Lazy Song

Today I want to talk about makeup!

No, no more useless makeup tutorials.

But I once used this quote “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”

The quote is attributed to Helena Rubinstein who surprise surprise was a beauty magnate and the eponym of Helena Rubinstein Inc.

And i got a very interesting comment.

I am confused by your recent realization that this statement is not exactly or at all true. Many women are comfortable in their own skin, and do not care for makeup. Many women as you mentioned, have little experience in it, or are scared as first time makeup explorers. My question is why would it take you, a well cultured and open minded person, so long to realize such a simple fact?

Encouraging such a vane and utterly insulting statement speaks badly of you and your character. It makes your bio in the ‘why am I so cute’ section seem uglier and more superficial. Plainly, what gives you the right to have such a heavy assumption on other women who don’t wear makeup? That they are just lazy because they go bare faced?

Some may have the exact opposite view towards you who wears makeup all the time, or at least in all the pictures you show on your blog, sans the ‘before’ makeup pix. Many would call you insecure and fake.

Would that be ok? To have such an antithesis saying as “there are no ugly women, only insecure ones who hide behind makeup”?

Not trying to start a fight of any sort, just sharing my own opinions on your saying as someone who goes natural and barely uses makeup.

Damn, she writes quite well wtf.

Most of what the commenter said is true actually.

TRUE: I  think I can be extremely shallow.  I frequently judge people based on how they look and I tend to think better of people with nice noses or shoes.

TRUE: The quote is inaccurate.  Obviously there are many reasons why a woman may not wear makeup.

However, how I think Helena Rubinstein meant it, and how I certainly saw it, is that every woman can be beautiful if she takes care of her appearance (and health).  I say it all the time because I believe in the power of makeup.

But recently I was involved in a project with Maybelline and I met a lot of women who were too afraid to wear makeup because they didn’t know how to and they were glad I could teach them. So yea I guess I’ve been using that quote in the shallowest sense.

I’m also narrow minded FML.

I believe there are definitely women out there who are comfortable in their own skin and are okay going out barefaced.  But I also believe that no woman would say no to looking even better than she normally does.  And no man either.  It’s human vanity what.

So why let fear stop you!!!!!!!!!!! What are you afraid of?  The mascara wand poking your eye?  If I asked you to draw on eyeliner with your big toe, then go out to give a speech, you’d be terrified and rightly so.

But why be afraid of learning how to put on makeup?  If you get it wrong, rub it off and try again.  You don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t like how it looks.  That’s how I learned.  And probably every other girl who wears makeup. Everyone learns by making mistakes and practicing.

If you’re gonna be scared I’d rather you be scared about driving for the first time than putting on makeup.  At least your life is not at risk!

But on the other hand I’ve also met so many women who don’t wear makeup who’d peer interestedly at my face and ask me how long I took to get ready every morning.  Or how I put on my fake lashes.

Btw I can get ready in 15 minutes ok! #successkid.jpg #9gaggirlfriend

Then they’d say they don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to do it every morning.

So if you say you can’t be bothered, wouldn’t it be safe to say that you’re too lazy to put on makeup?

Same like how I’m too lazy to exercise.  Or too lazy to get up to get a drink of water so I’d get dehydrated wtf.

My laziness does overwhelm my vanity sometimes and that’s when I’ll go to work with no makeup and glasses and look like a demon.  It goes back to priorities.  Your desire to look good versus the desire to have an extra ten minutes in bed.

How strong your priorities rank is a different thing. Like maybe your urge to look beautiful is stronger than say your fear of pain so you go for plastic surgery.  But that’s not what we’re talking about now la.

For me, I don’t think it’s about insecurity.  If I was insecure I wouldn’t post ugly or barefaced photos of myself here.

I think it’s just about that I like looking pretty.  And I think it’s also a sign of respect to the people I meet that they matter enough for me to take an extra effort before I see them.

If you think you’re ugly and makeup and clothes are not worth it, you’re wrong!  I’ve seen many women who may be called unattractive by superficial media standards take care to style themselves to their advantage and I respect them all the more for it.

