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I couldn’t decide what to post about! I still have to blog about New York but I think I got a little too carried away and took too many photos with my TX-5 so now I have an over abundance of photos I want to put up.

So this is me being lazy and doing a picture post of photos I want to put up but I don’t want to talk about WTF.


Pizza. The first meal in New York.

Wombeh’s reader Ray said it was the best pizza in New York 🙂

Forgot the name of the restaurant though *hates self


With Wombeh, Ooib and Xes.

(yes those are their real names)


Carol joined us for dinner <3


The next day we went to an outlet mall called Woodbury.

This is Wombeh in Ferragamo, feeling very poor.


This is me, not even bothering to look around the store.

Outlet prices were cheap, but they were still too expensive for me T3T I ended up getting small things only.

Unlike Wombeh who wiped out his bank account.

Only two bags were mine! The small Coach one and the pink Betsey Johnson.

We both acknowledge that I am the man in this relationship wtf.


His love for vending machines will never die.


It was dismal out T_______T

The weather forecast said it would rain so I planned to spend the day shopping in Woodbury, away from the rain.

Didn’t know Woodbury isn’t an indoor mall WTF.

I was already wearing every single warm-ish piece of clothing I owned and even paired those stupid white stockings with blue shorts which don’t match but mother of god it was cold wtf.

Every time we stepped out of a shop I thought my heart would stop cos it was so cold outside T___T But must persevere cos we would never come back to Woodbury again.

Rained until our shopping bags disintegrated WTF and Xes who bought 3 Coach bags for his girlfriend and mom had to change new paper bags 3 times hahahahaha.


Then headed back to the city and Junior’s for supper.


Wombeh’s cheesecake.

Wombeh’s hot chocolate.

He likes dessert and I don’t! Again the man in the relationship wtf.

Sorry fastforward back to KL again when Shanshan was here!

All pictures after this point taken with the TX-5.

Cik Sueti hahahaha I am so witty wtf.

Shanshan looks damn cute in a tudung hahahahaha if I wore a tudung I’d be a flowerhorn *sad

The three of us.

Myself wtf.

Dinner with Dumbi Kuah.

They iz having serious man to man talk wtf.

I forced them to take pictures of me wtf.

Dumbi’s head is extra small.

At Chic Pop 4 with Suet’s friend Eliza who has a stall there!

Eliza who kindly lent us her stall to film this stupid video on Suet’s blog.

With…. forgot her name goddammit.

I do remember however that she writes for Tongue in Chic!

Okay gotta go drink water now very thirsty cos I ate Korean noodles for dinner wtf.

  • msbulat

    where did you get your blue flowery dress? *shiny eyes*
    my Gosh. i have such thick skin. the last time i asked where you got your Casio, now your dress T3T

  • Wendy V.

    I like you because I’m short too!!! =)

  • kehrole

    DAMN RANDOM LA your blog post 😛

    <3 <3 <3 sighhh i miss you!

  • sweatlee

    i appeared so many times im famous now!! wtf
    eh tmrw is urbanscapes ;_____; why my bf not here ;____;

  • mars

    Was the pizza place called Lombardi’s?

  • peijiun

    melissa ling!

  • mochi

    i like your outfit on the last 2 pictures so much..!!

    what is the black thingy that you’re wearing on your right hand?

  • http://schyimeblogspot Chyi

    Hi aud, can i just ask what camera were u using when u were at woodbury?Is it a lumix LX3

  • vicky

    LOL, the pizza reminds me of fish king pizza which I can’t have it until now T.T Lol, ur bf loves vending machine, that’s a weird interest XD the last pic, middle one, her expression look like some sort of anime… :S

  • Audrey

    msbulat: it’s from abercrombie & fitch! hahaha

    wendy: hello fellow short person!

    kehrole: i miss you tooooooo. more pics of kehrole coming up wtf

    sweat: ya i want ur autograph wtf. what’s the point of bf not here mine doesn’t want to go also ;___-

    mars: YES I THINK IT WAS

    peijiun: oh is that her name! 😀

    mochi: thanks! the black thing is actually a big bow on a pink polka dot fabric covered bangle 😀

    chyi: yup LX3!

    vicky: how come you haven’t had fish king pizza! hahaah ya the girl in the last pic was damn cute

  • xes

    The name of the pizza restaurant is called Lombardi’s hhehe

  • Ann

    I think that pizza place is called Lombardi, in Little Italy.

  • fiionx

    melissa :D. one of my high school mate tho :D.


    So cute with tudung!

  • fresh

    how can you not like dessert!!! *clutches heart in horror*

  • James Ng


  • yumii

    I love how you can carry the knee-high stockings look without looking like a darn prostitute (like some other, ehem, people)!!!!!!! you very the cute!!!! *cubit!*

    Suetli with tudung damn nice!!! Shan shan a bit weird with tudung~ XD

  • Audrey

    xes: ya haha thanks xes!

    ann: yea thanks 😀

    fiionx: she fehmes!

    tolanic: ya i know right 😀

    fresh: i dunno i wasn’t born with a dessert stomach 🙁

    james: thanks!

    yumii: WHO WHO do you mean looks like prostitute!! *kepoh

  • Violet

    You look like you’re having a great time! And I love the stockings ^_^