The day we applied for marriage

Yesterday was the most stressful day of our wedding planning history.

We rushed back to Penang for a snappy two days just to kau tim wedding stuff we are so hero.  Couldn’t stay longer cos Fatty had other commitments back in KL.  Obviously I’m not the one with commitments since I’m jobless #loser

Anyway we had to fit a whole bunch of things to do into one full day.  A lot of things to do actually! Go check out the venue again, meet up with planner, meet up with wedding band, meet up with photographer, do food tasting…. and apply for marriage license.

In the end we didn’t even have time to meet up with the band or the photographer.

I am now the expert in applying for marriage licenses in Malaysia wtf.  Anyone getting married, feel free to ask me anything.  Money back guarantee wtf.

To register for marriage, you’re supposed to apply for it first.  After you apply, it’s considered a sort of declaration that you’re getting married.  We have to have up a notice in the registrar announcing our impending nuptials for 21 days… maybe in case if any of us is already married, it gives the spouse ample time to come out and object wtf.  If no objections, then you can legally get married.

So we rushed to the Jabatan Pendaftaran early in the morning with our forms and identity cards and individual identification photos.

Waited for our turn only to find out that – the details are unclear to me  cos it was rounds and rounds of it but – because we wanted to register the marriage outside the registration office, we needed…. our birth certificates.  And copies of ICs (identity cards) of two people who would witness our marriage. -_-

My birth cert is in a safe somewhere in KL and Fatty’s was somewhere in Penang but probably equally obscure so luckily at the same office we could apply to issue our birth certs.  So off we went to the birth/death section wtf and filled out forms to apply for our birth certs.

Mine happened to be in the system so they issued it to me right away.  But as luck would have it, Fatty’s was apparently not in the system and we had to wait two hours before they could update and get it -____-

So we went to have lunch while waiting wtf.  And we got someone to send us photocopies of his parents’ ICs to use as witnesses.  When we came back, we again took a number, waited then got his birth cert.

Then we went back to the marriage department.

Because our addresses on our ICs are in different states (mine says Selangor while Fatty’s is Penang) we would basically have to apply for marriage TWICE, in both states.  At this point Fatty was a bit agitated wtf he said he would rather pay more than redo this entire process all over again when we came back to KL.

The registrar said “Can! Then you apply for a Special Marriage License and you don’t need to reapply in KL.”

Special Marriage License means we have to pay RM100 more wtf.  And because it actually dispenses with the Declaration and 21 days’ notice, we would need to submit our application to the dunno what Director -_____- And before we submit, we would have to fill out another form, this time to apply to only apply for marriage in one state.  God that was a mouthful wtf.  Then we needed to get verification and stamp from a Commissioner for Oaths. -_______-


Fill up forms until I have words coming out of my ears wtf.

So off we went again T_____T The registrar directed us to a commissoner ten minutes away but the fella went out for late lunch FOL.

So in the car I had to hastily google for another Commissioner for Oaths.  I cleverly called them up first while we were on the way to make sure she was still there and thank goodness I did!  Cos she said “luckily you called me I was just going out to the bank” WTF these commissioners damn chill ah their lives.


I actually thought from the sound of their titles that they’d be a bit more grand.  Or wear white wigs or something.  But hers was just like a normal shoplot.  With no aircon wtf.

But she saved us! We paid her RM12 and got our stamps of approval.

edit: omg the commissioner for oaths commented!!! hello auntie please don’t take offense that I said your office no aircon I simply say without meaning harm wan T__T no aircon never mind, important thing is you really helped us and we are so grateful!!!!

Then rush back to the marriage registry.

Then to top it all off, I had to write a formal letter on the spot asking for permission to get married outside the office MA FAN DOU SEI.  Since I obviously didn’t have my laptop there with me, I handwrote the entire thing.  Don’t think I’ve written this much in one go since Form 5 SPM!!!!


Now just have to wait for them to call us to collect the license or whatever.  At this point I zoned out cos I couldn’t take it anymore wtf so I wasn’t really listening. >.>



We also dropped by the hotel since they offer a complimentary food tasting session for us to check out the menu we ordered, and make any changes if we didn’t like it.

