Some pretty stuff I got recently!


Samantha Thavasa x Kitty bag from my addiction (#cryptic) minimaos!


Angel berry cover from Eric! I’ve been looking for a goofy looking case like this forever and he ordered it specially for me cos he personally hates it fhl.


Polka dot pink suitcase from Taiwan! Bobo (she reads my blog and now we’re friends!) was in Taiwan recently and she helped me buy this T________T


Ok too bad my editing skills suck so neither photos show the true color of the suitcase -_- The real color is somewhere in between the two pictures.  Use your imagination it prevents Alzheimers.


And…a book I got while waiting for Tze to get her ass down to Pavilion one day.

Which is what I’m going to snuggle in bed with now, which is why you’re stuck with this worthless entry today! Haha!

  • Crystal

    your bag is so-ooh CUTE !!!!

  • KY

    would love to throw that angel berry and see if it can fly with those wings! 😛

  • melmonica

    Woo… lovesss the bag <3

  • Audrey

    crystal: i know i loves it too! 😀


    melmonica: hahaha me tooo

  • Jolyn Goh

    I want that pink polka dots suitcase… Super Cute!! but tak takut sakit hati ka.. later the airport people simply baling ^^”

  • Lemon

    The book is pretty interesting. Just read finished the first chapter. =)

  • VuJiE

    hi audrey! i have the same pink polkadot suitcase!!! *happyyyy*

    jolyn; everytime i check in, i ask them to put the fragile sticker on my suitcase LOL.

  • cheesie

    *suspends addiction wtf

  • mar

    Orhan Pamuk’s books are really good! especially My Name Is Red 🙂

  • Audrey

    jolyn: hahaha that’s why imma hand carry it!

    lemon: ya it’s quite nice so far

    vujie: yay! did you get it in TW too?

    cheesie: *loses will to live

    mar: ya i’m reading that right now too =.=

  • VuJiE

    nope. i bought it at miri sarawak. love at first sight haha.

  • Jay

    O.m.g love the pink angel BB cover thing! How cuteee!!!

    Did you have a fun Halloween? Hop over here to see a freaky pic of my Halloween few years ago:


  • FolinSid

    Pleasantly, sitting on work. To distract, from this bothered work. To relax, and to read the information written here 🙂