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The Bay area thus far

Hello from San Fransisco!

We’re calling it our ‘pre-honeymoon’ only because it’s the first trip we’re taking after the wedding 😀 So technically it should be a honeymoon but Fatty is actually here for work and I’m just tagging along so he doesn’t wanna count it as a honeymoon.

Why we’re here is because Fatty is starting an office in Silicon Valley.  I’m not allowed to say what it is yet, but it is related to blogging although it’s not entirely under Nuffnang!

A bit nervous for him though cos he hasn’t done anything like this before and it’s a very big risk he’s taking. :X Hope it goes well *crosses fingers, arms, toes, legs wtf

So because of his work, most of our time here has actually been spent in San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and everywhere except San Fran wtf.  Which is a pain cos our hotel is in SF so most of our time is spent driving up to Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

To get around, we rented a car.

To disasterous consequences wtf.

Americans are left hand drive and drive on the right side of the street which is opposite from us!  Fatty was so not used to it he kept wanting to steer the car back to the left WTF.

We rented the car from the airport and when we were driving out of the parking lot, he hit a pillar HAHAHAHAHAH.

The right hand side mirror fell off HAHAHAHAHA T_____T

We had to shamefacedly go back to the rental counter and tell them we crashed their car hahahahahaha.  Literally five minutes after we left FTL.

Luckily we bought insurance so they just gave us a new car hahaha.

Then on the first two days Fatty ended up on the wrong side of the road and we found ourselves facing honking truck drivers FOL we nearly died in a foreign country lolol.

Thankfully he got the hang of it… or else I wouldn’t be here typing this wtf.

So here are some pictures of our non-SF SF trip lol.  It’s quite interesting actually!  I’ve been to San Fran three times before and Fatty twice I think so it wasn’t absolutely necessary that we explore SF.  Cos done before already.  It was a good chance for us to explore the Bay area besides SF!

Also, SF is colder than I expected.  I forgot about the wind T____T

Already I bought jeans and cardigan to get me through the days but not enough.  SF, what else do you want from me *bitter wtf

And the other areas (not so close to the ocean) are a lot warmer!  So I was totally happy to get out of SF hahaha.


One of my #ootds.  Before the cold defeated me >___>


Mountain View!  Also Starbucks view cos that’s where Fatty and his assistant Lilian met to do work while I sat nearby and battled jet lag.


Another view of Mountain View.  The home of Google!


A bit appalled at people’s lack of concern towards theft hahahaha.  This woman left her bag AND car keys hanging off her chair for so long while she went in to buy coffee!

If this was Malaysia, her bag and car would have disappeared in two minutes wtf.


The fat and the short.


Stopped at Pier 39 in San Fransisco.  Been here a few times already but every time I come we end up here!



In front of Alcatraz.  Tickets are sold out the entire week we’re here 🙁


I think I took a picture with Angela here also last time haha.


Took a short trip to Napa Valley.  I think this is the view of a winery we passed!  Or a grape orchard or something.

I said short but it took us three hours T____T Usually takes 1-2 hours I think but on the day we went there was a ‘high speed car chase’ which ended in a car crash and blocked the road -_-

At first I was like wah so exciting but max regretted it after that -_-



One of our many car rides.  I look dopey here but Fatty looks okay.



There nicer picture!  Bobo’s sisters said I look like her here D: I always look like someone else one fml identity crisis.



Me and my $9 shopping bag which I’m using for a handbag.  Quite nice what no meh hahahaha.

Cardigan and jeans both from Abercrombie & Fitch!  Bought to combat the cold.  Tshirt from Foruchizu :3  Headband from Emoda, shoes from somewhere in Osaka.


Stocked up on undies at Victoria’s Secret!


Shopping :3 A lot of it is Fatty’s!!!!



SF roads.



In front of the Walt Disney family museum :3  Best day in SF so far!!! But too bad couldn’t take photos.



The wind was actually blowing so strong here!  See this Fats cannot even open eyes!



Another picture!



This was in the museum store.  Diamond paperweights! Diamonds from Snow White haha cos the dwarves were diamond miners.


