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Ghost Story

It was a dark and stormy night…

Auntie Aud is going to tell you ghost stories today so go take a pee and sit down.

You’ve heard of taxi drivers who drive around late at night and encounter all sorts of spooky stuff right?

The other day I talked to someone who used to work as a taxi driver. Let’s call him Sekar.

This is a true story I assure you! I was as spooked out as you when I heard it. Some more I heard it at night. You’re not reading this at night too are you?!

Anyway when Sekar was a cab driver, he had a few regular customers whom he’d drive up to Genting Highlands on the weekends to hit the tables. They were so regular that they had his number and everything. They would call him up whenever they wanted to go up at night, and off they’d go.

So one night Sekar drove one of his customers up to Genting as usual. He was making his way down the winding road from Genting when he saw a girl standing at the side of the road waiting for a ride. I asked him what she looked like and he said “pretty girl. With long hair.”

(this is where everyone mutters under their breath “idiot” wtf)

But Sekar didn’t think about that. All he thought was “wah even coming down also got customer” and stopped his taxi for the girl to get in.

The girl was very quiet the whole time, didn’t say a word also. Sekar just kept driving.

As you know, the road from Genting is winding so Sekar looked into his rear view mirror.

There was nobody in the backseat.

Shocked, he quickly turned around to check. The girl wasn’t in the backseat. But she was sitting on the boot of the car, OUTSIDE the car, looking at him.


Sekar was so scared he crashed his car wtf.

So scary right!!!! If that happened to me I’d be chanting Sanskrit right now and sleeping with my lights on.

But as you know, everything is a joke to me wtf. So I got to thinking: what if one of the factors in the story was changed? How would it have turned out?

To help you along in your imagination a bit, I helpfully recreated a video of the story for you. Helpfully assisted by Fat Her and Mummy Ooi HAHAHAHA.

When making it I was so scared it’d turn out lame -_- But it was quite fun doing it with my parents hahaha I love them for being so sporting about it even though we were shooting at 12 midnight any Mummy Ooi was so scared a real ghost would show up WTF.

Actually when I was searching for the music for the video I scared myself too wtf.
Some behind the scene photos..


With Camera Woman Mumsy.


Taxi Driver Fat Her. Note the eyeliner mustache HAHAHA. And the two pairs of spectacles he’s actually wearing HAHAHAHAHA.

Put him in this getup then realized Fat Her suddenly resembled Tunku Abdul Rahman HAHAHAHAHA (our first prime minister). So we added on a sarong to make it more authentic. Too bad no songkok only.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! WTF Hahahahahahahha

Mummy Ooi wasn’t too keen on getting kissed by TAR / Chua Jui Meng wtf.

P/S: if you couldn’t tell this was actually another idea for a similar themed video I did recently 😛 I decided to submit the other video for the contest but thought since I had this ghost video also might as well put it up.

P/P/S: Going to Krabi tomorrow!  Wish me luck on coming back the same color wtf.  Bought two bottles of sunblock #prepared

  • kimberlycun


  • strawberry

    all i could think of is how brave you were aud to stand there in complete darkness until your dad’s car reached you and picked you up on the road!!!! weren’t you scared being there all alone in the darkness without any lights!?!?!?! i’d pee my pants if i were you!!!!! O____o!!!

  • ch3ryl

    too funny! love it.

  • miao miao

    wtf did u freak out the other car that passed hahahaha i was so scared to watch tat i hid in my blanket =.=ll

  • Angie

    hahahha u diedie wanna post this up !

  • renae


  • Amy

    hahahha where’s the like button? ur parents so sporting! 🙂

  • Joanna

    There was another passing by car on the opposite direction. I wonder if that driver noticed you and really thought it was a real ghost! 0.0

  • goingkookies

    lol.. awww.. such cutesie and sporting parents!!

  • Tan Yee Hou

    nabehhh quite scary right the way you look?

    Also, the concept of you reappearing outside the car (as opposed to disappearing completely) quite spine tingling also.

  • von

    hello, i’ve been a reader for about 2 yrs. first time commenting 🙂

    your parents are so cute! n when you get to krabi, u MUST go to railay! dont just stay in krabi town or aonang. Railay is sooo much more beautiful 🙂 enjoy ur trip!

  • irene

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA didn’t expect that hilarious twist in the tale LOL. your parent are awesome, by the way.

  • Ell parents are so cuteeee 🙂

  • Jan

    That was awesome! Your parents are so sporting.

  • Angie

    Joanna, hhahahaha seriously !! i swear that driver is scared for life !!!!!!

  • Pris

    oh mai, how did you slip into the back of the car? :O

  • Li Ean

    OH this really reminds me of a story my dad told me about his long-time friend.
    So his friend and his wife were in the car driving dunnowhere (but I remember it was a long road in some kampung or something), and his wife was the one driving.

    Then after a while, they passed a pretty woman in white – and the husband told my dad how weird it was because no one really goes on that road. Especially also because it was around 2am or 3am, middle of night and stuff.

    Then the wife asked her husband ‘tengok tak..?’ and he replied yes and said it was very eerie, and told her to just keep driving.

  • Audrey

    why nobody comment on fat her’s tunku Abdul Rahman impression wan!! Hahaha I thought it’s damn funny ok!

  • Gin

    i was just abt to comment!! ure dad is so cute let u draw on his face! wtf!!

  • Robb

    haha, the non slip shoe kinda far fetched la. wld hav been awesome to stick to the real intention of the video. lol

  • amelia

    LOLOLOLOL!!! so funny!!! Hahahahahahahaha. Your dad did a great job too!

  • Lynette

    LOL! double thumbs up for this video and both of your parents !!!

    This video is awesome + farnee ;p Lub it 😉

  • KY

    hahahha ur parents are awesome!

  • Francesca

    ur parents is fun!!! lol

  • AlyHuang

    KENOT WATCH ANYMORE!! watched halfway then stopped the video when your dad looked behind him & you weren’t there anymore wtf *really scared of the paranormal person*. you should’ve put a warning beforehand T_T

  • Swee San

    hahaha rofl.. bet the car driving the opposite direction when your dad picked you up had freaked out!

  • b

    The short film was hilarious! I wouldn’t mind watching more videos from Fourfeetnine production!!! (:

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  • xtina

    OMG fourfeetnine, I really thought you were a ghost.

    My boyf and I were driving home one night, we saw this little girl in all-white pyjama, long-hair, standing still at the side of the road, wth!! I did not manage to catch a glimpse of her looks. I did not even dare look at the side mirror to see if she’s still there (in case she’s not). But, we saw a Myvi on the opposite road(in which now I know it is Fat Her, LOL), stopped and my boyf saw (from rear view mirror) her hopped in.

    Then, we figured it could be a prank. Fourfeetnine, you really pulled off as a ghost in that video. Great job! =D