Now Yuna Can

Ahh Bangkok.

Remember my trip to Bangkok sponsored by Hotlink’s Now You Can project?

Guess what they have in store for everyone now?

(cos last time only I got the benefits wtf now you can too HAHAHA I AM SO PUNNY)

I was very lucky to see Yuna perform at a Nuffnang event last year.

In case you don’t believe it’s really her. Picture of her with Patrek Kuah.

No picture with me I haz a sad. So many people were trying to take pictures with her and she looked like she was rushing and I felt shy wtf.

Anyway Yuna who is like the hottest act in Malaysia right now is collaborating with Hotlink to bring Malaysia our first ever ONLINE CONCERT. The Hotlink People Powered Concert.

Watch Yuna perform in the comfort of your own home? Can.

Get involved in the performance just like a real concert? Can.

Stalk Yuna with binoculars and a knife? Cannot wtf.

All you have to do is pre-book spots on the Now You Can website HERE.  But since it’s a concert there’s also limited seats available of course.

Only 10,000 will get spots. Concert will be streaming live from the website this week 14 December at exactly 8pm. You will have to logon between 7pm and 7.15pm to get into the live viewing.

According to Maxis, Yuna will also be sharing a new yet-to-be-unreleased track with the support of all her fans at her Hotlink concert!

Faster go register before the spots run out!

For more details, visit and register at

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