I don’t mind being called insecure.  I’d rather look pretty and be called insecure than look like a chicken backside and be applauded for my confidence.

And there are studies that indicate that people who look good lead easier lives.  Why would you not want that!?!

Handsome men earn, on average, 5 percent more than their less-attractive counterparts (good-looking women earn 4 percent more) (source)

Fifty-seven percent of hiring managers told NEWSWEEK that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job, while more than half advised spending as much time and money on “making sure they look attractive” as on perfecting a résumé. (source)

One explanation for attractive people achieving more in life is that we automatically categorize others before having an opportunity to evaluate their personalities, based on cultural stereotypes which say attractive people must be intrinsically good, and ugly people must be inherently bad. (source)

I’m just doing myself a favor wtf.

That said, attractive women may also be stereotyped as dumb, materialistic, snobbish or vain.  Or insecure, as commenter said.

Some narrow minded villager also tweeted recently that Timothy Tiah’s fiancee wears fake lashes and enlarging lenses, and has Bambi-like features therefore she must be high maintenance.

I told him that was narrow minded of him and unfair to every girl who wears makeup.  He replied the world is unfair wtf and he likes being narrow minded hahahaha so I left the frog in the well.  Aih the suffering of the good looking WTF WTF.

But true ah the world is unfair.  And superficial.

Like I said I’m just doing myself a favor 😛 What do you think?

edit: thank you everyone for so many deep and insightful comments 😀 

however, i think it needs to be clarified that i’ve mostly referred to the quote in the context of makeup but i think again i’m looking at it froma very narrow perspective.   it’s actually more than that – it’s about taking care of yourself on a physical (and emotional level) so you look and function at your best.

that being said, the reasons i’ve mentioned about about why a woman may not groom herself reflect her inner motivations. i’m not talking about other unavoidable factors like health, religious reasons if any wtf, or husband is crazy and doesn’t let her put on makeup, etc. thanks!

  • Huai Bin

    Agree. Just like taller men on average earn more (can’t be arsed to find the source) you play the cards you’re dealt and boost the positive attributes you have.

    It’s hacking life. 🙂

  • Jwxwei

    the statistic you got from Newsweek reminds me of Ugly Betty wtf

  • AdelineC

    yeaps! i completely agree with every single thing that you mentioned above esp the part when you said its a sign of respect/to show that you have made the effort (give face T.T) to the people that you are going to meet.

    and i must add on that, it is also a respect for yourself to earn respect from others .. LOL anyways, you rock!


  • Sarah Mira

    Hmm, I think the person who commented kind of over-reacted because I agree with the quote. No girl should complain how she is “ugly” and will never look better without plastic surgery or anything like that… because after learning to be comfortable with yourself and your naked face (which I think is the most important part), it’s also important to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. No body wants to date a slob, even just by brushing your hair and a few simple skin care steps can help a woman look more beautiful, healthy, and approachable!

  • barefacedgirl

    You say that you believe that no woman would say no to looking even better than she normally does. Well, I don’t think this is 100 percent true. We all have different boundaries and lengths to which we are willing to go to reach that ideal image of what’s beautiful we have in our mind.. Some girls may or may not think that mascara makes you look prettier, but choose not to wear it out of rational choice and not just fear of makeup.

    It’s the same way you are a big fan of make up, but I doubt (sorry if i’m assuming things here!) you would consider major reconstructive plastic surgery to improve the way you look. You might think it makes you look prettier, you may have the opportunity to get it done, but you choose not too because you feel there is no need. You feel that that the extra boost that make up gives you is enough..

    We all have our own limits, there is absolutely nothing wrong in living as you wish within your own limits as long as no one else is harmed.. What becomes a problem is when we judge other people just because their limits may be higher (calling people who opt for plastic surgery as “fake”) or lower (calling girls who don’t wear makeup as lazy) than our own.

