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Ok I got 40 pictures here to put up /shy

These are from what I consider the best and my favorite day in New York City — when we went to the Met and then to watch Avenue Q!

(My second favorite day was the day I unexpectedly picked up a bright pink Coach bag for USD 100 /shallow)


Wombeh looking with hope into the future wtf.  No la we were just trying to capture the New York scenery behind.


We get to the Met!



(wasting time and effort carrying trusty baobei umbrella for nothing cos we were indoors the whole day -_-)


Um are these the steps Blair and her posse always hang out on in Gossip Girl?


The atmosphere around 🙂

(learned my lesson from the previous day in Woodbury — where I caught a cold fts — and piled on 3 layers of clothing and a pair of leggings under my shorts cos I didn’t bring any pants T3T)

Another look at the beautiful buildings around. Wish we had buildings like these in KL!

Blair Waldorf WTF.

Mini Blairs and Serenas behind I swear!

Oh do you see that big blue banner behind that says “American Woman”? That was a special exhibition that was my absolute favorite part of the Met!


Inside! Xes was supposed to meet us there but he overslept fhl.


I really really don’t know why I never took the time to go to the Met before this.  Because they have that flexible recommended payment thing so if I went as a student I wouldn’t need to pay much also.

As it is, I forgot about that recommended price thing and we paid full price each for this little metal badge.

Also, when Wombeh said to the guy “Two adults”, he said “are you sure? Not one adult one student?” WTF.

I was furiously thinking how should I say yes actually I am a student and show him my Mt Holyoke ID! But then he’d know cos it says Class of ’08 there dangnabbit so I just said “no, two adults” sighhhhh.


I iz in your museum ruining your atmosphere.


Lion/tiger/liger carving from one of the ancient civilizations Egypt/Sumeria/Greece.

Argh forgot what each exhibit is already this is what i get for blogging so late!


Um…kissing a philosopher….

Ok this is definitely Egyptian. And it’s definitely some kind of coffin or something to keep important dead people.

I love this curator!  I walked near him and he went “Ni hao? Konnichiwa” and when I told him I wasn’t from China or Japan but Malaysia he said “Selamat Datang” so smart !!!!!!

Then we had a long conversation about what we were doing in New York and where to visit.  Hasn’t been to Malaysia but Indonesia I think and he’s actually French.  I love meeting random interesting friendly people heehee <3

This was one of the places in the museum he said is a must see. It was a recreation of this…. area…….. in Egypt……….

F myself la T____T


Wombeh standing in front of some I dunno old house wtf.

I am so disappointed at myself why I cannot remember anything T______T

Thus this means I not only suck at names, faces but everything else in the world.

And this was part of the American Woman exhibition!

It was narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker and it was a look at the evolution of the fashion and style of the quintessential American woman over the years back from the 1890s until today.

No photography allowed so you know I HAD to try and sneak a shot wtf.  The two figures above are Gibson Girls from the turn of the century and those outfits are apparently sports outfits worn for a bout of golf wtf.

Lawdy how to play golf in long sleeves and skirts! I’d wear it to (a very conservative) office.

But they had can can hats!!! How lucky wtf. Cos Angela & I scoured San Fran to find some but failed.

Sneaked another photo.  This time in fear cos I thought I’d get caught. Evening dress from the House of Chanel in the 30s 🙂

Then we left for some lunch…


To this little Austrian place tucked in a corner!

So quaint <3

Xes being a good blogger.


The sausages were amazing!

Then back to the museum for some Christian art wtf.

So beautiful the stained glass /boo

And Wombeh’s favorite section — weaponry and armor! The horse armor was huge D:

Typical testosterone-y male!  Movies he likes war movies.  Video games he likes war games wtf.  But when it comes to books he bought Dear John WTF shhh don’t tell him I told you.

Then I took pictures of creepy Japanese armor because I am Japanese WTF I studied in Japan.

Seriously what is this?

Why is there some noob drawing hanging around in the Met?

Seriously can someone enlighten me! I was aghast by it how is this art! I can draw ten times better and cuter looking characters lor how come this gets to be in the Met and all my drawings are crunched up by Mummy Ooi and thrown away?

This one no need to say.  Ooib drew stuff like this when he was 7 wtf.  With the same blunt 2B pencil on the same computer-looking type of paper wtf.


Guess who’s drawing?

(Definitely not mine or Ooib’s)


Picasso!  I was entranced by the Picasso exhibition he had so many different styles of painting!

But then the museum closed when we were only halfway through it fts.

