I’ve been working on a railroad

I’m kind of impressed that I haven’t blogged for nearly a week and I don’t feel the guilt!

Actually that’s being a trend in my life right now.

Less and less I’ve  been feeling the urge to put things up online or document my life.  Gone are the days when I was afraid that if I didn’t, I would forget what happens to me (actually problem still exists just that I don’t care now wtf)

Also gone are the days where I felt that I had to publish things somewhere for them to matter.  Does that make sense? Nobody does anything without a purpose, and my purpose was to say what i wanted to say and have people react to that.  And of course my purpose in posting up photos of myself was vanity wtf.

But lately I find myself whipping out my camera less and less.  I’ve stopped tweeting as much too D:  I still like having an avenue open where I can air my thoughts but less and less does it seem like a necessity.

Maybe it’s getting older.  Maybe I’ve subconsciously accepted that younger and prettier girls are taking over the blogosphere and I will have to give way gracefully while my dignity is still intact WTF.

I always thought that I would keep blogging all the way until someday if I become a mom (and if I ever get hitched wtf) and be a cute gyaru mama and take bloody cute pictures with a stroller wtf.

But maybe it’s something you outgrow as  I get older. The urge to document your life lessens and is just replaced by the urge to just focus on living it and giving it your best.  And right now that feels ok to me.

Or maybe because work is taking up all my intellectual capacity right now.

Yesterday was my boss and mentor’s last day at work.  I’m very happy for him cos he deserves some time to himself now and his family deserves time with him.  But at the same time I’m panicking and shitting bricks because that means that I’m left to lead the team.

(and yes I got a promotion :D:D A month or so ago!  Just never said it wtf)

But that means suddenly the responsibilities have all been shifted to my shoulders so I felt like I was drowning in a sea of mud for the past couple of weeks wtf.

But right now I think I am in a good place to create big things! To build and improve structures and make good things happen 😀  Again cannot reveal too much about work but for the first time I really feel like whatever I do now can matter and can change the things surrounding 🙂

Ok la so that’s all I wanted to say.  Who knows my blogging mojo might pick up.  Or it will just continue to fade away and this blog will be something to look back on and cherish 🙂

  • Jamilla

    Hun, I’m middle aged and I have a demanding job with a big technology company. You’ll find different things to blog about – and be happy doing it! You’re never too old to blog.

  • celchin

    congratulations on your promotion!! i’m really curious about your job, can you share which industry at least 🙂

  • sugarmouse

    totally relate to this post (and yes, i do believe it has a lot to do with age). congratulations on the promotion!!!

  • FiSh

    age doesn’t really matter as long as your blog entry still captivates your loyal fans 🙂 And keep blogging no matter how much the workload is with your new job after the promotion, just don’t abandon it coz’ you’d disappoint lots of loyal readers like me 😛

  • KY

    congratulations on the promotion!

  • ShaolinTiger

    I know how you feel 😀

  • VuJiE

    I feel like copy and paste this entry in my blog bcz i feel the same.. Minus the promotion part haha.. Congratulations on the promotion!

  • cutebun

    Blog more Aud. =)

  • yumii

    congrats on the promotion! =D and It’s okay to blog less. ^^ just come back once in a while for an update for us, readers. Even if it’s a short one we will still read it and be really happy about it.

    Don’t get overworked! Always take care of your health first, ya! Health comes first, then wealth. ^^

  • Goingkookies

    guess u re just in a different stage in ur life… congrats on ur promo!! time for great things eh…

    hope u won’t abandon ur blog.. even short posts once in awhile is good enough to chronicle ur life and also keep us readers in the loop.. and who knows, ur stories might bring a smile to someone’s face 🙂

  • Angeline

    Congratulations on your promotion!! Way to go for a lil aud to lead and create big things!

  • Jay

    haha don’t shit bricks its your time to show everyone just how amazing you are! funnily enough im in a similar situation at work and I find reading a positive quote regularly helps implement positivity & keeps you going!

    Let me leave you with one: keep calm & carry on (shitting bricks)

    jokes jokes, don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest

    and remember have fun too x

  • Amy

    Hey there! What’s with all the old lady talk lol. You have many many more years of cuteness left in ya. Even if its just a couple lines, let us know you’re still kicking :p. Once you’ve gotten the hang of everything, I’m sure you’ll want to blog. Congrats on your promotion and I hope more come your way in the future 🙂

  • bendan

    LOlz~ no worries, your readers will always be here!! Yay!!

    Congratulations for the promotion btw. That’s cool. =]

  • Goldfinger

    Just remember that you’re not alone. Monto and I have got your back 🙂