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Finally had time to sit down and blog today so yay I give myself a pat on the back wtf.

It’s been a crazy few days zomg.  Never in our lives did we think people would react to the proposal like they did.

Fatty outlines everything much clearer in his blog here but besides I’m too lazy to blog about everything that happened in chronological order.

Just posting some screenshots stolen from Fatty here for future bragging purposes.

On the day we posted, we saw the views climbing but didn’t think too much of it.   We assumed it was our blog readers passing it around.

Then the next morning it was all over Facebook.

Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 8.52.03 AM

Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 9.27.57 AM

Then holy mama Ryan Seacrest! Ok probably his writers but this was the first “celeb” mention and we were dumbfounded.

Screen shot 2011-12-24 at 9.15.36 PM9gag 3rd time9gag meme

Then 9gag three times WTFFFFFF.

Someone even created a rage comic about us lol (but not funny wan)

Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 9.47.25 AM

People started telling us that comments on the official YouTube video for Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years (the song used in our video) were all about #memeproposal!

THEN WAIT FOR IT. *prepares pillow to faint

Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 5.04.48 PM


Dude.  Our 6 degrees of separation circle just expanded exponentially.

Actually already expanded with Ryan Seacrest.  I can say I was tweeted by Ryan Seacrest who knows Simon Cowell who probably knows everyone in Hollywood. So now we are just 3 degrees away from everyone in Hollywood!!!! *delusional

Then Guy Kawasaki.

chris brogan

And Chris Brogan.

So they both open up my 6 degrees to say Silicone Valley, Socialmedialand, and Geekdom.

Screen shot 2011-12-24 at 9.15.15 PM


Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 11.47.53 PM

Mashable *stuffs pillow into mouth

huffington post

Huffington Post.


The Star (Malaysian newspaper)!  I hate to say this but The Star got trolled by a fake Katy Perry account tweeting about wanting a meme proposal too FTL.

Actually I got trolled too and was so excited about it that I tweeted about Katy Perry too and lied to everyone on my Twitter and Facebook sorry guys hahahaha.


Then Reddit.  All time favorite site!

How I felt about it?

At first I was overwhelmed.  When Fatty showed me the rising views I was bemused… and a bit wary to be honest.  Fatty is way stronger than me when it comes to online trolls and I was expecting an influx of mean statements then I would be sad and not want to watch the video again wtf.

Fatty was neutral about it but I did not want to post it up at first.  But Crazy Monkey Studios knew they did an amazing job and they wanted to put it up so our friends and family and readers could see.  So we finally agreed and oh mama this happened.

I think the singular best part for us that is not that so many people have watched the video.  But that 99% of the comments were so so positive and supportive T________T

I’ve been having an awesome time reading comments coming in from all over the world!!  People left comments on my blog signing off which country they were from and there are so many!!! From Brazil, Argentina, China, Poland, Canada, India and I forgot where else.  There were even comments written in Spanish or Portuguese I can’t tell need to use Google Translate later wtf.

And every time there was a 1% hater comment, (e.g. “i hope they both die” and “i hope their kids turn out retarded”) there’d be a gazilion comments in reply defending the video.


Wtf what have my unborn kids ever done to you!?!?!

To be honest, we’ve been asking ourselves what’s so good about our video WTF.  I mean we like watching it and all but of course — it’s our own *narcissistic. Seriously don’t lie if you have a video of yourself sure you keep rewatching it wan WTF.

There are a lot of more creative, more elaborate proposal videos out there and they were no less touching or sweet.  Ours was just inspired by Love Actually and some geek hobby wtf.  Maybe it was the fact that Fatty used memes, I dunno.

But it was quite fun while it lasted!  Now everyone will go back to their lives…until the next Internet thing comes up.

Mostly, thank you all for making our proposal and our first step toward the new phase in our lives so special.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

– from Fatty & Shorty



  • amelia

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Aud and Tim! I believe this year’s Christmas was very memorable to both of you 😀

  • zihwye

    yeah i kind of figured it was getting really a lot of attention cos some of my friends on fb who don’t really go on blogs much also started sharing it.

    my cousin also shared it and called tim a 9gag troll -_- but thats cos he didn’t know that you’re the one who loves memes. XD

    anyway congrats again^^ really happy for you. have fun planning for your big day 🙂 and be happy always!

  • CL

    COngratulations! Love the Christina Perri song used during the proposal!

  • Dylla Fadzil

    the proposal really creative wan. thats why it catches everyone;s attention, makes people touched. awwwww….. happy ever after for both of youuu.

  • ena

    this is ridiculous how many tears you guys have made me shed! LOL i cried reading both you and tim’s blog post, cried at the video and now i cried at this HAHA started after the Christina Perri screenshot omg so happy for you guys!

    You guys make me believe true love exits in the world :)Merry Christmas Aud and Tim!

  • goowakmeow

    I guess it wasn’t just the fact that he used interenet memes, but you can just feel the love through the video 🙂 The overall feel was super sweet! Congrats again to you two!!

  • strawberry

    since you’re 3 degrees away from everyone in Hollywood now, can you help me to ask Ryan Seacucumber to ask Simon Cowell to introduce Ryan Gosling to me?

    to hell with Eva Mendes. i AM the woman for him!

  • amanda

    Omg! Christina Perri!!! If I were u I’d be dancing around the room! Hahahahaha.. hey I wont be surprised if u n Tim are asked for interviews. I think ur blog readers just expanded 1000 times!

  • Metzelder

    You all should have more privacy. Anyway this proposal is definitely a hit currently. 😀

  • Jacy

    Cool!! Congrats on the marriage ! hope to hear more from u guys!! <3

  • Meitzeu

    The video made me shed my tears. ;’) Happy for both of you!


