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Bangkok Day 1


First post on Bangkok!

This is me after lot of makeup wtf.  I did not look like this on the plane.

I took a flight from KL while Angela flew in from Kunming where her parents are.  And we met in Bangkok!


Say hello Aud’s soulmate!

Our friendship is the epitome of awesomeness cos whenever we meet it doesn’t feel like we haven’t seen each other for a year!  It’s always like I just saw her last week and everything’s the same 😀 😀


Topping up my Hotlink prepaid data roaming.

Oh ya if you haven’t realized, I’m switching to Iphone!  Not that I don’t like Blackberry anymore… but I won an iPhone when I won the Hotlink Now You Can contest!

And sorry ah BB but iPhone’s apps are just too seductive.  I can read news nicely and play Angry Birds when I pangsai!

So yea iPhone for now.  Might switch back to BB eventually but who knows.


Time to talk about outfit!  I don’t usually list down all the things I wear like other girls (and I damn admire them for it) cos if I like something I always end up wearing it!  Sometimes 3 days in a row WTF shhhh (just make sure I don’t meet the same people)

But since this trip I brought different outfits so yay can list down items like a real fashionista.

Black semi see through top – Azorias
Lace shorts – Minimaos
Flip flops – Havanaiaiaia (dunno how to spell)


Getting ready picture!  We have tons of these where we both stand in front of a mirror, one of us holds a curler or a makeup brush and the other takes a picture wtf.


Our hotel lobby.  We stayed in a hotel called Le Fenix and it’s a very modern looking boutique hotel.


Me making a call cos I didn’t know how to top up my prepaid *shifty eyed.  Actually it’s damn easy just a matter of scratching out the code and dialing it in I just never used prepaid before!!


First stop in Bangkok – MBK.

We went there cos I wanted to get screen protectors and cute case for my iphone!  A reader told me it’s damn good for cell phone stuff so I dragged Angela there.


Tadah look what we got.  Matching (fake) Kate Spade covers.

I actually bought two of these -_-  the first one I got is actually paler pink (which I like more) but the sides of it were clear plastic and the one above (darker pink) had the silicon sides which I feel safer with wtf (cos I always drop my phone)


Angela and her new Korean boyfriend hahahaha her face looks damn big until dunno what right!

I think when you can’t see the end of your face it looks like it goes on for eternity wtf.

Oh I also think Thailand loves Korea we saw Korean stuff all over.


Mission Live Like Queens commences.


WTF face cos I dunno why the lady draped a towel over me while nobody else got a towel over their boobs then walked off!

But it’s ok cos she made up for it by coming back and massaging my leg super hard HAHAHA see how intense her face is!!

*queenly wave


Saw this dude creating amazing pictures of babies.  So realistic!


Waiting for Her Majesties’ cab wtf.


If you realize, in all my Bangkok pictures I’ll be holding a phone.  Cos I was tweeting so incessantly about my trip!  Sorry ah if anyone got bored and decided to unfollow me.


First task of the trip!

The thing about this trip is people who voted for me to go also voted for stuff I should do in Bangkok.  So my whole trip actually consisted of a whole schedule of places I had to visit and tasks to complete while I was there!

So my first task was to visit this Japanese restaurant called Hajime Robot Restaurant.


Why it’s special is because you don’t get served by boring old human waiters…. your server is a robot dressed as a samurai!

Seriously, this really ups my queenliness a notch.


At first when I saw the samurai outfit I was a bit freaked out.  I saw a samurai costume at the Met before and they had a bushy mustache on the mannequin and everything and I thought it was so scary! It looked like it’d come alive and slay you with his katana wtf.

But this robot is cute cos they made his eyes so big and blinky.


The restaurant is buffet style shabu shabu or yakiniku.  So you order your food from a computer screen and the robot brings you your dishes.

So clever he even knows to take away empty bowls!

Here’s a video of him doing a dance WTF.  There’s intervals where the robot has to take a break from serving us to do a dance and entertain us hahahahaha damn busy ah.

Totally could use a robot like him in my house!  Except I’d make him take off his samurai clothes *kinky WTF.

No la I don’t really like the samurai outfit that much (shiver) I think he’s cuter if he’s just a regular robot.  Or if he looked like Doraemon!

Oh food was ok.  Not fantastic but not bad either.  I think the restaurant is really more about the novelty factor.  That and the all you can eat buffet yum.

Last picture of the night!  Showing all our different gadget casings for iphones, BB and ipad. (BB casing can get from Haus of BB)

  • Chester

    Congratulations for winning the contest. Guess your vlog works. hahaha

  • Lydia

    May I know wat kind of camera r u using there? The pictures u took looks really great!