    You write really well, I enjoyed reading this post. Sorry this comment turned into an essay 😀

  • lilxcute

    I agree with the girl’s statement. I am one of those who loves my skin and I don’t want to spoil it with paint on the face ie makeup. Lazy is never the word. I wake up 30 minutes earlier to make breakfast and lunch boxes. 15 minutes is nothing. But again, I am anti make up. Why hide one self behind a mask? Is your true self that ugly to be shown? Why judge a book by its cover? Again that’s my opinion. It’s a world of ppl who judge others by its cover so not blaming those who puts on makeup either. It’s society’s problem.

  • don

    damn. u write very well wtf.
    lol.. eh.. my desire to stay on the bed wins everytime, so i mmg admit i am lazy one.
    but hor, another reason i dun like putting make up is i will get pimple lo, if i use bbcream/foundation/sunblock/and any other etc thing apply on my face. the how?
    cannot keep trying until i get the correct one coz i will poor die.
    its not like i din clean through after make up, but pimple will come visit maybe like 30 minutes after make up. zzz.

  • don

    eh.. btw.. u r in china press!!! today’s newpaper

  • Lene

    I don’t think people should take the word Lazy in makeup so seriously lar. I am one to admit that i’m the lansiest when it comes to applying makeup. My effort consist of foundation powder, a bit of brow pencil and lip balm (lipstick if I’m feeling romantic). However I do admire girls who do a great job on their makeup, like you and Cheesie. And I do agree that we make effort to look good for the other person. The commenter can argue all she wants and defend her makeuplessness, she can’t convert you into thinking like her because you are who you are and you’re sticking to your own opinion.

  • Steph

    totally agree w u! i wear makeup everyday to look pretty wtf! n ppl call me dumb blonde, bimbo for that. sigh..

  • sgrmse.

    I AGREE 110%!!!! *standing ovation* and to the commentor: i say the same thing all the time. and it really isn’t about the fact that people are being harsh, it’s just the truth and surprise, surprise – the truth hurts.

    whenever i’m watching “makeover” shows and the girls are on there saying that they don’t know how to “be attractive”, all i do is smh coz how can that be?! given that most of these women are either professionals or mid-aged, etc. but i don’t think saying that you don’t know HOW to be attractive is acceptable.

    hello, pick up a fashion/beauty/health magazine sometime. thumb through it. try to buy similar clothes or look for the same items. if you’re conscious of your weight, join a gym. don’t know what to do with your hair? save money and visit a prominent salon. think you have ugly teeth? get some dental consultation.

    it’s not rocket science.

    it is, like you so aptly said, Audrey, all just a matter of priorities.

    for all the natural born supermodels with the high cheekbones, large doe eyes, insanely long eyelashes and small rosebud mouth who can walk out their door every day without so much as a stroke of eyeliner – well, good for them and us lesser beings can only hope to magically metamorph in to such flawless beings someday where make-up can be rendered useless once and for all (and all make-up companies transform in to android/robot manufacturers, wtf :P) thus ruling out the distinctions of ugly / pretty.

    (and while we’re on the subject, why not advocate ruling out also fat / skinny? short / tall?)

    at the end of the day, being called lazy (in terms of taking care of appearance, etc.) shouldn’t be viewed as an insult; it’s letting you know that you have hope. it’s pointing out your problem and therein lies (a) solution(s).

    and just to conclude: if the world (including yourself, commenter) can honestly say that you are not in the slightest bit superficial then why do you stop to ogle something you deem pretty in a store window?

    why do you swoon when brad pitt or johnny depp comes on the movie screen? (and shun the hobo who looks suspiciously like captain jack sparrow but is, essentially, a hobo)

    why do you look in the mirror? better yet, why do you bother owning one at all?

    not adding fuel to any fire. you know… #justsayin. (:

  • a0z0ra

    I don’t agree with that quote. Maybe Helena came up with it since she only hangs out w/ pretty people .

    I think there are people out there with unfortunate bone structures that renders them ugly. No matter what they can’t improve this by makeup. I can’t judge them lazy if this is the case.

    However, if I see a girl with good bone structure, and she only needs to trim her brows and get a good haircut – but she didn’t do that… Now I would call her lazy.

