Here lies Aud

Has my work-life balance deteriorated so badly that I need to resort to free online image generators to muster up content for a blog post?

Apparently yes.


It’s true though.

If you happen to see someone who looks like me, it’s probably my ghost. Or Ayumi Hamasaki HAHAHAHA.

I foresee all this letting up in about two weeks.  But right now it’s taking all my strength just to keep going.

And I’ve got so many things I want to say!  But I think I’ll just keep them for a time when I feel a bit more rested.

Oh ok sorry I just need to say this.

I heard a message on the radio the other day that said that we would be considered patriotic if we worked to show the world the good side of Malaysia/being Malaysian (or something asinine like that go ahead and correct me if you know the exact message)

I don’t know about you but I took it pretty badly.

It sounds to me like this ad is telling us to shut up and put on our best show for the world because it is unpatriotic to show the world that we have issues.

What kind of dimwits do the people behind that radio ad take us for?  Patriotism is defined as love and devotion to one’s country and that is highly subjective depending on the context isn’t it?  For example, if you happen to be Mubarak, you probably wouldn’t regard the Egyptian protesters as “patriotic” would you?  But do you think the Egyptians would agree with you? wtf.

My point is, patriotism is about love and devotion to your country, but not necessarily the government.  And for that matter, patriotism is not about white-washing the negativities of your country because you’re afraid the world will laugh at you.  It’s about working to correct those flaws for the betterment of your nation and fellow countrymen.  If you don’t point out the flaws, how would you know what the problems are and how to solve them?

It’s preposterous to imagine that whoever is behind that radio ad thinks that anyone would actually swallow what drivel this idiotic ad is spouting. /rage

  • jen

    i partly agreed with that radio statement, i’m currently studying abroad, when i was in malaysia, i didn’t really study hard but i’m the only malaysian in the class so i tend to tell myself that i need to study hard because i cannot show others that malaysians are stupid lol am i considered patriotic like that?

  • Tim2

    Actually the Mubarak example is probably why that ad was made 😛

  • Angie

    Ei don’t do that la ! so bad omen !!! knock on wood la you !!

  • Stephanie

    I agree. I’ve never been in Malaysia, but i read your blog and other malasian blogs..and it doesn’t matter if you blog about a bad you had…i still wanna travel to Malaysia lol

  • abraxis

    We have that “don’t talk bad about the country” rule here too, except it’s practiced by our media that fawns over the Administration. Funny that prior to 2009, it was fine to point out America’s flaws. From 2009 and later, to point out America’s flaws is considered “unpatriotic” according to the ruling party. Sound similar?

  • Huai Bin

    I didn’t hear that radio ad but it sounds preposterous to me! Hmph…

    Nice image generator though. Heh! Hope things get better in two weeks! 🙂

  • JxDecimo

    The statement released by the radio guy is not wrong. but it entirely depends on the situation. but on the other hand, the radio guy is either biased or a hypocrite. he is either unaware of the political situation in Malaysia or just plain dumb. If we do not reveal our issues, we are not accepting the truth and we cannot solve problems without acknowledging its existence. Sorry this comment is so long. LOL.

    One last thing. If the we are to work hard and show the good of M’sia, we gotta have our proper rights and the government should do the same too.

  • sasa

    ya la!u do look like ayumi wonder i felt like i seen u somewhere b4. 🙂

  • yumii

    the other day i heard this thing from the radio about a foreigner saying to a malaysian that “Malaysians do not know Malaysia well” or something lidat, and the announcer vomitted a huge chunk of historical stuff about Tun Razak/Rahman blah blah blah shites. I was thinking to myself..

    SO what if you pass History in flying colors? THAT does not mean u know Malaysia any better. Vomiting historical pride has nothing to do with malaysia RIGHT NOW. or does that mean u are patriotic.

    geez our radio sucks. sorry we will not shut our mouth because we are simply stating the facts of what’s wrong with this country.

  • Audrey

    jen: haro! no i agree with you – if a foreigner insulted malaysia i’d get angry too. but i think the radio ad got it wrong cos that’s not all patriotism is about – making sure we look good..

    tim2: ya i think so too!

    angie: hahaha no la i’m still alive wtf

    stephanie: yay come to malaysia!

    abraxis: really? i didn’t know that. do you have more examples of what happens?

    hb: nice to see you last night hb!

    jxdecimo: yay to your comment. you’re so right 🙂

    sasa: hahaha i perasan only!

    yumii: yay i like you wtf

  • Huai Bin

    Yeah it was great to see you too Aud! =D

    *browses the Necronomicon

    /revives Aud

  • jude

    if we dont address our problems how r we gonna improve? so we’re jz gonna sweep them under the rug n pretend all’s good?

  • nana

    audrey, i couldnt agree with you more. this is just part of the government’s outright campaign to propaganda-pushing so called unity. blatant, pushy n so not creative. tiring…to hear it over and over again. u think by repeatly shoving ‘1malaysia’ into everybody’s eardrums n minds, including that of foreigners can magically solve all the underlining propagation issues, which are mostly caused by our superb leadership anyway.

  • Cherry

    I saw you today at All About Mee!! OMG! I was so excited but also too shy to say “HI FOURFEETNINE, I LOVE YOUR BLOG”. =S I think you look great. Very pwetty and cute!!