  • Angie

    soulmate ! Why my makeup on the first day so weird u never told me !!!

  • Audrey

    chester: hahahaha thank you! ya it works! i need to make more videos to thank my readers T_T

    lydia: we used 2 cameras between us! Samsung ST600 and Olympus…something wtf sorry it was my friend’s camera T_T

    angie: i dunno la hahahaha it looked on when i saw you though only realized it when i saw the pics hahahaha

  • jay

    Life is great when you find your soulmate! Maybe soulmates are destined to be far far away from where you are, mine is all the way in Oz! Anyways love the pink bunny cover x

  • KY


  • Normal height

    Yikes! A MIDGET wtf!

  • Anne

    So, you followed my recommendation to MBK! Frigging cheap isn’t it! I bought enough iphone casings to last a life time / sell in SS2 pasarmalam. Hoho!

  • sharon

    made me feel like going to bangkok so much! 😀
    btw, i like ur lace shorts. can’t find it from minimaos. they don hv stock for tat anymore? 🙁

  • Audrey

    jay: is your soulmate cheryl!!!

    ky: ask haze to get well soon then you guys can go together!

    normal: wow a normal heighted person. how interesting wtf

    anne: yes!! i tried to find your comment for your name but didn’t see it! thanks for your recommendation that place is awesome!

    sharon: hehe i got it earlier this year i think… you can ask them if they still have stock!

  • Catherine Meyers

    Hi Audrey! I’m Catherine, been checking your blog and I have to say, you are a very cute girl and your blog is cute too! Really nice pictures, looks like fun.

    Any chance you do link exchanges? that way more people will visit your blog and leave nice comments and feedback.

    Let me know!



  • sweatlee


    ok that is all wtf. aud i miss u too la wtf when u wanna come see me, i leaving edi. but will be back wtf. is that robot really a robot and not someone wearing a robot suit?!?!?!?!

  • Ping Ping

    Can’t wait to read more about this trip. Recommend me places that I should go!! Will be going with my boyfriend next month. I’m contemplating about going to the Ocean Park or something but it’s 900baht (so expensive crazy). Still trying to find cheaper (or free) places to visit because the boyfriend needs some sightseeing also so that he will let me shop in peace. 😛

  • Leng

    u two really look like sisters bcz of your same hairstyle n fringe n big eyes n cuteness n the list goes on lol

  • sugarmouse

    everyone seems to be making the switch over to iPhone. i want to, too but i figure i’ll just wait for 5s or 6 next year. may i ask, what camera are you using? (the white one for the mirror photo)

  • Katie

    hello. 😀
    how much you bought your miss marc bag? :O

  • Sakae Onodera

    You Very happily.

  • sarah

    Hi there, would you recommend the boutique hotel that you’re staying? Is it convenient to everywhere else?

  • sarah

    Hi would u recommend the hotel that you stayed? is it convenient to everywhere else? Thanks!

  • Audrey

    catherine: what’s a link exchange? *noob

    sweatlee: ya its a real robot!!! faster come back from kuching then we talk

    ping ping: go to all the places i went! i didn’t go to ocean park tho dont need la bkk is all about shopping only 😛

    leng: different hair color!

    sugarmouse: camera is from olympus! i heard there’s a new iphone 4 coming out this year?

    katie: i don’t remember! but you should buy it online and ship it to malaysia cos it’s cheaper

    sakae: 😀

    sarah: yes it’s right in the middle of bkk! it’s quite nice and reasonably priced

  • sugarmouse

    olympus, what model? (: the iphone that’s coming out in september is the 5 lol but my torch is still so new, i’d feel so bad trading it in for an iphone. le sigh.

  • JxDecimo

    Dear Aud, link exchange means you promote her blog while she promote yours. She will post your blog’s link on her blog and you must do the same. And btw, I think the lady put a towel over your boobs cause she was jealous. Hiak hiak hiak…

  • erika

    i saw those minimaos lace shorts in a taiping market ._. 10rm

  • Vee

    Dear Audrey,is the Olympus camera you’re using good? Is it better than Canon?

  • Ping Ping

    hehe…i wished I can go to all the shopping but the boyfriend will kill meeee…hehehe..promised him one day of sightseeing which of course is really just half a day with shopping squeezed in between. How long you want sightsee kan?

  • michelle

    Hi for the Hajime Robot Restaurant, if from platinum mall travel there by taxi, how long will it takes? And if take BTS, do you know what station? Thanx