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Bra queen & panty slave

Warning: post contains a lot of mind-numbing photos -_-


First things first.  Shopping haul picture!  Mind you this was only the first shopping day.  The results of the photos below *jeng jeng jeng


Morning face!  We always used to have the same hair color (even when we went blond) but now she’s black and I’m still brown.


Ya sorry ah you get to see a lot of our camho pictures.


Pratunam Market!  Famous for selling….lotsa stuff wtf.


Hair extensions galore! My fake hair feels right at home here.


Very cheap fake lashes!  Angela bought like a billion.


Browsing through ridiculously cheap makeup.  So cheap I was abit afraid to buy.  Later got like lithium inside melt my face off wtf. I think one eyeshadow cost like a few ringgit?


Twin poodles we saw outside a store!  I was gonna pet one (forgetting that I tried to pet a stray dog before and got my finger chomped WTF seriously once bitten, twice not shy) — but Angela wouldn’t let me cos she said there might be disease.

So I’m only pretending to pet them wtf.  They seemed happy though.


Inside a haberdashery! *smug cos know big words


Ya sorry ah one more time.


Pratunam is filled with rows and rows of stores and stalls selling all kinds of stuff!


Like dancing queen costumes wtf.


We found this lady sewing costumes in her store.  So nice had to take a picture!

Then I got hungry cos we slept through breakfast.  So off to McDs across the road.


God I love Thai McDonald’s!  Their McSpicy chicken burger is so juicy and yummy omfg I’m salivating just remembering it.

We had McDs three times when we were there WTF.  Of all our photos, if we’re not shopping, we’re eating at McDonald’s #culturalfail


Sawadeeka Ron!


Then HAHAHAHAHAHA we saw this sleeping man who didn’t move!  Angela dared me to stand next to him and take a photo so I did.  Then I told her she had to do it too so this was her picture.


Then she dared me to sit with him at his table WTF so I did HAHAHAHHAHA.

Damn good timing cos as soon as I stood up he woke up!!

That was our adventure of the day.


Passing pink tuk tuk crammed about 8 people in it WTF.  It’s like those Toyota Estima ads.


Roadside stalls selling street food… (this is all around Platinum Mall)


Cheap glasses!  Only RM15 but dunno why we didn’t buy.


Superman! (er cos he changes in phone booths)


Pink bikes! I really like this Bangkok obsession with pink <3


Thai fruits are so yummy!  They sold fresh coconut all over and I drank so many.  So refreshing especially if you’re hot and trudging under the sun.

Polaroids <3


Tried walking to Paragon but failed.  Took a cab halfway.  But we arrived!


Verdict: prettier than Pavilion (which I think is a big feat) but equally as expensive.


Outside Siam Paragon.  Told you it was pretty!

Oh outfit list!

Denim cropped top – Urbanscapes (but I saw the same one in Chatuchak *grim)

Torn denim shorts – Online

Slippers – Havainananana


I found Strutting Leo!! HAHAHAHAHA. I tweeted this but nobody replied me 🙁 Please read here for info on Strutting Leo.

Ok so he was Regular Leo but I strutted next to him ma!


Still Paragon.  It’s like an oasis in the  middle of dusty Bangkok.


Waiting for a cab to Platinum Mall.

….and at Platinum we didn’t take a single photo -_-

Couldn’t cos we needed to focus on shopping there too many things to see!!!

Oh sorry we did take a coupla pictures.

Picture of this shop cos it was closing but I needed to remember it so I could come back and buy a dress I saw in it WTF.

Picture of new shoes I bought cos my stupid flipflops hurt too much.  I was too tired lugging shopping  bags by then so I found a seat while Angela bought more owl accessories wtf.


Chicken curry at the food court!


Super yummy! I think we were hungry too.


After reluctantly leaving Platinum cos it was closing, we went back to the hotel to take more photos to make up for not documenting Platinum properly, and to take above shopping haul photo.


Tried on new hats.


Played with pepper spray WTF.


Then things got a bit out of control wtf.


HAHAHAHAHAH pretending to be super heroes actually WTF.

Then 1940s’ pilots.  Or ancient dynasty maidens with fancy buns on their heads WTF.