Quite fun!  They gave us a feedback form to write our comments on each dish like a real food critic!



My comments wtf.  To not hurt the chef’s feelings, I ended up drawing little hearts all after the good comments so he’ll feel motivated to cook better for us HAHAHAH.


Now thinking if I overdid it what if he thinks I’m writing him love letter wtf.



And finally, got to go check out the hall again and meet up with the planner.

All in all, very productive couple of days! But quite tired of the wedding already, everyone I talk to nowadays has nothing to say/ask except about wedding prep T_____T

My wedding planner, whose name is also Audrey and who’s also getting married hahaha, told me (jokingly I think wtf) that she wants to elope.  I told her to do it.

  • Heidy

    Aiks…never noe getting married oso troublesome. So many papers summore. (>.<) Anyway, all the best! 😀

  • http://www.hanneebuff33.wordpress.comt Hanneebuff

    That is so crazy and haggard. Who’d have thought that planning for a wedding is fun? Is there a country where there would be no red tape when applying for any government licenses?

    Good thing still that you were able to finish most of what you have to do. 🙂

  • ConstanceSQ

    Owh!!! I think my friend’s wedding dinner is the same as yours!!!

  • Audrey

    heidy: yalor. thanks!

    hanneebuff: i seriously didn’t know about any of this either! 🙁

    constancesq: same wedding dinner? is your friend’s name timothy tiah WTF

  • Dylla Fadzil

    I bet, your wedding is gonna be a beautiful one 😀

    wtf, why didnt i bump into you when you’re in penanggg T__T hope could meet you (one of my fav blogger) soon.

  • Saphy

    Wah never knew application for marriage so mahuan wtf @_@ oooh I see Straits Quay XD

  • M

    It will all be worth it in the end. 🙂

    My husband and I took one year to prepare for our wedding, although for the most part of the year we procrastinated and complained about the hassle (cuz we were doing it away from our hometown) haha only really did something about it during the final two months. But on that day itself we were 90% happy about it (10% not happy about not sticking to schedule and some last min stuff cuz I made the mistake of wanting to do everything myself) and sometimes we still reminiscent about the wedding preparations (and things we could have done differently). Haha.

    Well anyway, have fun preparing for your wedding. After all, it’s all about you and him. My standard answer for, “So how are the wedding preparations?” was “OK, *smile and change subject*”

  • Cheesie

    I had to apply for single status so that i can get married overseas. I did it in Putrajaya and it was the worst day in our entire relationship until both were in bad mood wtf. i also had an argument with the commissioner wtf. after like 5 hours or so of waiting we had to wait another one hour plus TO GET A FUCKING STAMP ON ONE DOCUMENT. AFter that i told my fiance that i don’t want to live in Malaysia anymore.

  • Phie

    omg i got lost reading it but sounds like such a hassle!
    as long as you are happy it would all be worth it in the end♥
    i always try to be nice to chefs and waiters cuzi dont want them spitting in my food lol

  • Dancome

    Nice Blog ^______^

  • Melissa

    Enjoy it as much as possible! One to organize is bad enough… I had 3 receptions within 3 months… Most hectic year of my life, but it’s all worth it.
    Have as much fun n when it’s done, u’ll have time for good rest!

  • tze

    actually in chinese culture dont have to register wan just have the wedding dinner then can ady wtf

  • strawberry

    the commissioner’s place looks like a bak ku teh shop for some reason hahahahahah

    you should have gone to Vegas! register then wham bam thank you mam then come back dinner then wham bam thank you mam again then 9 months later yes mam the baby is sleeping now i go wash clothes now mam

    save time and hassle! ^^

  • meiyi

    Welcome to Penang!!
    I was surprised to see a familiar face on your blog. I know this commissioner of oath personally and she’s indeed a very, very nice and helpful person.
    Glad that she had helped you last week! and hope that you enjoyed your stay in Penang 🙂

  • Chan Kam Chee

    Hi Audrey Ooi,

    Thank you for blogging about me. I really appreciate your help in advertising for me. Sorry for not installing air-cond. at my office, cos my house owner do not allow that and I am unable to get a place at strategic location.

    Wishing you both a Blissful Married Life.

