Wedding Planning part 1

So now that all the dust from the proposal has settled and I’ve gotten used to our new status (OK NOT REALLY IT’S STILL SO SURREAL HAHAHA) it’s…. wedding planning time!

Knowing my goldfish memory, I know I want to put this here so fifty years — or maybe just one — from now I can remember what’s happening.

Immediately after Fatty proposed, his mom (for easier typing, I’ll call her AT) told us she was gonna look for a fortune teller to find and set a good wedding date.

I was all like “pssshhhhh chill la auntie what’s the rush I wanna stay engaged for a while” but she insisted we needed to find out when, earlier better.

So she took down my birthdate and time of birth, as well as my parents and grandmother WTF.  The fortune teller then compares our families’ birthdates and comes up with a day that will apparently suit all family members so we’ll all be in harmony with no problems.

Our date is somewhere in July!!!!! We found this out sometime in December which left us like 7 months to prepare for it.  All my married friends told me, “Cannot.  You need at least one year to prepare!”

But we’re all Nike Just Do It so we’re going ahead with the date.

Actually it’s because the fortune teller kept saying “THIS IS THE BEST DATE FOR THEM. THIS IS THE BEST EVER DATE FOR HER WOMB.”  I’m not sure if I believe this but based on my birthdate he also said some accurate things about me and… I don’t wanna risk my womb!!! You can say whatever you want to say about me but don’t play with my womb!!!!!!

Oh and I also like the sound of a July wedding ^___^ Sounds summery even though we don’t have summer here.  Or any of the other three seasons.

So there it is.

The last two months have been a flurry of slightly panicked activity.

My friend Bobo got engaged a month after me.  The DAY after her engagement, she already fixed appointments with dress stores, planned out her theme, and could lend me wedding pamphlets cos she was done with them.


True story.

This girl had clearly put a lot of thought into her wedding!  She’s not the only one — quite a few of my friends have been planning about dream weddings and dresses since they were kids, apparently.

I lose at being a girl in the most crucial way. .____.

I’ve been asked by friends over the years how I imagined my wedding to look like.

And every single time the image that pops to mind is this.

*brain explodes

Yea I’m not sure why.  I don’t even like 98 degrees or Jessica Simpson.

Maybe subconscious desire to have blond hair, big boobs and a square-faced groom.

Anyway I’m blogging this to remind myself how lucky I am.

So far things have been progressing pretty okay with no major hiccups.  Venue found and secured; wedding planner found and in discussion; theme decided on and all aspects working towards it; bridesmaids agreed and all pretty #shallow.

So many people — even those I’m not so close to — have come forward and offered help and advice in so many ways and I am so grateful T3T There are so many things we don’t know and I’m so glad there are so many nice people around me who are willing to help if they can 🙂

My close friends have all rallied and when they’re not going with me to check out wedding stuff, they’re online researching or throwing ideas out :’) If I can do half of what they’re doing back for them, I’d be awesome wtf.

And unexpectedly, complete strangers have also contacted me and offered their services or products because they said they saw the video or my blog and were touched :’)  Because of this, my wedding dress will be designed by a very nice local designer — I’ve seen his work and I love it so far!  When things are more confirmed, I’ll probably blog more about him.

I also have a short ROM outfit suggested and designed by a blog reader who owns an online shop.  Again I’ll blog more about this later.

Bridesmaid dresses to be sourced by Hui Wen of Azorias.  Who better than her, who’s also one of my bridesmaids, to do this <3

For eveningwear, I found a shop in SS2 which custom makes dresses for quite a good price!  Although I have no clue what kind of evening gown I should wear -_- any ideas?  No mermaid gowns cos my ass looks like a battleship in them wtf.

However I’m also searching for a photographer who can do a pre-wedding shoot as well as wedding day photography.  If anyone knows any good photogs (and who are not crazy expensive), can you please let me know!  Please leave a link so I can see what kind of photos they take.

