Guess who’s here with me now?

You’ll never guess!


Didn’t think we’d see each other so soon after San Fran!

But she is here and now I go to bed because tomorrow is a long day for us!

  • Lisa Cheah

    Have even more fun!

  • Jay

    Ahaha the first pic looks like there’s an eye in the middle!

    Ah so happy for you two <33 have a fabufabufabulous time!! xxxxxxxx

  • KY

    looks like KL’s gonna be harajukufied :S

  • jean`

    i reckon most would know just by your first few lines! 🙂

    have fun babe!

  • stephenie

    i luv the second pic.

  • Vicky

    So good, my good frens are all overseas, cant meet them up :< Neeway, enjoy ur day!!

  • kehrole

    eeet eeez angieeeeeee! 😀

    have fun love <3

  • yumiii

    omgg i want see Angie in person!!!! Pic #1 damn good hahahhaaha!!!

    met Boss Stewie yesterday!! nicest and have to be the most jovial person I’ve ever seen!!! *thumbs up* good for youuu! hahahahah~ ;D

  • Karen

    I saw you guys at 8tv entrance 2day, am I rite?

  • Jolyn Goh

    awww you and your cute partner together again… sweet ^^

  • FionaChan

    the first picture is so weird! 😀 anyway, I’m sure she’ll enjoy since you’re with her

  • Ashley

    Love your hair!

  • Chocalita

    love the hairbands ! :]

  • Bobo

    Saw you and Angela in Pavilion yesterday. Should have asked for a picture =(