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More Angela!

Aih extremely sick right now goddamn flu robbing me of my weekend T.T

But just publish this post since all these pictures have already been uploaded. And since everyone loves Angela!


I see you driving round town with the girl I love wtf.

Me looking very stressed cos I’m just bad at cars.

Angela with her Bieber hair hahahaha she tried to lie to me that she cut her hair short and dyed it blond before she came.

Then when I was at the airport waiting for her I saw her from afar and thought “who is this woman wearing such a bad wig in public” WTF.




Turns out it’s my soulmate *dark

Here she is adjusting her fake hair shamelessly in Pavilion.



Normal picture.



Fatteh and me.



Then Marutama for dinner with Suetpants!



Fatty had to endure an entire dinner of three shrieking gossiping girls sorry Fatty.



Bieber having some ramen.



Outside Pavi!

At 10+ after ice cream we all felt very tired and thought it best to come home instead of hanging around.



But after reaching home we all suddenly leveled up 10000 points of energy and decided to ..take pictures wtf.318508_628003918055_10400533_33715829_364028330_n

Get ready until must need to put on fake mustaches! (for Suetpants that is)



We were all very impressed and how remarkably long my neck looks!


Sorry then you just have to sift thru a bajillion similar looking photos of us hahahahaha.







Then I spoiled this angelic looking picture of Angela and Suetpants with this pose wtf.  Actually a lot of photos I did that dunno why nowadays me gusta strange faces.



Here all normal looking photos.







Angela in her pajama looking top which was not actually a pajama top -_- Don’t worry we already told her to burn it when she gets home wtf.


Take more pictures in my room with Jammie!


Then spoil another picture and call it a day.

Because then we had to send Angela off to China again babai soulmate T_____T

Actually babai Suetpants too cos she’s gone off to a rural area to teach good luck! Only Jammie left now *clutches

  • Dylla Fadzil

    hahaha. soooo ke ai.

  • Jing

    U got the SF varina flats! :))) are they still Rm1.7 k?

  • KY

    i need to try this one day, post lotsa pictures of myself and a few guys. wonder if it’ll work!

  • felicia

    all sweet n lovely ladies..
    ;)smiley face cheers my day..

    anyway..good good day to u;)

  • Angie

    hahaahhaha i was hoping to see my crazy eyes pic u r nice enough to not put it ah hahaha

    hahahaha and whyyyyy i like my wig and top la T__________T i think they look better in person than in pix la !! *convinces self also my loose sweater w/ maxi dress !

  • Anonymousmich

    Get well soon.. I hate falling sick during weekends…

  • Punk Princess

    Waaaahhh, I’ve NOT been to Pavi for ages! I wonder what I’ve missed out. Hmm…

    Btw, Angela looks cute with the Bieber wig. xD

  • strawberry

    hahahahah i was wondering in previous photos why angela looks so homely and wears sleeping clothes out onto streets. i thought this was the new fashion trend or something overseas wtf

  • Angie

    strawberry, *stabs into heart* T______________T

  • strawberry

    hahahahah 不要自殺!!你穿睡衣還是很漂亮很可愛!不過 你燒掉了嗎?哈哈哈哈

  • ahlost

    Waaaaahh.. all the pics are pretty.. and I like Angie’s wig.. I think she looks good with short hair and for a second I thought it was real until you mentioned it was wig 😀

    and KY.. you can try to do that since I haven’t seen guys posted many pics of themselves and we shall comment on that afterwards .. LOL !!