  • charlene.g

    “constancesq: same wedding dinner? is your friend’s name timothy tiah WTF”

    hahahahaha i laughed till i choked so hard, i scared the hell out of my sleeping sister wtf

    tze, you mean chinese culture in terms of china chinese? cos i thought they have to register their marriage at a department and get a red colour passport-like little book oso wtf

  • ShaolinTiger

    You think that’s complicated? Try doing marriage registration between a Brit & a Malaysian 😛

  • Audrey

    dylla fadzil: oooh are you from penang!

    saphy: you also penang ah!

    m: ya! most people we know take a year but also told us that they only did more during the last few months. that’s why we thought we could do it in 7 months 😀

    cheesie: how can you leave your #addiction!!!

    phie: hahaha i’m nice to security guards and garbage collectors cos i think they deserve more thanks!

    dancome: thanks ^___^

    melissa: ok!

    tze: where got! then alot of other cultures also like that la! greek break plate can already wtf

    strawberry: eh cannot say anything bad about my new friend the commissioner WTF

    meiyi: oh isit!!!! did you tell her i blogged!!!

    chan kam chee: hello!!! thanks so much for helping us and waiting for us! thanks to you we got it done that day! let me know if you don’t want your name up here ok!

    charlene.g: hahahahah

    shaolintiger: ya i heard from cheesie!

  • KY

    can’t wait for the talking dogs!

  • sueanne

    hello from penang 😀
    so nice u getting married at the E&O~ lovess the food over there!
    good luck v ur marriage~ ^^
    *big fan* *waves goodbye*

  • FionaChan

    OMG it sounds so troublesome, I got confused and lost reading it… D:

  • Saphy

    Yup HAHAHA plus I live REALLY near Straits Quay… ;D

  • Tabea

    I *did* elope and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

    OK definition of elope = just went to registry of marriages to sign paperwork with parents, siblings and 2 witnesses. I have never regretted not having a wedding dinner. 14 years on, and we have been joined by 4 cats and 1 baby and still going strong.

    Here’s wishing you all the best in your marriage.

    PS Hope you enjoyed the sampler as most bridal couples don’t have time to eat the food!

  • kehrol

    ny dad is a commissioner of oath! haha i always see people who want to get married going to see him wtf that is all 😛

  • Penang Boy

    Thanks for this very useful post. Me and my gf were stressed out trying to look for info about marriage of persons from different states. Thank god we found your post. Juz a quick question: did you have to give any reasons for the SML? And also, was permission granted to get married outside the office based on your letter? What reason did you give? Thanking you in advance.

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yup our reason was that we wanted to get married at home surrounded by all our friends and family 🙂

  • Penang Boy

    Thanks fourfeetnine. Btw how long did it take for the SML to be approved?nn

  • LawlessStar

    Searching for information regarding this SPECIAL MARRIAGE LICENSE in Malaysia when I found your blog. Also in need of that since my fiancé only has 3 weeks in Malaysia before leaving the country again for training. Need to bypass that 21 Days waiting after submission. I not, at least let me submit the forms with all the needed documents without the need of him being around so when he’s here, we just go straight for ROM. How?

  • RAchel

    Audrey, can i check with you… you and Tim needed to get verification and stamp from a Commissioner for Oaths because you need to apply for Special Marriage License ? or because you are applying for a registra to register your marriage out of JPN? I am based in KL and wanted to register in Penang, because of the venue…your advise is much needed 🙂 thank unn

  • ahlost

    didn’t know getting married so mafan one 🙁

  • ethereal

    hi aAudrey :)nFor How long did get your sml application approved? Is it within 7days?

  • Poppy

    Hi Audrey, nI’m looking at getting married in Malaysia but both my future husband and I aren’t Malaysian or even reside in Malaysia, it’s basically a wedding holiday but we won’t have guests. So my question is how do I get 2 witnesses? we don’t know anyone there or will have anyone with us to witness the ceremony.

  • Mithun Kumar

    You got ur single cert in a few hours, from the same office…. I got it from India, after a month of running around to multiple offices, for days, and waiting for many more days.
    M’sia is a hell of a lot better in terms of govt. work!

  • celina yap

    Hi do you still have the information of marrying a foreigner in malaysia?