This was the bench that Walt Disney used to sit on while waiting for his daughters to finish on the merry go round.  Apparently he had to wait for them very often and it was there on that bench that he conceptualized the idea for Disneyland.



Another SF road.  So picturesque!



Went to an ice cream place called Birite for Fatty to have his ice cream fix.  He said if we lived in SF he’d go there everyday.  I guess that’s his version of a Michelin star lol.

I hope it was worth the $70 ticket we got for parking illegally to get ice cream WTF.  In our defense we thought can park there because EVERYONE was parking down the entire street for ice cream!  Manatau everyone else also got ticketed wtf solidarity in numbers hahaha.



Met up with a Californian reader called Katherine!

Wah ended up taking a lot of photos after all even though we didn’t do much!  That was our past few days in the Bay area.

Ok go shower and sleep tomorrow we might go to Winchester house which I’ve been wanting to go since two years ago but I think Angela didn’t want to bring me wtf.






  • kei

    wa why bcbg shopping bag so cheap wan. i have a feeling if they sell in malaysia sure damn expensive lolol.
    all of your pictures look so nice 😀 have fun in your remaining days there!

  • Fany

    Ahhh I’m really jealous of your trip to SF! Everyday with beautiful scenery and shopping! Really jealous ttm. And the museum omg I would love to visit!!


    OMG D: I wish I got to meet you…I live in SF 🙁 Why oh why…QQ

  • Meow Meow

    cool~~~ nice trip ~ <3 <3 <3

  • jwxwei

    i googled Winchester House after reading this. No wonder Angela didn’t want to bring you wtf

  • Eric

    Welcome to my city, Audrey. Back in the comments section on your earlier post mentioning a new office being started here, I think I said something like “SF is a great place for a honeymoon !”.

    Tell Tim that another good potential location for his office (besides Silicon Valley) is the SOMA area of San Francisco, which is filled with startup and tech companies, with lots of talented people there. A lot of firms are finding that SOMA fits their needs even better than the Valley.

    Sorry to hear about your ticket — it always infuriates me when our parking control officers give tickets to visitors (can be identified by rental cars), thus leaving them with a bad impression of our city — parking rules are really complicated here.

    I hope the new office is a big success and that you and Tim will then have a good reason to come back often. There is still so much for you to see and do here — you have only scratched the surface. We love having you here, and you are always welcome.

    P.S. Bring Jammie next time !

  • yy

    Winchester is a really really interesting place!! I would visit it again if I could. 😀

  • yuhhui

    lucky girl !! it’s a beautiful place!! With Tim setting up an office there, I’m pretty sure you will be going back to SF more often! Are the things there expensive? =0

  • Kim

    Funny you mention the theft thing.. I live in Australia and its also like that, so I got used to it. Been doing it for years and nothing has been stolen so far *touch wood*. But there was one incident, yes.. I had to leave my bag in a SUPERVISED classroom by my teacher in highschool to perform and when I came back some asshole stole my $50! Ironic or what.

  • Ashley

    Uwah! You’re in my area! I would love to run into you!
    Good luck on driving in SF, it’s absolutely terrible even if you know the area. Birite is super famous and delicious. Another place to check out for food is Off The Grid in the Civic Center. Tons of yummy food trucks gather around lunch time for all the business folk (not super sketch at all, really clean) and sell some amazing food.

    I hope you have fun while you are here! And I hope I see you around!

  • sharon

    Hi Aud 🙂 This is my first time leaving you a comment on your blog although I’ve been following your blog for a while. I live in SF!!! so if you get really bored.. maybe I can show you around!! Have fun~~~!

  • alice-jane

    BCBG! <3 But that's still super cheap. I saw one at my mall and it was 30 USD. *sigh*

    All the pictures are super saturated and storybook like! 🙂

  • Kim Lieng

    Welcome to the Bay Area! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and am excited that you are closer to us! Too bad we couldnt meet up but I do hope you had a great time in the Bay. Good luck to Tim!

