My glamorous life

Someone in Formspring asked “is your life really as glamorous as it looks?”

Not first time someone asked me this lo!

So here’s a typical day in the life of Aud Ooi.

1. Wake up looking like shit.

2. Get dressed, drink milo, go work blah blah.

3. Stay at work for the next billion hours or so.

4. Look like a zombie

5. Today an important client comes over to visit.  Get scolded by boss for having the messiest workplace in the entire company.  Reluctantly clean work area.

Yea there’s mess under my desk too.

6. Cannot finish work by dinnertime so have to eat cup noodles to prevent gastric.

7. Still at work.

Yea that’s my workplace after clearing up.

8. Finally finish work at 10pm and go home and eat cold food with Kindle for company.

9. Trudge up the stairs to find Fats busy playing Battlefield

10. In order to get attention, make nuisance of self.

11. Finally go to sleep in preparation for a new day of equal excitement.

  • yumii

    hello kitty’s head… is slowly disappearing…

  • Jwxwei

    *out of topic* The pink stuff on your desk are so cute!! Especially the Hello Kitty thermos :3

  • Nana

    Your sweater looks so comfy! : D : D

  • Xin Hui

    “Glamorous” indeed. What about weekends?

  • BOG

    You’re so funny & amazingly candid…thanks for making my day reading your blog 🙂

  • victoria

    haha after you make it a point to frown in every picture ppl are still going ‘your stuff so cute, sweater so comfy’ lol. duno if the jaded-ness in this post is because you’re really tired, or intentional to prove that you’re very normal!

  • KON

    Lol i really wonder what your boss Is like when he walks past your desk. Like I can understand the calculator and the mousepad and the thermos and the pillow but even pink headphones with cheetah print? Lawlz score one for obsessions c:

  • aestherlyienda

    after clearing up.. it looks the same to me Aud.

  • Lyn

    Your working outfit is so cuteeeeeee hahahahaha…
    Cutest part is make nuisance of self lol. (I do that too all the time :p)

    You’re adorable <3

  • Jessie

    hahahahha! the first pic is so cute !xD

  • claudia

    i started reading ur blog after watching the proposal video. thank you for being yourself. u post real stuff and that makes ur blog really interesting to read. totally cracks me up!

    your official fan frm spore

  • Silvie

    so cute working table.. full of kawaii pink stuff ^^

  • Tey Cindy

    i feel you!!!

  • Kim

    I’m beginning to wonder if you really cleaned up …>.>

    That sweater does look incredibly comfortable though.

  • strawberry

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA i want to laugh at how sullen you look in each and every photo!!!!!

    and kudos to you for daring to stay in office alone after everyone goes home! i don’t dare cos i scare ghosts T___T

  • FiSh

    so glamorous 😀 hahas i love ur life for having such a good hubby XD

  • Jay

    Malaysia is so hot…how do you survive in a chunky knit?? x

  • strawberry

    Jay, have you ever heard of something called “air conditioner”? it’s a rectangular box, grey in color and makes a bzzzzz noise when turned on. sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you can even see it explode! 😀

  • Angie

    ei and also talkin to ur soulmate on MSN complaining about u r still at work hahahah

  • justanothergirl

    u don’t look like shit lo .. i wish i have even skin tone like yours when u wake up ..

    why ur table so many things and so messy 1? lol aiyooooo

  • Frau J

    your skin looks good in the morning! usually i’ll be pale or worse yellow XD

    loving the chip nails, looks exactly like mine at this time. *le sigh

  • zihwye

    people actually think your life is v glamorous?! no offence but i thought you’re one of the more down-to-earth bloggers cos you actually have a full-time job xD

  • Beverley

    Hi Audrey,

    Love browsing your blog so much!
    I look forward to your updates always but guess you’re quite busy preparing for your wedding and have less time or mood to blog.
    Anyway have fun in the preparation as it’s once in the lifetime!
    Congrats on your engagement 🙂

  • Aimee

    thank you audrey for responding to my question in formspring. you are awesome 🙂 and yes i agree with the people here you look fab in the am. 🙂

  • B is my name

    y u no shower before go to bedz? zzzz lol

  • May

    What kind of work do you do?

  • Carneira

    …so that’s where you work :)) I work in the same group in Indonesia and prolly can call you with the phone’s international directory *stalker*

  • Amanda

    u work in Mindshare?

  • catherine

    Shoooo glamorous !
    Glad that you have blogging as your hobby so that we can have a peak into your daily life =P

  • bendan

    LOL~ serious ah, you clean your table? It looks the same. =X

    Dinner at 10pm?? Sleep around 12 I guess? This is great, I think you have not expose ur daily routine before. =]

  • KY

    that’s plenty glam!

  • des

    Hey aud, i haven’t been to your blog for a while – but i did to check on ads – but failed – wtf – but i admire your blog for not having any annoying banner ads wtf – and i stumbled across your blog… and… CHEEEEEEER UPPPPPPP SHORTYYYY!!!!!

    *Does cute face to cheer Audrey up

  • Michelle

    Where’s you get your kindle skin? :O gorgeous

  • EeXin

    Hahaha, you’re so cute. And I am just as messy as you are. >_>