  • Seline

    I also believe it’s a sign of respect. Like how you shouldn’t meet a client or important person wearing shorts and slippers! Same thing, women shouldn’t go out barefaced to important events. For goodness sakes you’re representing your company (if you’re working). If I were a boss, I’d want to bring along someone who’s looking their best. If you can’t be bothered, then just admit to being lazy. Can’t stand all these ‘I’m secure in my own skin don’t need makeup’ people.

  • Windy

    It is all a matter of perception and your love for beauty. Some people are not too concerned about how well they look because they believe in their personality and attitude more than their outward appearance. First impression is rather important but don’t you think being decked in decent-looking but not branded clothes and shoes is better than not caring

  • daphne


  • Christy

    Let’s put it this way. If your house is untidy and dirty you wouldn’t have an open house. If you plan to open your house to public (be it for public viewing for the purpose of a sale or a big party) then you would make an effort to present it in the best way possible. Why not the same for yourself when you present yourself publicly?

    So yeah, if I go to a person’s house and it’s dirty and untidy (and this person is able and healthy) I would simply assume the person is lazy at housekeeping. In the same way, if I meet a person who is not well-groomed I would feel the same about his/her character. Note, well-groomed does not necessarily mean with make-up etc, but just that the person made an effort with his/her appearance to present themselves positively.

    Some people are naturally blessed good looks and look gorgeous without makeup. Good for them. But the average person, like me, need effort. So just like I would pick out a pretty dress to wear, I also wear makeup so I look better. In what way does this spell insecurity? It just means I value myself and want to take care of myself in the best way possible, limited by the actual amount of effort I’m willing to make. So some people are willing to put in more effort, some people are willing to put in some effort, and some, none at all aka… lazy.

    And truth is, we’ll all be deceiving ourselves if we say that we do not react initially more positively to a pretty face then an ugly one. And note I said initial reaction, nothing to do with getting to know the person better la-di-da. And the truth is, sometimes in life you only have a few seconds or minutes to make an impact on someone else.

  • Frau J

    Eh, have I been misinterpreting or taking the quote out of context all this time?

    “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”

    I thought it doesn’t necessary mean about having our face all made up. That the laziness include personal hygiene like brushing teeth, showering, combing hair, ironed shirt and basically all the personal grooming we do everyday.

  • Peter

    “Then they’d say they don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to do it every morning. So if you say you can’t be bothered, wouldn’t it be safe to say that you’re too lazy to put on makeup?”

    “I don’t mind being called insecure. I’d rather look pretty and be called insecure than look like a chicken backside and be applauded for my confidence. And there are studies that indicate that people who look good lead easier lives. Why would you not want that!?!”

    ”I told him that was narrow minded of him and unfair to every girl who wears makeup…”

    Audrey, it comes down to how one chooses to value physical beauty. It is also narrow minded to think that a girl that doesn’t wear makeup is lazy. There are studies that have been done that show makeup for some people harms their skin. In those statements quoted, you imply that YOU value it highly but there are many out there that don’t for reasons of belief, health, etc. So to each his/her own.

  • Peter

    Whoops sorry about not ending the bold quote html tag.

  • Jenny

    It’s just how the society works nowadays.

    No matter what you do, say – a third party will always have something different or better to say. Everyone’s perception has its own logic behind it – and people just choose to do something which they feel comfortable with.

    A person may choose to do what he/she thinks its right. But it crosses the line when he/she starts judging what people do and label a right/wrong to it. For example, people who don’t put on make-up don’t necessarily mean they are lazy or can’t be bothered, it might just be due to the fact that they feel comfortable with their own skin. But of course there are also people who thinks make-up is scary and something hard to master.

    It depends on individuals but i guess judging a book by the cover is what the society is good at nowadays. Sad but true fact.

  • Audrey

    hb: yup! if it makes life easier, why not?

