sugar. or pepper

Aih no time to blog properly, mostly because I have been busy having a life wtf.

Just got back from watching Salt!

As always, because I am self centered like that I pictured what I would do if I were the protagonist. Β And as always, I came to the miserable conclusion that if I was the protagonist in an action thriller, it’s safe to say that everybody will be safe against me WTF.

Seriously if the world ended one day or someone blew up my government and it was up to me to save the world, there would be no hope for the world wtf. I can’t read maps, get lost on the road often (not to mention in mazes) don’t even have enough strength to pop the tab on a soda can let alone dismantle a table and build a bomb wtf.

And I’m afraid of heights and enclosed spaces fml. If Β I see people in movies walking along the ledge of say a building, my heels feel all tingly and if I’m in a small space long enough my breathing turns shallow and quick T_T

Actually I won’t have a chance at being protagonist anyhow. I’d be the passer by that gets in the way and is hit by a falling truck cos I can’t think fast enough to get out of danger’s way -_-

Which brings me to my next point. Wombeh likes to tease me by patting my head and saying “not very bright after all” just because I didn’t graduate magna cum laude fts.

But I think he is right T___________T

When I was growing up I never thought I was dumb (even though everyone thinks I am wtf) because I was one of those kids who liked studying wtf. Β And I generally did well academically. (Sometimes I wonder if I should have been an academician)I got straight As for all major exams — I didn’t get all A1s for SPM but I didn’t study as hard as I could either.

And at college I floated through four years with A minuses, some A’s and the occasional B+ when I did shit classes like Drawing 101 wtf. I worked bloody hard for my thesis but for the rest of my classes I did enough to get by to score borderline As.

So now at work it’s different. Now I need to do more than what’s just required and I …have no idea where to start.

Sometimes I feel a bit hopeless. Β But nothing has confounded me before so why should it happen now?

Even if I don’t stay in this field forever by god I don’t want to leave without mastering this shit first wtf.

We’ll see how it goes.


At least I still have my er personality wtf.

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  • nothing insightful to say to u, coz i am dumb too. love the top!

  • tell your boyfriend that the role of a partner in life is to build you up, “wind beneath my wings” style…enough with the head patting

  • hey audrey! i’m one of your loyal readers and you remind me so much of myself. I’m short too (everyone teases me about how i can’t reach the pedal if i tried to drive – which i can’t unless i push the chair all the way, fml), i am horrible with directions (throw me just around a 5 min drive from home and i wont be able to go home) and i get straight As too but i get compared to a ‘dumb blonde’ just cause i’m blur most of the time. πŸ˜€ at least we have personality! we’re fun sized! god bless. (:

  • yerrr u just wanna show ur pretty picture yea la yea la pretty la *waves hand

  • hi audrey,
    just wondering, where did you get all your clothes?
    i love your style and is amazed to realize you have so many cute clothes even though you’re so tiny!
    please help my wardrobe & me!
    thank you! πŸ˜€

  • kim: you where got dumb kim! <3

    eric: haha nah i know he thinks i'm smart. he just likes to annoy me

    joann: yay joann! ya i think short people just have more personality wtf πŸ™‚

    angie: why are u still suay to the max hahahaahha. ei yea la let's discuss why this picture is so pretty WTF

    heidi: if i'm in msia i get a lot of clothes from sungei wang! dont underestimate that lala nest wtf tell me if you find anything good!

  • You have a winning personality! =D

    That helps more that intelligence though I think you’re very intelligent too.

    I used to think I was damn intelligent until now. πŸ™

    Your posts are funny but depresses me at the same time coz it shows I have inferior writing skills. FML.

  • HAHAHA why your endings always like that wan wtf.


    but actually ya i feel the same at work also. ugh.

  • I understand what you mean!! T__T Coz I’m like that myself. Doing well academically but generally dumb-ish when it comes to stuff related to living in the society.

    But I have to agree that you do have a personality! πŸ˜€

  • YEA YEA i totally understand what you are talking about..i was kind of a scorer back in school time but when it comes to other things, i suck to max. i scored but i also played hard. i enjoyed and loveeeeeeeeee my school time. how i wish i could go back to escape my depression now..:(:(

    Btw, where did you learn Japanese language? Was it good? Where are the good places to learn in malaysia? I dropped a msg in Ringo’s blog too but I also hope to hear some feedback from you ~

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • hb: idiot your vocab is so much better than mine!

    kehrole: how can that be you’re so smart πŸ™

    jia hui: ya my mom calls me a life idiot WTF. aww thanks for the confidence vote πŸ™‚

    xyz: i learned it in the US! and er japan hahaha sorry i dunno any schools here πŸ™

  • That was you walking pass in the cinema yesterday? I thought it was Ayumi.

  • simon: haha why you like this! yesterday i looked like ten day old shit ok wtf

  • hi what do you work as?

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