  • luv!!

    fff lor i dont like alot of people knowing your blog *jealous* YOU ARE MINE!!!

  • Fitria

    congratulations for both of you! 😀
    I was brought here by the video btw. It was so sweet, cute, touching way of proposing tbh. I cried while watching it lol

    Have a merry christmas and happy new year 😀

  • Jessy

    Is going to be like Hollywood leh. Proposed, Married then divorced. Congrats to both of you. You guys made Malaysian proud of you. Going international.Cool and creative. Perhaps you should just keep this proposal to yourself. More privacy. Don’t be like Kim Kardashian, showed to everyone, den stress came and divorced…

  • suraya

    i watch it so many times and still get teary eyes. #foreveralone


  • sgrmse.

    i showed your proposal to my (extended) family over christmas and YES, MY MOM CRIED, TOO!! even though initially she was all “why would you cry? you don’t even know these people personally” idk what it is but you and timothy have this realness to you that i reallyreally adore. it would be so so awesome to somehow join the wedding via some live stream or something (i wanna see the cheesy powerpoint video every wedding has!! lolol)

    CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS to you and timothy again!! *infinity confetti shower* huzzahhh

  • Isah

    Congrat Audrey! 🙂

  • nmb3rs

    congrats to both of you! the proposal video has gone viral and it was even mentioned in HitzFM!

  • Robert Tiong

    Congratulations!! ^_^
    And a meri kuri 2011 to both of you!
    Meme-rable read of the week … potentially legendary 4evar!

    (as someone suggested somewhere, will there be a meme-ful wedding?) 🙂

  • ruth

    thats an amazing end to 2011! I cried watching the vid. Congrats to both of you!

  • amanda

    kudos to Crazy Monkey for making the video awesome!! I’m going to contact them to do my wedding video next time.. they captured that moment PERFECTLY!

  • sweatlee

    omg i’m damn slow and late!!!!! pls don’t revoke best friend status T_____T i just saw all the sites T_______T damn femes ah now go out must wear shades wtf

  • Jia Hui

    That awesome moment when a song got popular not because as a movie soundtrack but as a song of your video 🙂

  • don

    merry xmas.
    and dun get so famous la, later no more personal funneh stuff to read edi T.T

  • Hui Yi

    Again, congratulation! Your video I actually watched it repeatedly for few times. It’s simply awesome. Now you become super famous~

  • Jayelle

    why it’s awesome:

    I guess the music really helped, first of all. Really sets the mood.

    Damn Tim just doesn’t say anything, just does it all with the actions and he is grinning the entire time which is so so so sweet.

    And Crazy Monkey Studio slowmo-ed the correct bits to really tug our heart strings.

    And of course, just how natural it all was. :”””’)))))

    Cry because so touched.

    Cry because don’t know whether I’ll get anything like that.

    Cry because think too much. ahahahha wtf. congrats congrats congrats!! this only happens once in a lifetime, the proposal and the whole viral thing. 🙂

  • SnugglePlush

    Got to watched your video because my bestfriend, who is a meme freak, shared the link. Then found out about your blogs and now you’re most recent follower! Yay yay~!
    I was a sole Xiaxue follower before, then got to because of a mention of Cheesie in her blog, then stumbled upon your blog in Cheesie’s, then zomg, you are the lucky girl on the vid!! It’s so fantastic! Cute friendship~!^^
    I support you all guys! ~^o^~
    – from the Philippines 😀

  • ShaolinTiger

    ZOMG YOU SO FEMES I’M LIKE 4 DEGREES AWAY FROM Monica Belluci – *faints*

    You’re both awesome btw!

  • http://sodainty.tumblr.vim Esther

    this is really awesome. the proposal was soooo touching. congrats up the both of you on the engagement. :$

  • yh

    Hi aud! When i listened to A thousand years again…. I teared. I was thinking of how happy you and fatty would be! I am really very happy for you…. cause u finally found your happiness! Stay happy, clever and healthy! ( Thats what my mum always say 🙂 )

  • St3ph

    Mr. Fatty (sorry, i didn’t know your name), Great Job there! i think it’s like a 21st century proposal.~

    Sweet, and some more love’s in the AIR~

    Anyhow, Congratulations. and i would like to Wish both of you live and stay together happily ever after 🙂


  • Juliano

    Congratulations from Brazil! 😀
    Your story is really beautiful and everyone here loved it.

    I dunno if you 2 know this, but your video made a great success in Brazil. I’m posting links of 2 huge brazilian blogs (não intendo and não salvo), and 1 link of your video on youtube (with BR portuguese caption). Almost a half milion views from Brazil and everyone loved it.

    Congratulations again.

  • Yi Han

    I actually cried watching the video too, it was really nice and sweet :’)
    I want to get proposed to like that too! HEH.
    Congratulations guys! <3

  • Sabrina Yeo

    Hey gal, CONGRATULATIONS!! Only met you once during the Samsung Corby event but you both are meant for each other… The best news ever of 2011!! Man… What took him so long… But awesome!~ I cried watching the video too because it just feels so right! All the best! XoXo… <3

  • Brendan Abolivier

    Happy New Year from France, and congrats again about the proposal ! 🙂

  • xuan tan

    OMG u r on taiwan’s tv news!!!!

  • Elaine

    You made it to New Zealand as well !

    the main story on the national news site

  • Aida

    It as going all around and I thought that chick looked familiar. School seemed like a long time ago but I realized I did know you!

    Congratulations Audrey and partner – it’s a beautiful video and oh so sweet, here’s to a wonderful beginning for the two of you!