No stagey dramatic shit please wtf.  It suits some people but I don’t think we’re the type who can do standing on top of a hill in a tux and a dress looking into the distance while lightning strikes behind wtf.

I’m not even sure if I wanna do formal looking shots in wedding dress!  Fatty says it’s up to me so yay I get to decide.  I want something fun, happy and representative of us.  Seriously.  I don’t want to lean my head on Fatty’s chest and close my eyes.

HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s what I heard Kim had to do to Gareth FHL ahahahaha.

Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

Bribe you with picture of eyelash coming off wtf.

  • Evelynwann

    Maybe you could have a look at
    their pictures are really nice 🙂

  • Yuenny

    somebody already mentioned louis pang ahhaha, but here’s one! they did my cousin’s wedding :

  • TianChad

    If I am your photographer I would get a Hello Kitty skin Mini cooper to be in your photoshoot. Get some fun pose with huge lollipop+++ around Tanjung Jara Resort. That place is beautiful =D

    PS: Get me as your wedding guest and I will surely get some precious candid shot #likeaboss wtf

  • jims

    Discuss your ideas with them, they’d be more than glad to hear your ideas on your plans for both the pre-wedding and wedding day.

  • notyourbiggestfan

    you want to get married? pay for your wedding out of your OWN (or nuffnang’s) pockets. afterall he’s rich enough isn’t he?
    you are one hellava leech, expecting a grand wedding free of charge.

  • peaches

    This one’s amazing for weddings, so simple and beautiful! 🙂 Stalking them a lot though I’m too young to even think of a wedding wtf

  • nang

    Hi Audrey, you can check out

    All the best for your wedding prep!:)

  • Rachel

    Had a little ‘relapse’ with my breakup and went through some of your audemo tagged posts. I know this sounds a little ridiculous but reading this entry about your wedding gives me hope that e world is not ending hahaha.

  • Missy

    Wow… wedding planning is so exciting! Can’t wait for mine to come! Haha.

    Treasure all the frenzy and mad rush while you can! Btw, if you’re gonna be getting a wedding planner, shouldn’t he/she be the one sourcing out vendors and photogs and what not for you?

    Just asking. And congrats! 🙂

  • Joyce

    Congratulations to you & Tim! Good luck with the wedding prep tho it sounds like you have terrific support from family & friends 🙂

    Check out Andy Kho Photography It’s not updated tho. You could take a look at the below. He took actual day photos for Kim Ong and Sue Lynn.

  • strawberry

    July is good! July is my birthday month!

    will you play Happy Birthday for your wedding song as a tribute to me wtf

  • yuenmay

    hahahaha for your womb!

    dresses, i can only think of bangsar. & what about loke yew road? 🙂


  • cs

    maybe you could check this guy out? 🙂

  • Audrey

    notyourbiggestfan: yea i wanna get married. did i say we don’t want to pay for expenses? whatever, stay in your imaginary world. your dad should have let you dry on your mother’s face.

  • julian


    dunno if you saw the Korean couple who did a zombie photoshoot for their wedding photos. Is very cool and not boring 🙂

  • jean

    Not sure if you find all the things you needed but I have a suggestion for photographer.
    not quite know more about it but they really are awesome! check them out?

    Congratulations! 🙂

  • evelyn
  • Miyen

    Wow… notyourbiggestfan sure has some serious jealousy issues.

  • tracy

    congrats Audrey! 🙂

    take a look at this photographer

    btw, can you share which wedding planner u engaged as i’m looking for one too.

  • Poh Nee

    Hi there! Here are some wedding photogs I really like (always stalk them and plan to use for my future wedding hoho)

  • sophie

    Oh congrats! Can’t wait to see your dress! He…a male designer, could he be from that special occasion? Hohoho…
    As for photographer, highly recommend shepherd pictures. Was mentioned above 🙂

  • Jc
    Absolutely love her work, check it out!

  • Yuen May

    wedding planner?