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Blast from the Past

In the spirit of Chinese New Year and family and all that, I’ve decided to blog anecdotes (and photos) of us growing up!!

Actually Ooib had been asking me to capture old photos and post them since forever and I’ve been procrastinating but what better time to do it than this season!

(just realized Xiaxue just blogged baby pictures of Mike this must be the trend now wtf)


Now you know who’s the boss wtf.

Me and Ooib looked like twins at that age so Mumsy always dressed us in same clothes – me in pink/red, Ooib in blue.  (Until Ooib’s voice cracked, we even sounded the same and our parents sometimes couldn’t differentiate who was who on the phone wtf)


Dunno why this Fat Her so okashii like to take pics of us sleeping !!

Ooib’s unconscious audition for Swan Lake wtf.


I think this was my 12th birthday party!  Significant because none of my friends could make it WTF.

Kids around me are all my cousins/father’s friends’ children.  Oh and Ooib in the Alien Workshop tshirt.

I remember my whole outfit – the blue floral blouse and Sailormoon jeans – was from REJECT SHOP!! Don’t bluff last time you sure shop there wan.

I was damn proud about finding such cute jeans with Sailormoon on it!  Only to realize that year that it was time to put away anything childish /cartoon-embossed because that was the year everyone started trying to be cool wtf.

But then guess what happened!  My best friends decided to have our first ever slumber party and they fixed it on the exact day of my birthday.  I was too excited about being so grownup and having my first ever sleepover (just like in Sweet Valley!!!) that I didn’t think about my birthday at all.


Until Mumsy brought cake (and Ooib) to Rachel’s house during our party!!!


And all my friends whipped out wrapped gifts and shrieked with laughter at my surprise T___________T


Think we were watching Hsin show off her l33t piano skillz wtf.


This was a Christmas party for children of club members of Holiday Villa!  All the staff dressed up in cartoon costumes.

This photo is significant because of the masculine Belle WTF.


One of Fat Her’s birthdays!  Mumsy looks so young!

And this Fat Her mm chai see (don’t know die) always pose like this in pictures now wanna start up Facebook account also difficult cos he has no nice normal photos that he’d like his friends to recognize him by hahahahaha.


Pancaragam (or band, in English) used to be a very big part of my life!!!

Got social hierarchy wan ok – drum major was supposed to be the most handsome and coolest boy (dunno why maybe cos they had to be tall?), and the rest of the popular boys played an assortment of drums.  If you played the cymbals means they ran out of instruments to give you and you’re just not there yet ahahahaha.

For girls, the coolest instruments were the bell lyras and what not, followed by pianicas (which is what I played) and the insignificants played the recorders WTF.

Judging from how I used to look I think I was actually meant for a life in recorder-blowing.  But luckily I had friends in high places (bell lyras) who vouched for me so the teacher put me in pianicas wtf.


Ta-dah wtf.

Did you all play the pianica back in school! You have to blow into it to make music and I remember by the end of practice, you’d throw up in the back of your mouth if you ever accidentally smelled your own pianica wtf.


Joyce Lennon and her groovy spectacles wtf.

She was there supporting the pancaragam at Pyramid!  We were hired to play for the grand opening of Macdonald’s at Pyramid (yes I am quite aged) quite  a big deal to a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds ok!


Ooib and I hard at play.  Our favorite game was called ‘Babyland’ and it was basically pretending that every single toy of ours which had a face was a citizen of a town called Babyland.

Especially the teddy bears and stuffed toys.  They were the bourgeois and Lolo was naturally the mayor wtf (the highest post in Babyland).

Damn imaginative ok!  Every space in our room was utilized.  The display shelfs behind turned into apartment blocks for the middle classes.

Official photo of Mayor Lolo – the face you elected wtf.


Ooib’s holding Binkle – the stuffed rabbit who owned the only restaurant in Babyland.  I think he was also the richest toy in Babyland.

As you can see, Ooib and I already had a basic grasp of economics then.


My ambition was to be a teacher then!  So I elected myself Educator General of Babyland and my job was to mark everyone’s homework hahahahaha check out the red pen I was holding yo.

My main passion was in deciding whether to award stars or give out grades (A++++ or A+++) on papers wtf.


Ooib snubs the papparazzi.


At one point in his life, Ooib had a bowl haircut which amazingly enough, made him look like a Carrie instead of a Barry wtf.