Then houseflies WTF.

Then a queen and her slave WTF.


Then back to normal programming.  Posted this picture cos I realized while Angela was camwhoring in the mirror, I was doing the same thing behind with my iphone hahaha.

Cos I realized that actually I think I look quite nice with my hair up for a change!  I always think I have a flowerhorn forehead (so when have you ever seen me without bangs) and I never put my hair up but that day it suddenly looked ok!  I think it’s cos I managed to draw my eyebrows nicely wtf.

  • jay

    I love iphone its just amazing hey! you do look good with fringe up, not because of your eyebrows but because you look good! xx

  • jean`


    ok where is this pratunam mall!
    *take notes furiously* wtf!

  • Timothy Tiah

    Haha Angela really does look like a housefly in that picture! Either that or a Baja Hitam!

  • :)

    omg u look prettier with your fringe up!!!

  • Angie

    hhahahahahha why u never put up cirque du soleil’s pics !!!! Ei that pink bra looks damn nice why I never bought ? did I buy ???

  • Angie


  • huilynz

    I went to Bangkok on the same time as yours and bought the same shoes as u bought from platinum too. I bought a red one for 290baht 🙂

  • Cece

    can u pls advise how to get to pratunam market from platimun mall? thx heaps!

  • strawberry

    PLATINUM MALL AND CHACHUTAK (don’t know how to spell) MARKET ARE DA BOMB!!!!! and their undies really very good quality one! i bought last time in 2006 and 5 years later, the elastic band is still very strong wtf. Triump/sorella/victoria’s secret and other big brand names can go kick (name of my brandless strong undies wtf)’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leena

    girl, is the platinum mall really cheap. how much a dress cost?? cheaper than our sg wang stuff?? Im going there this month for 7 days. need to find out more. hope u can help me….thanks..more photos yah..nice

  • amelia

    LOLOLOL can’t tahan your bra pics. loll so funny! especially the superheroes one with sunnies. hahahahahaha

  • Audrey

    jay: awww thanks jay!

    jean: platinum mall is right next to pratunam market!

    tim: ya baja hitam too haahahahha

    :): thank you!

    angie: hahahaha i think that was another day! i dunno la i think you bought another one!

    huilynz: isit! i didn’t see any red ones i think there was only brown, black and white!

    cece: pratunam market is right across the street from platinum 🙂 across from mcdonald’s

    strawberry: ISIT! YES I BOUGHT 3 SETS WTF

    leena: depends. most of the stuff cost less than 300 baht including dresses! ok will post more pics hahaha

    amelia: hahahaha ya la dunno why. and we were totally sober wtf

  • Rebeca

    Hi Aud! it’s your Brazilian, vacation-less reader 🙂

    As a Brazilian i feel it is my duty to correct your misspelling of our national footwear (loll). It’s Havaianas – Havai is ” Hawaii” in Portuguese. And Havaianas means “girls from Hawaii” (in plural) –

    So there you go! Cultural note of the day lol

  • strawberry

    yes!!! provided you don’t gain weight, stretch your undies for fun, wear on your head wtf or let tim (or anyone with bigger waist sizes than you) wear it WTF

    here’s to 5 years of no need buy new underwear!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!

  • Audrey

    rebeca: yay thank you! i never remember how to spell it so i just misspell it most times. so is havaianas from hawaii or brazil?

    strawberry: oh no already wore them on my head T.T

  • JY

    omg! i so wanna go bangkok to shop la! So many many things to get la! Previous time i went the entire luggage overweight sia 😛

  • Felicity

    I really like your bag! Is it Marv by Marc Jacobs? I couldnt find it on anywhere. :O

  • Audrey

    jy: yea i had to buy a new bag there!

    felicity: yup! you should get it online cos it’s cheaper!

  • KY

    my brain is numb, and my internet quota burst

  • Rebeca

    Aud – It’s from Brazil
    I have no clue why a Brazilian company named Brazilian slippers after Hawaii 🙂

  • JxDecimo

    Angie with black hair look so young, cute and whatever positive adjectives I can think of. WHY IS SHE SO HOT ALL OF A SUDDEN? o.o

    Have you tried measuring how long is your forehead? :p