Remember him?


If you don’t you’re probably not old enough and I hate you wtf.

Fat Her used to be a great collector of comics (I think we still have the original Archie comics from the 60s somewhere in the house!) and one of his favorites was Tintin.


This was the first Tintin book I ever read. I think I was like seven and when I read it I wondered why it was so long (cos I was too used to Archie and Doraemon length stories). Then I wondered why the plot was so difficult to understand WTF.

Now I know it was cos I was young and er not so clever.

The Adventures of Tintin is a series of comic books starring Tintin and in every book there’s a mystery to solve.


Some of the Tintin characters.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new Tintin movie coming out soon!

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn! Directed by Steven Spielberg, story is based on three Tintin stories, The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure.

Okla dowan to spoil it!

Watch trailer here.

Because we’re all so excited about Tintin’s premier, the movie distributor UIP is running a Tintin Secret Online Treasure Hunt !


*puts on super magnifying glasses to search for clues


Prizes :
Grand Prize: Luxury Bali Adventure for two (worth RM7,500) + 1 pair of Gold Class Tickets + Exclusive Merchandise
1st Runner up: Canon EOS1100D (worth RM2,500) + 2 pairs of tickets + Exclusive Merchandise
10x consolation: 2 pairs of tickets + Exclusive Merchandise

How to play?
1. First download ‘The Secret Online Hunt’ on Facebook
2. Solve the 1st task with the given clue
3. Find the secret code based on the given clue
4. Once you’ve found the secret code, enter the code in the application to unlock the NEXT TASK AND CLUE
5. You’ll need to unlock and solve up to 7 tasks

Clues will be hidden all over the world wide web! So all you people who go online till late at night and don’t sleep (yea I know) will sure have a good chance of winning wtf.

And I got a surprise for you! One of the clues you need will be hidden in this blog post.

Actually not hidden la very clearly posted.


Here it is.

Give you guys more reason to visit my blog muahaha.

Not telling you what # clue this is cos won’t be fair. All the best in your Tintin Treasure Hunt!

If win, please take me to Bali with you.

  • Atenyana

    Find him!:)

  • Carina:D

    I can take you to Bali with me if I won, the problem is you are too busy to go with me! haha

  • Patience

    Those Geek glasses. Hmmmm.

    Just added Google Connect to site. Follow me if you like.

  • Mejuez

    yeahh! Semua dah siap! DONE

  • norick

    i never knew of tintin although i’m born in 80’ i think the root cause is difference up bringing…

    my dad never read or buy comic..period.. and my cartoon only comes from tv.. i know