    Jwxwei: oh isit hahaha.

    adeline: haha thank you!

    sarah mira: haha i don’t think she overreacted! i think she just gave a very different pov so i appreciate that 😀 but you’re right, it’s about taking care of yourself 🙂

    barefacedgirl: actually i do think it’s true 🙂 but like you said, it’s the extent that you would go to to making yourself look better. like i’m not against cosmetic surgery but i would probably not do it myself because i don’t think my need for it outweighs the risks for it. same goes to other people, it’s all about priorities 🙂 but if there were no risks or investment, i don’t see why anyone would not want to improve their looks 🙂

    lilxcute: ya ur right, why judge a book by its cover? but unfortunately the world does so i think it’s about playing the cards you’re dealt with the best you can. but i do admire your ability to wake up early wtf cos i can never do that T_T and your confidence in yourself 🙂

    don: eh don’t say makeup but try water based sunblock? those not so thick wan. not just for beauty purposes but to prevent against premature wrinkles and skin cancer leh!

    lene: awww thanks! i thought her comment was very well written la and not mean or judgmental. sometimes i think i’m more judgmental than others T_T

    steph: aih suffers of vanity wtf

    sgrmse: wa your comment so long i give you ovation back!

    aozora: no la i think you’re taking it at face value. i think that even if you don’t look conventionally beautiful even after wearing makeup, it’s not the point. the point is that you took effort to groom yourself and people will appreciate it, no matter what kind of features you have.

    seline: yup i agree! wherever you go, you’re representing something – yourself, your organization whatever.

    windy: agree!

    daphne: yay!

    christy: CLAP CLAP. yalo first impressions stick with people for a certain amount of time until they get to know you better. but like you said, sometimes you only have that small window of time to present yourself to someone and that’s it.

    frau j: ya correct you’re right. but i was talking about it in the context of makeup.

    peter: there are definitely more reasons why someone may not do something. but i was talking about decisions based on their own views, not for health or religious reasons or anything. but yes to each their own, that was my view and i really liked yours too 🙂

  • MimieJayz

    I am lazy and not so pretty but I feel comfortable bare face because I hate make up.. I do have that slight fear of looking like a clown but it’s more about disliking makeup

  • don

    wahh.. cancer some more ah.
    i’ve tried all range, laneige, b.liv, loreal, hada labo, bio essence, nutox and another million products, none of them works. seriously my skin is far better without them.
    die la. i dun wan get cancer and pimple wor. =.=

  • mehby

    im a little torn about the makeup thing. because i didn’t use it for 20 years of my life as i didn’t think it was necessary, and i just started using it recently (some events required it).

    i still don’t like to use it excessively (i use REALLY LITTLE makeup), but i do agree it does make me look better, some way or the other.

    BUT I THINK, my most important point was – i really loved how you look in your memeproposal video. i thought you looked beautiful (and cute) in that video. (maybe it was the joy and radiance~~)i don’t know if you put on lesser makeup, but it seemed like it!

    in contrast, i didn’t like some photos of you in your blog quite as much.

    not to say you didn’t look beautiful, of course, i just thought that your slightly more natural look in the video looked much nicer than those in which you put much more makeup!

  • Fitria

    I don’t agree with the quote, there so much reason why woman don’t wear make up. I’m one of them. Well, one of my reason is
    lazy but it’s like 1000000th reason.
    Some woman have their own vision, like you who think that make up could make woman look gorgeous etc. Fact? it’s true. But maybe there are some woman who have some vision like me who believe beauty is not only judged by looks, attitude instead. That’s why I’m very confident of my look though I only use face powder and lipgloss everyday, and if I’m not lazy lol.
    I used to judge girls who wear too much make up were bitches but as the time goes by, I realized I was so narrow minded.
    Truthfully, I was brought here by your proposal video and I was like “the guy is so lucky, her girl is definitely cute”, so when I read that you feel not-looking-good in that video, I was so disagree. And I prefer to your natural look tbh 🙂
    Well, that’s just my opinion. Hope you won’t feel offended 😀
    And sorry for bad english lol =_=

  • zihwye

    like i’ve said before, you’re one of the most genuine people i’ve seen on the net, so your superficiality (?) doesn’t bother me one bit.

    anyway, that person who left the comment may write really well but she spelled vain wrongly wtf. HAHA. XD not that i disagree with what shes saying tho’.

    im actually super SUPER lazy to put on make-up. when i do its usually just mascara cos i’m super proud of my long eyelashes. and i get pissed off when my friends ask me why i don’t put on make-up. i want my laziness to be respected just the way i respect their love for dolling up 🙂

  • Amanda

    M not sure if u’ve seen girls without makeup that looks even prettier with makeup. But i do and i’ve seen a lot of them.