Remember Mummy Ooi calling him Claudine WTF.  Also remember myself wishing he was really a Claudine because I really wanted a sister and wondering vaguely what it would take to turn Ooib into a girl hahahahahah.


See what I mean? Mum fancied he looked like Aaron Kwok then HAHAHAHHA.

And now for the highlight of this post – my baby pictures!

Seriously I was so cute lo I dunno how I morphed into the clown above.

Always thought my parents should have put me to making commercials.  Imagine how many jars of baby food this face could have sold wtf.

(Then can set up college fund so I don’t need to pay my study loan now)




Early in life, I had mastered the skill of tilting chin down and looking wide eyed up at the camera.


I also prepared myself early on in life, knowing that I would only reach most people’s chests when I grew up wtf.

(that’s my Grandpa)


Some more I could pass for a boy or a girl  so versatile WTF.


With a pregnant Mumsy and aunties.

I look like I’m dancing here but here’s the truth.  I’ve been ticklish my whole life and when I was a child Fat Her had this sadistic habit of tickling me or scaring me by pretending to lunge for my armpit WTF (cos I most ticklish there and my neck)

In this picture Fat Her was a bit further away so I was showing my armpit to taunt him WTF.  But for safety precautions, I had my other hand on standby in case he moved to attack wtf.

Really wan I really have memories of this and my parents confirmed it hahahahaha.


Ok end with vain picture of self 25 years later.

  • sherlyn

    i love all ur specs in all the pictures!!!! so cute!~!!

  • jfook

    I still think the major change of you is THE SPECS!! I actually blogged about my childhood photos as well. You might wanna check it out

  • kimberlycun

    love this post!! random: my parents got the same exact blue fan..must be the in-thing then..

  • strawberry

    the penguin pillow which barry was sleeping on was soooo cute!! aww!! seeing these pictures reminded me of my own childhood! later imma gonna go see my old photos too!!! nolstagiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  • ap

    <3 stylo specs <3 armpit story <333

    sweet valleys taught me alot in P4……

  • amber

    don’t laugh, but i’ve similar big eyeglasses just like yours when i was in primary school. looking back at the old pictures, i was so horribly nerdy!!

  • Yin

    Awwwww~~~ I love the picture of the baby Audrey with grandpa. kawaii~~ and feel so warm… =)

  • Angie

    i still love you *heart*

  • Angie

    btw auntie so pretty /beg /beg

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    You posted up your old pics!! You need to put a gun at my head to get me to do that. *defiant* Hehehe

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    all those “musical instruments” were things i hated most in primary school

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    Your glasses for the pancaragam time so damn liaoooo!

  • tiffany

    hahaha, your captions damn funny lo!! i was laughing like some idiot when i saw the one when barry was sleeping like a sailormoon wtf. your whole family damn cute man. haha

  • Jovis

    I love this post! You’re funny! Lol! =D

  • Hsin


    Btw pianica ftw. Red hair band, not so much.

  • Audrey

    sherlyn: haha why of all things you like the specs!

    jfook: the specs and the braces!

    kimberlycun: isit! i think it was from langkawi or melaka or somewhere touristy hahaah

    strawberry: hahaha i think we still have those pillow cases >___>

    ap: hahahahah why everyone likes the armpit story!

    amber: i think our parents thought it was the shiznit wtf

    yin: hahaha awww thankeww

    angie: im gonna tell fat her you said he looks like ayumi hahhahahaha

    hui wen: DO IT!!!

    KY: hahahahahah is it cos you played the recorder!!


    tiffany: hahahah like ballerina!

    jovis: yay thank u!

    hsin: DUNNO SADISTIC HAHAHAHAHA. eh do you remember you had a different colored hairband for every outfit you wore WTF. plus you were one of the bell lyra kids!!!

  • Jayelle

    hahahah omg aud…..i loled so many times. Such a good storyteller, you! *pat pat*

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    eh eh i was in pancaragam but mine was cooler than yours we didn’t have sissy instruments WTF and i played the clarinet nyehehehe *lame wtf

    YOUR STORIES AND PICS DAMN CUTE. hahaha and ooib damn cute also next time i see him i will ask him if he wants to play with toys WTF. aiyah so cute la you two.

    why the other day you didn’t pick up his facetime call /sadface

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    u look so cute back then! XD and the glasses HAHA I had a similar one last time which i wore it with a spectacles string thingy… -_-

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