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Realized I haven’t finished blogging about Bangkok! #shitblogger

Never mind this is the last day already bygones!

Appropriately, you would say ‘AUDREY Y U NO BLOG ABOUT BANGKOK’ and insert this ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)


Anyway on the last day we went to the floating market!


To get to the floating market, you gotta take a boat from the pier/starting point to the market.


Damn a lot of boats ferrying people back and forth!


I’m on a boat wtf.

A bit terrifying actually cos the boat went quite fast and water splashed from the sides!  I only know one swim stroke which is breast stroke wtf and the water looked so murky and green so I was a bit scared.


View on the way to the market.  There are all sorts of buildings and homes built alongside the canal so I think everyone just travels by boat instead of car or motorbike.


Better picture!  Here not so scared already wtf.


Reached the market!


I loved the whole atmosphere and vibe!


Everything super colorful wan.  But one thing I think the market is too commercialized already.  So many selling mass produced commercial souvenirs 🙁 Some more I think our boat driver got some contract with the souvenir stalls keep stopping us at souvenir shops that all look the same -_____-


Interesting boats are the food ones!


Pomelos I love pomelos!


We got up really early in the morning for this and didn’t eat breakfast.

This woman was our saviour!!!



Some koay teow type soup dish with meatballs and tofu and minced pork and spring onion – *wipes drool from keyboard



Portion was pretty small but it was awesomely yummy! i think it was the addition of the chilli flakes that did the trip.

Although I over added as you can see from my red face above wtf.



Super happy tourists in opposite boats.  Hahaha their boat didn’t have a roof hence the umbrella hats.


Go Thailand cannot not have mango sticky rice.


More pomelos wtf.


Then we met Jackie Chan!!!!!111111


Look like him ornot!  Jackie Chan selling ornaments by the canal wtf.

But a bit disgusting.  We were so happy to see Jackie Chan and wanted to take a photo with him.  But when we posed to take the photo he rubbed both me and Angela on the back WTF.  Only for a split second la and both of us didn’t know until we compared notes later but still.

Take advantage of his looks literally to do this 


Back on solid ground!


Then because we didn’t have enough of Chatuchak, we went back again.


Happily it was the weekend already so all the good shops were open.


What did I tell you?


More Blythe dolls.  Dunno why bangkok so heng.


Then more yummy food!

I swear Angela and I are the easiest to please when it comes to food.  Cos her favorite food is grilled cheese and mine is…anything that costs less than RM5 wtf.

Don’t really know how to tell what’s good food and what’s not -_- If I go fine dining I always feel like eating Indomie afterwards.  Like feeding cows with roses wtf.

Above meal was some noodles in some herbal chicken broth with some daikon and Coke in a metal cup.  Drinks always taste better in special cups 😀 More so if they come with bendy straws wtf.


Then went back to the room to rest a bit.


By rest I mean take photos.


DUnno why I do duck face.  Actually this batch of photos I duck face everywhere!! Just that delete most of it already phew no more evidence.




Then change clothes for dinner! Angela went cute and pretty but as usual I tried my best to be mode kei wtf.


Pinned up my hair cos my bangs were dirty from all the blowing in the wind and canal spray.  But got mixed feelings la when I looked at myself in real life I thought not bad but now I see pictures still look like flowerhorn fish aih.



And with no bangs on face makeup needs to be even more perfect.


Since last day already had to go for last foot massage.


Dinner was at a … beer garden.

When we were told about the Tawandang German Brewery, I imagined it to be some sort of german restaurant with lotsa sausages to go with the beer.


Big vat of brewing beer.


Turned out to be totally different!  There was a live show in front of the place and lots and lots of rows of tables.  Whole place was packed and everyone was eating… Thai food *deng deng deng


Another vat of beer.


Some food. Not really winning any awards for best food blogger here.

Or travel blogger for that matter cos my descriptions suck balls 🙁


Chicken wings.


Best dish ever!  Ok not sure what these shellfish were (mussels? clams) but they were boiled and you ate them dipped in some sour chilli sauce together with bunches of rice noodles and they were so orgasmically good T_______________T

Think we ordered two or three more after that 😀

Apparently this is a Vietnamese dish though.

P7300362Me drinking some of their beer.  Quite yummy actually!

Ok going to sleep now with my shitty ass cough.

It’s been two weeks and while I think i recovered from it, I think this is a second round of sickness!

Cough is horrendous and if I even cough once, my gag reflex kicks in, stomach muscles heave and I end up having to hold back puking T________T I tear up and my eyes and face turn red like how you would when you puke.

Imagine nearly puking continuously throughout the day T__________T Going to see doctor again tomorrow cos the last one was a joke who gave me cough medicine that made me pass out but still wake up to cough >:(




  • jamilla

    What a great trip!! Thanks for sharing!

  • erica

    the floating market looks so cool =D some of your pictures remind me of ayumi hamasaki 🙂

  • KY

    i think nowadays the floating market is the whole bangkok.

  • annant

    i’ll be heading to bangkok next February. donno it will recover from the flood by then mou le.

  • tina

    Audrey, you are SO pretty and cute! *envious*

  • Dylla Fadzil

    floating markettttttt… id like to be there somedayyyyy. interesting city.

  • Andrea

    Those clams are cockles and we have them here in Malaysia lol

  • Carol Yeo

    You got very nice fore head, look very nice without bangs.

  • m

    Cough syrup has been scientifically proven to be ineffective. Instead use honey mix w lemon n hot water. Works wonders!

  • Mei

    Get well soon! Try traditional Chinese medicine, I think it’s good to cure coughing.

  • fat her

    Did you bring empty bottles when you’re in the sampan? They act as good floats

  • Angie


  • smoochie

    i’m so so afraid of cough rite now. my last coughing period always ended up puking, just like you right now.
    try drink loh hon go. ( it works for me!
    get well soon!

  • strawberry

    i may be going to bkk early next year, provided the floods have subsided cos i can’t swim wtf. i help you take revenge on that ti ko pek fake jackie chan!

    which revenge method would you and angie prefer me to use?
    1) use scissor to cut it off
    2) use electric saw to saw it off
    3) use chopper knife to chop it off

    guess what “it” is wtf
    first one to guess correct will win 2 ants’ nests delivered straight from my house wtf

  • sherry

    is the blythe doll there expensive?