

    shevon: got them at forever 21! dunno if it’s available in msia tho..

  • bulat

    same as the one you are wearing just that it’s black and white or black and white of a diff pattern?
    how much? 😀

  • Joey

    Omg, the chanel sandals so pretty.Where to get it ?

  • Joey

    Does angie have blog ?

  • Little Miss Petite

    Me love them Bakers sandals!! xD

  • linjie’s just so much fun to go shopping with your good friend. can ask for advice as well

  • Elle

    Wtf I love Miu Miu shoes. And those flats r so nice I can’t believe anyone would not like them! Anyway love shopping pics! <3

  • Lynette

    Aud, i lub ur floral top with lace at the back ? How much does it cost ? do u think u can help me buy and I’ll bank in the money to u ?

    O ya, love ur pix.. the colour and etc.. may i noe what camera u’r using for all the pix in ur blog =) did u re-edit the colour ? =) cos im hunting 4 a new camera =)

    Hope to hear from u soon =)