  • Meitzeu

    🙂 Have fun in US!

  • Sfgal

    Welcome to Sf! You and Tim are totally adorable! Congrats on getting married and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

    If you’re going to Winchester, make sure you visit the Westfield Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row just 5 mins away. They are nicer malls. Also a major must though is The Greatmall ( 15 mins away from Winchester) has a ton of brand name outlets…abercrombie, hollister, American eagle, bcbg, neiman and saks off 5th, gap, banana, forvever 21 etc. You will love it there! Also, if you go a little farther to the gilroy outlets, there is a Sanrio outlet and they have hk suitcases as well. The outlet is sometimes50% off everything. I use to go crazy at the outlets!

    All the best and have tons of fun on the rest of your trip!

  • abraxis

    what’s even worse is when the Meter Maids here attack locals with tickets!

    You mentioned the cold. Welcome to SF summer. You may have noticed that it instantly clears up once you pass the airport. If you still have time for Ice Cream, try Mitchell’s or better yet, Fenton’s in Oakland. They’re the same ones featured at the end of UP!

  • Mindy

    It looks like a beautiful place to relax, chill and enjoy life. Too bad the last time I went US didn’t visit there haha…wow Audrey you are really very famous lah, go overseas still will meet readers from overseas!!

  • Morgan

    Aww I’m sorry you got a parking ticket, but at least you didn’t get towed. And screw Disneyland! Come to Disney World instead haha ^^

  • jc

    hi audrey!

    love the photo effects of some of the shots … can u let me know what app you used? am using u used iPhone 😉 thanks


  • jc



  • Lynn

    SF looks so nice ! makes me wanna travel to there someday!

  • Babie Angie

    also thank you for your big sacrifice that u seem reluctant to blog about ah … haahahahhhahahahahaha

  • Amelia

    Walt Disney museum!!! I wanna goooooooooo 😀

  • lkalka

    I do not understand why you would feel appalled by the act of leaving handbag & keys unattended, I would have felt envious instead!

    The way we live in Malaysia is pathetic. Paranoid, always having to look over our shoulders is not what I expect in this civilized world. Petty crimes are rampant & is due to problems in the country’s system, the Gov must seriously look into it & remedy it. Not more CCTVs, private security guards to block housing roads or increasing the police force is not the answer, as long as people lack the consideration for others, the problem will subsist. Case in point, look at the African continent, the non-poor people have the highest residential fences I’ve ever seen & armed security guards but crime rates happening outside the fence is the worst world wide. Do we Malaysians want to live like them? To build a jail around us? An imposing demarcation between the needy & comfortable? & in such an unequal society?

    Religion does not seem to be the answer either, despite more than half the countries population having a religion here, a compulsory one that is & the rest probably having some sort of superstitious believes (or religion some might call it).

    Btw, a friend from NZ behaved similar to commentor Kim from Oz, when he visited Malaysia, naturally, he left his camera on a food court table while ordering his food. When we told him it is unsafe to do that here, he seemed rather shocked that we (perhaps most Malaysians) live in such a paranoid & distrustful state.

    The nation still have lots of room for improvement, not by way of greater security but greater good values.

  • CL

    Did you use HDRFX apps or something? Your pics look more dramatic 😀

    Anyway I thought you’d type Ghost Aud has returned lor lol.

  • Gigi

    omgosh… you were in my hometown of mountain view,Ca … i’m a bit upset i didn’t get to meet you T_T hope you enjoyed MV… its a bit boring a ppl do tend to leave things around like but for the most part ppl are really nice and honest…I’m still sad regardless anyways have a nice honey moon ^^

  • Erica

    wish you said you’d be in SF! so your readers can gawk from afar 😉

  • ping

    You guys have to go to this fast food chain only available on the west coast called ‘In N Out’ and try their ‘double-double animal style cheeseburger and animal style fries’!!! MUST! Enjoy 🙂

  • Mooij

    So surprised that SF is cold! How cold is cold? It does look very cold in your pictures but then again from my point of view Malaysia is extremely hot weather! Have fun in the USA!