Don’t be a stranger

Sorry that this post needs to be a little #cryptic as it’s about work.

But recently I managed to pull off a good sized project almost entirely by myself!  Of course I had a lot of help with some very good partners that we work with but all in all, I managed most of it myself without supervision from Desmond 😀

I thought I did it well but today Desmond told me that the clients were very happy with the whole project and that it caught the interest of other teams to do the same thing for their accounts.

That totally made my day! Desmond probably felt like he was giving a little kid icecream cos I think my whole face lit up *scuffs foot

So so glad I did it! At first I was apprehensive because it required a lot of micromanaging and attention to detail and forward planning that I do not have (I’m the type of person who thinks one bar of petrol is enough to get me anywhere I’m going wtf).  And forgetting even one tiny detail would make a big difference in the outcome.

But miraculously I pulled it off *thanks Buddha wtf.  And I actually had a lot of fun doing it!  It was a very fun product and a very fun project to work on…and I don’t know la I was just soooo responsible and smart and totally not like my usual self WTF.

I think Bionic Woman possessed me momentarily wtf.

So yay to not feeling stupid and incompetent anymore! (or at least for the time being wtf)

To commemorate the occasion, let me post a picture of me taken at work!
iphone 004

Totally unrecognizable.  Iz true.  The other day I went out in glasses and bumped into someone I knew.

I waved to her and said “Hello May!”

She stared at me uncomprehendingly wtf.

I said “It’s me, Audrey! You just don’t recognize me because of the glasses…”

She smiled and nodded but the look of confusion never left her eyes fml.

  • Jess

    True enough just last Wed, a friend cannot recognised me because I’m wearing glasses with little makeup on after the movie ..fml .. 🙁 i need to say hihi me Jess ..baru she wake up!

  • lys

    hey aud! do u work at pbd? or were u simply eating there 😛

  • Angie

    awwwwwwwww congrats babie !! so proud of you *tears in eyes wtf*

  • izzati

    nice with glassses.. 🙂

  • misshazel

    hmm is that pusat bandar damansara?

    and that is the all about mee noodles shop behind!!!!

  • Audrey

    jess: ahahahah FOL T_T

    lys: not answering! 😛

    angie: thank u babie /boo

    izzati: yay thanks!

    misshazel; not answeing questions about my workplace!! 😛

  • FionaChan

    but you don’t look THAT unrecognizeable to me o.o

    anyway, is that all? nothing else happened later?

  • ShaolinTiger

    You rawk!

  • abraxis

    Yay you! Congrats on discovering a new skill you possess!

    “at work”? Aren’t you in a hawker centre in that pic? =P

  • Angie

    ok enough adi ! hurry up post ur Dov adv. /beg/beg/beg

  • Audrey

    fiona: what do you mean nothing else happened later?

    shaolin: you rawk too cos you swayed with me at oktoberfest!

    abraxis: oh noes you found out i actually work at a hawker center 🙁

    angie: hahaha this week la!

  • lys

    u work here! u work here dont u! *pesters

    i’ll keep my eyes open =D

  • Rina

    Confirm it’s PBD. I’ve spent 5 yrs of my life

  • M

    did you mean “and” and not “but” in this sentence?

    I thought I did it well BUT today Desmond told me that the clients were very happy with the whole project and that it caught the interest of other teams to do the same thing for their accounts.

    anyways nice dress!

  • stalker wtf

    Finally something other than Rice Bowls wtf!

  • Audrey

    M: haha no it’s “but”! cos i thought i did well, but i actually did better than i expected.

    stalker: ya just saw you there today wtf

  • hildamilda

    you were eating at a shop called all abt mee HAH i know where that is 😛