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Day 3: Thai massage & the 4 faced Buddha

Today’s topic is…. traditional Thai massage!


Some clever person suggested I get a Thai massage in Thailand.

I was most excited about it!  Wanted to go on the first or second day even.  Cos I love massages and foot rubs!

But little did I know how the Thai massage was to be *grim.  Show you later!

The spa we went to was Health Land on Sukhumvit 21.  Click here to go to their website.

It’s huge cos they have tons of branches all over Bangkok.

Stole this picture from Google.  It’s very pretty and totally not sketchy at all!

(sorry ah massage spas just have a negative connotation to me)


The inside.


The first picture together of the day!


It’s really very nice!  And cheap too our two hour Thai massage only cost 450 baht.

I’d recommend anyone who goes to Bangkok to try out Health Land!  But not the Thai massage if you’re not a fan of pain wtf.

They have a bunch of other packages too – like aromatherapy massages, foot rubs, facials and everything else a self-respecting spa would have.


Nice lights wtf.



Angela decided to do the Thai massage with me too since we were in Bangkok.


In the elevator up to our room.  The attendants were staring at us camwhoring in the mirror so I smiled at them and showed them my camera to take a picture of them.  They backed up against the elevator walls and put up their hands in horror WTF fml dunno what I did wrong.


Resorted to photos of our feet instead wtf.


Our room for two!


They made us put on very comfortable pajamas!  The pants are a super huge free size and you fasten them on by pulling a strip of cloth sewn on the back of your waist and tying it around you.

I loved the pants so much when I went to Chatuchak I bought a green pair for Fat Her.

Unfortunately when I gave them to him, he asked me why I bought him pants the color mental patients wear in Tanjung Rambutan WTF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The summary of my virgin Thai massage experience wtf.

Whole thing seemed to consist of a lot of bone cracking and muscle pressing.  And a good sized dollop of pain wtf.

I’d be lulled to sleep cos the room was cool and dim but would wake up cos she’s pressing some tendon or snapping some bones wtf.

And quite scared doing that video also cos she always stared at me very hard when I took out my camera!


But I guess I did feel better after!  Like body looser like that wtf.

Top – Bangkok

Shorts – Minimaos (recycled SHADDAP no other shorts matched this top and Angela and I have this policy of wearing themed clothing whenever we go out T_T)

Shoes – Bangkok also, bought in a fit of pain and foot blisters wtf.


Then we took a short walk down the road (like real Bangkok-ians!!!) to the MRT station.


Waiting for train.


Wa looks just like our LRT wtf.


Another self shot.


Next stop: the famous 4 face Buddha!

I heard so much about this 4 faced Buddha!  (I once thought blasphemously why is he called 4 faced isit cos he’s twice as bad as two faced WTF)

Ringo and Hui Wen told me about all the miracles this Buddha performed for them or people they know and it all sounded so magical!  Like cure sinus problems, give you straight As in the exam you’ve been failing for 5 years, let you strike lottery etc.  But then they also told me hell befalls the person who gets his wish granted, but doesn’t come back to fulfil his vow.  Someone struck the lottery but didn’t come back to give thanks so he went bankrupt WTF. And other such horror stories.

Apparently it’s not real Buddhism so god knows what powers are really behind this statue. (HAHAHA good pun wtf)



I went there planning to make a vow!  Like make me taller or something and I’ll come back and pray.

Actually wanted to ask to be forever 25 but then got scared what if the buddha misunderstands and lets me die WTF so i’ll always be 25 or something wtf.


But then…I gotta say I chickened out -_-

We bought joss sticks and flowers and everything but then I started getting very scared that my prayer would go wrong and something bad would happen!

So in the end I just prayed for general stuff like health and happiness for my family and loved ones wtf.  Some more I kept telling the buddha “eh this is not a vow ah don’t think it’s a vow and punish me for not coming back ah.  I mean I might come back but don’t hold me on that this is not a vow” WTF.

Then cultural bit of the day done, we went back to Platinum -_-


It was raining and we couldn’t get a cab so we took a tuktuk back to the hotel.


Driven by the tuktuk driver from hell FOL.

Drive as though he’ll be reincarnated the next day! Seriously.


But then I suddenly noticed he has a nice side profile WTF. Then Angela promptly fell in love with him luckily we have similar tastes in everything except men.

She likes dark, smouldering bad boys wtf but I prefer funny, fair and small eyes (with nice nose and jaw)


In the middle of all the horror that was our tuktuk ride, we still managed to take this picture of a taxi driver shaving his face in the Bangkok jam HAHAHAHAHA.


Nobody’s exaggerating when they say Bangkok jam.


Reached the hotel alive.  Took a picture with Angela’s love wtf.

That’s not all for Day 3.  We took so many photos I have to split em up.

At night we went on a dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya!  And then to Sirocco (where Hangover II was filmed) why are we so happening.

Next post!

  • JxDecimo

    Angie with black hair look so young, cute and whatever positive adjectives I can think of. WHY IS SHE SO HOT ALL OF A SUDDEN? o.o

    Have you tried measuring how long is your forehead? :p

  • JxDecimo

    OMG! Wrong comment. Suppose to be at the other post. Paiseh~

    I swear I can see your tears during the Thai massage. HAHAHA!!

  • stampedconcrete

    the photos says that your enjoying each company .. thanks for sharing this blog .. you two look so beautiful ..

  • Jina Lee

    Hi, I am Jina from Korea(Working in Malaysia). Nice to meet you 😀 when I am free I usually visit this site and read ur post. It’s really good for me. Have a nice day !!!

  • Angie

    hahahahaha i still remember you say ‘how many times you wanna say good bye !!” HAAHAHHAHA

    JxDecimo, thank you ! I actually thought I look better w/ dyed hair ~ but dont dare to dye anymore cuz hair became very dry n lots of split ends T3T

  • Hayley

    I had fun reading this post ! Haha.. Very interesting =)

  • hui wen

    Hahahah I laughed damn loud when I see your paranoia at the god making you die at 25 if you wish to be 25 forever… And all the nonsense disclaimer things we came up with (like what if wish for bf with blue eyes, but he is blind WTF).

    And I agree, I can see tears in your eyes in your massage video HAHAHA

  • Audrey

    jxdecimo: ahahaha ya she looks so pure and natural now and nothing like me!!!! wtf

    stamped: thank u!

    jina: annyeonghaseyo! 😀

    angie: yea la forgot to blog this hahahahaha damn annoying

    hayley: thanks!

    hui wen: yalah all the nightmare stories you told me! got tears meh dont have la HAHAHAHAHA

  • kathy

    u have such little friends! all your photos are with angie, cheesie or ur bf or family.

  • Audrey

    kathy: yea it’s true that since starting work, i have less friends i keep in constant contact with because of the lack of time. but i guess it doesn’t occur to you that i don’t feel the need to take photos of every aspect of my life, or that certain people in my life prefer privacy. sorry but i found your comment to be very presumptuous; just because people read my blog does not mean they know me at all.

  • KY

    4 face buddha is twice as powerful as 2 face in batman. :X

  • Angie

    Kathy: even so, at least she has many best friends that she keeps for life, a very loving and successful boyfriend, and a very happy family. I don’t know if I can say the same for you. but what do I know, I dont want to presume ~