(wombeh was relieved though he didn’t like Picasso)


Then time to faster rush for dinner before the show! The obachan in the restaurant was all flustered calling to the chefs trying to get us a place somewhere else besides the bar but we were in a rush so I said we’d just sit here at the bar in japanese so all of them assumed Wombeh, Xes (who’d shown up by then wtf) and I were Japanese.

Somore Xes ordered his whole meal in Japanese!

When we started speaking English to each other we stunned the restaurant staff wtf.


Turns out one of the chefs visited Malaysia like 17 years ago or something!

And when I asked him why he moved to New York he said “to get away from my family” hahahahahaha then he did the talking a lot handsign and a disgusted face damn cute hahahahahah.

Bracelets from Forever 21! Like $4.90 for all!


Avenue Q! God I look like a dumbass wtf.

It was good in a quirky sarcastic way!  Doesn’t hold a candle to Wicked but still very entertaining 😀

Xes however fell asleep halfway through the show *stares at Xes


He woke up fine when we went to Juniors again for dessert wtf.


Forever taking pictures!  His friends behind 🙂 forgot their names again *shifty eyed


MY friends! Hohoho. Next to me is Ai Ling who’s one of my readers and goes to NYU and was very sweet to offer to meet up to tell us where to visit!  And my Kehrole Keroppi wtf.

With Keroppi <3

Time Square!

Wiz my Wombeh 🙂


And Fresh made a surprise appearance HAHA.

  • xes


    noooo i didnt was you guys *sobs*

    my friend’s name is yean peng 😀

  • Jay

    ‘Then I took pictures of creepy Japanese armor because I am Japanese WTF I studied in Japan.’

    Haha no honestly I feel like im half Jap cos I lived and studied in Japan. Sometimes when I say Japanese word in the Japanese accent my bf laughs at me saying wtf is wrong with you? I’m like what Im Japanese bahaha. Come on if a word is in Japanese, it would be weird to pronounce it in the English way?


  • tze

    wow the jap armour suit sure is small wtf

    how is that an evening dress from chanel? it’s a sign that says that wtf

    i miss u =(

  • Vicky

    wou, nice trip!! 😀 😀 😀 And me too, i cant remember over things, so wat i do is, i bought a mini book just to record all these names and bla bla bla, expecially the food’s name :S

  • Glo-w

    wow^^ so many cool stuff, y msian museum not like that wan? oh try google if u cant rmbr the details^^ or grab a brochure ;p teehee

  • fresh

    HAHAHAHA fresh cameo FTW!!

    oh and those girls on the met steps can’t be mini blairs cuz nobody sits higher than blair on the steps. so it looks like the blair is the chubby one on the left-ish HAHAHA

  • KY

    I miss General Tsao’s chicken! did you eat general tsao’s chicken!?!!?

  • Jinny

    love your post, and your bag, where did you get it from?

  • ariel

    nice entry. 🙂 I love your jacket. XD

  • Angie

    babie you so pretty when u tie up ur hair like this /beg and the ayumi in vivi july issue looks so much like you /boo

    *after these being said*


  • bernice

    I can’t believe I went through all 40 photos! Jeez, your blog is so interesting.

  • meikwan

    gosh! i love the gossip girl pic! it was like u were in the movie or sth. good one!

    have fun in NY! 😀

  • Baz

    i’m going to noo yawk again this weekend for 4th of july! 3 day weekend ftw woot

  • kehrole

    temple of dendur my love they transported an entire freaking temple from egypt to nyc! 😛

    and WTF to the drawings.

    and since when was i kehrole keroppi HAHAHA WTF i miss you!

    and yaaaa you look so pretty with your hair tied up like that <3 <3 <3

  • Audrey

    xes: OH YA HOR HAHAHAHA. but you overslept for woodbury!

    jay: hahaha do people get annoyed and want to beat you up tho WTF

    tze: it’s the sign for it la idiot wtf. miss you too 🙁

    vicky: ooo that’s a very smart idea! but doesn’t it make sightseeing very long?

    glo-w: haha i think cos foreign museums often have more funds. and backing from their govt? 😛

    fresh: ya why did u follow us to new york! wtf

    ky: I DID HAHAHA american chinese food FTW

    jinny: thanks! it’s from miumiu 🙂

    ariel: thanks! i got it from forever 21 for USD10!!!

    angie: HAHAHAHAHAHA HOW COME AH I DO LOOK LIKE MASATO! i feel like posting this on FB and tagging him HAHAHAAHHA

    bernice: awww thanks! *touched

    meikwan: haha i’ve left NY 🙁

    baz: eh buy me some forever 21 wtf

    kehrole: OH YA TEMPLE OF DENDUR. WTF right the drawings!!! someone must have slept with someone high up to get those drawings up on the wall wtf