    Some gurls are blessed with flawless, pinkish and glowing complexion (maybe it’s their skincare that make them so nice..)hence makeup is totally not required to make them prettier.

    Some gurls, like myself is not blessed with such complexion, hence i do put on very minimal makeup. My makeup is rather simple (BB cream, cheek blusher and eyebrow pencil)that’s many ppl will comment that it is as gd as not putting makeup cos it’s too simple and it makes no difference. Does that mean, one needs to put on a heavy makeup (a full makeup) to look prettier?

    I don’t really agree with being lazy for those who are not putting on makeup or who are afraid of putting makeup. It all goes back to the need of putting makeup. And i do agree that putting on makeup on a regular (daily) basis can actually make ur actual complexion turned dull.

  • http://nil garfieldcity

    Whether makeup or makedown, it doesn’t matter much in the eyes of the scheming men who are out for a kill. But it does matter much for a man looking for a woman to marry. So the most important task for the woman firsthand is to impress her target be it natural or plastic. Afterall and longafter, most men will eventually blurt out “WTF, never mind la..” Here most men mean to say ” What The Fuss “

  • jessy

    ya..ya..!wait till when u have little one(singular)Then your concerns will not only be yourownself only,but it depends,i’d seen some wellgroomed mothers where their children wore clothes not ironed and shoes not wash yet their mothers were wearing inches of makeups !You may say you dont intend to have children, like you didnt expect the wedding proposal,but the time will come.Then its judgement days!

  • cS

    the person who reacted sounds very much like the kind who is just.. sad. like no friends, no social life. and all that. and probably a hypocrite. cause its true. if a person is given an opportunity to beautify herself, its only logic that a person would. but what hinders that is laziness. maybe the person doesnt think make up makes them look prettier, then fine lah. why wanna bring that issue up. its not like u dunno about it. u didnt mention doesnt mean u dunno, isnt it already understood. – – people like that just wants attention la.

  • jessy

    Lets make it simple,if you like making up,its ok,just say I LIKE MAKE UPS,I LIKE LOOKING PRETTY.But please DONT make any statements that women who wear no makeups are lazy ones.Have you ever worried people/spouses catching a glimpse of you with `just wake up’ face?I dont!

  • http://nil garfieldcity

    makeup or makeover is like fashion or craze. You are either in it or not at all. The most important show of respect to society is we must maintain decorum in public like being clean, wear clean clothes and moderate manners. If a woman has all these plus a beautiful natural face or a coloured one, we are all blessed. A woman is like a flower, any colour… no protest…it is still beautiful in a garden.

  • AnythingGirl

    I’m okay if someone turns up for a meeting with me barefaced. I do that too usually and now after reading your post, I hope people don’t mistake me as not giving them respect. I have nothing against those who apply makeup and those who don’t. I don’t even have much of an opinion of them. To me, as long as you feel comfortable, you can do whatever. But of course I’m not appearing in PJs in public.

    If makeup makes a girl feel better, then why not. If going barefaced makes a girl feel better too, then just go ahead. I have avoided putting on makeup in the past because I was so afraid of getting premature wrinkles and bad skin. I was very vain in an unvain way. But now because of work and the fear of people thinking I’m not respecting them or what, I put on makeup on a daily basis.


    I was dancing for years and while putting on make up for dance was exciting at first, I began to dread it after that because we had to rush to eat, put on costumes, put on make up while being in a sometimes cramped room.

    Then have to touch up after eating if there is another performance after that.

    Then have to make sure you clean off all the make up before you sleep or else you’ll get pimples the next day.

    You get the drift bah, I put on make up till I got tired-sian-scared of it.

    Sure, I will put on make up for special occasions now and then but everyone has their own reasons for different things in life and I think we should respect each other’s opinions.

    I’m sure what I said is not true for all dancers though. It’s just my opinion.

    Unrelated to the entry but I love your meme proposal video, btw. It’s so cute! =3