Someone told me I have less confidence today than when he met me two years ago T___________T

Work just makes me feel stupid sometimes I think I forget how amazing I am wtf wtf.

I have confidence in confidence alone
Besides which you see I have confidence in me!

Remember this song?

That will be my 口癖 from now wtf.

  • gun

    lol and i actually feel the same about myself too…having gotten similar remarks from confidantes and acquaintances alike :S ……

  • angie

    really ?? I think you are the same, if not, more !!!

  • fat her

    if some one can get into mount holyoke, she must be good
    if some one can survive the work that you are doing, she must be good
    if someone who can maintain a funny blog at the same time,she must be good
    if some one who can have compasssion for her fellow human beings, she must be good
    if someone who can got the guts to write what she feels, she must be good

  • Huai Bin

    I have confidence in sunshine!

    I have confidence in rain!

    I have confidence in Audrey Ooi!

    That’s why can’t you see we all have confidence in Aud! =D

  • vivienne


  • Luca

    Come on, you don’t need other people to tell you are confident or otherwise. Confidence comes from within, and it comes in many forms. IMHO, you are confident enough to make the cut in whatever you do in life. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

  • yad

    fat her is nickname for ur mum kan?so comment 3 is from her? wow..u hv a great mum who not just read ur blog but is so very proud of you.

  • kehrole

    my love you are one of the smartest people i know. 🙂 i know that work can sometimes makes us feel very, very stupid… but don’t let that get you down! be proud of who you are. surprise people.

    and remember that we love you <3

  • Tey Cindy

    work makes me feel lifeless wtf

  • yumiii

    sigh… my work requires me to be confident but I look like some mouse hiding at the corner at every events. dammit!!! if there is some injection for confidence, I WILL TAKE IT! even though i really scared of needles.
    btw, saw Amberchia today. She said : “Erectronic blast pump” wtf hahahaa ehem. guess what she really means.

    @yad Fat Her is nickname for Audrey’s father. ^^

  • Joshua Wong

    hmm… Maybe the guy had a growth spurt and grew few more inches than the time when he last saw you. That should explain his confidence boost out-parring yours.

    In a nutshell, to maintain a blog like this requires a very capable and confident person. If not, how did you share so much with us? 🙂

  • Audrey

    gun: why do you think that is? 🙁

    angie: hahahah i am! just not in work sometimes 🙁

    fat her: wow super encouraging!

    hb: ahhahaha so cute

    vivienne: T_T

    yad: no it’s my dad! fat her = father wtf

    kehrole: i know! i have to learn how to do that again especially to people i’m terrified of T_T

    tey cindy: AIHH

    yumii: hahaha did amber chia saying that make you feel more confident about yourself? wtf

    joshua: noo haha that person meant well. he’s somebody i work with and he wanted to let me know that i lost confidence somewhere along the way in myself especially when it comes to work 🙂

  • Magnolia

    I hope this link will help you –

    Cheer up! This is probably one of the low point in your life. You will get over it very soon 🙂

  • munn

    Heyy, You are freaking awesome! Cheer up! 🙂

  • a0z0ra

    If you went to Mt Holyoke u must be good 😀 I live in US btw

  • Chai


    look from another point of view..sometimes it’s the person that is being reprimanded, scolded, etc…it’s the position…..anyone in ur position will be screwed by the boss…

    u dun see a boss scold another boss right?

  • Chai’s ‘NOT’ the person, but the position

  • Wafu

    over confident also will die one..

  • Lisa

    hey aug…are u still on good terms with jia meei?

  • yumiii

    @aud… hmm weh TRUE WEH AHAHHAAHAH suddenly i feel so confident!! XD

    @wafu TRUE! TRUE ENOUGH! over confident people really can make others feel like jumping out of the window one!

  • Audrey

    lisa: yes i am. why?