The meme proposal.. the film version

Fatty and I thought long and hard about this.  We actually were kind of hesitant to release this video cos… it’s so personal!!!! Can see all the stupid expressions on our faces and whatever goofy tics and habits we have.

But we loved loved loved the video and I was also afraid that people’s negative comments on it would ruin what is a very special memory for me 🙁

Plus my hair was really frizzy in the video cos I ran through the rain to get to the restaurant ok wtf.

But somehow some people (cough Nigel Sia) found the video and sent it out so a lot of people’s seen it already so oh well.

Here it is 😀

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

Crazy Monkey Studio’s FB is here.

  • Happysurfer

    Aww.. this is so sweet and romantic! Hilarious cute too. Congratulations to you both!

  • Emelyne_Mei

    CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH! AWESOME PROPOSAL EVER!! Teared up at 1.36 itself. Lucky girl <3

  • ali

    Congrats to both of you…I followed yours and Tim’s blog after you guys put the meme slides of the proposal…well and I have to say your video was a perfect retelling of the event…2 thumbs up…Can’t wait for the wedding coverage…


    Congratulations Audrey! You look so pretty in your video. :D:D && I teared up!

  • Magnolia

    Congrats, Audrey and Timothy!! This is just so beautiful. 🙂

  • meiyi

    That’s the most romantic proposal video that I’ve ever seen in Year 2011…

    Congrats to both Audrey and Timothy!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012.

    – your blog reader –

  • Angel

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! congrantz!!

  • Wene

    Amazing!!!!Cried while watching the video!Congrats again!

  • felindaleaf

    OMO i almost cried watching the video. That was uber sweet! Congratulations! I can picture both of you becoming a lovey dovey old couple in the future 😀

  • cukrzyca

    Very interesting blog, very fun to read it:)

  • Dealy

    Omg, I totally cried. So beautiful and romantic. I wish you guys the best.

    Regards from Germany,

  • starmist

    too sweet for words! i was smiling and tearing at the same time while watching the video. -_-” congratulations to the both of you!

    – a blog reader from singapore.

  • William

    Congratulations to both of you.. It’s so sweet and touching.. No wonder your close friends in tears too! 🙂

    All The Best and lots of happiness together!!