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Hi. Forgive me if I sound bitter.

I never wanted to leave.  I was perfectly happy in my Don Quijote in Shinjuku.  All my friends wanted so badly to be chosen.  They all jostled for space on the shelf, under the bright fluorescent lights.  Idiots.  What did they know?

Me, I played it cool.  I was more than happy to lurk behind the rest of them and while my days away counting dust in the quiet shadows of At the Back of the Shelf.

Then one day, I heard a loud “I buy ramen la scared later tonight I hungry!!!” Monstrous hands swept aside the other overexcited cups and groped around in the darkness until they got to me.


With some difficulty, the dwarf pulled me down from the high shelf and dusted me off. Just my luck to get some kiasu Asian who thinks that products at the back are better than the ones in front.  True, but not to my advantage right now.

She popped me into her bag and lugged me back to her hotel room.

That night, all she did was look at her computer and talk to her roommate.  Then when they were hungry they went out for Yoshinoya!  Why did she buy me then!?

Man I could feel my blood boiling.  If she’d decided to open me and eat me then, I would have been all ready cooked for her at the rate I was going.

The next day, she stuffed me into a paper bag, all the while telling her friends, “I’LL EAT IT FOR SUPPER WHEN WE GET TO TAIPEI.”

Whaddya know, when they get to Taipei, they chance upon a buffet dinner in their transit hotel and stuff themselves to bursting.

I sat there in the hotel room alone.  Supper is no longer on her mind.

Whatcha looking at I don’t need your pity!!!! *wipes away angry tears

The next morning, she actually carries me in hand while we head to the airport.  I deduce that the dwarf is worried she won’t have time for lunch and she commends herself for having the foresight to buy ramen which she can then eat before boarding the plane back to KL.

She and her friends dodder around for a little while, getting their boarding passes and their baggage checked in.  I relax on my perch.


She even takes this photo of me, saying that this is a Traveling Instant Noodle and maybe she will just keep me and take pictures of me in different places.  I feel better than I have since I left Don Quijote.

Then there is silence.

Bitch left me on the check in counter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye cruel world.


  • Danielle

    Hahahaha this is so funny. The epic story of a ramen.

  • ConstanceSQ

    Nope… Not a rubbish post at all… Super funny!!! I like it!!!

  • rubyleeyee

    Hahaha so funny. Never would have thought of the ending to be like so.

  • Amelia

    LOL!! Poor ramen…

  • Charmaine

    i died ROFLL

  • Timothy Tiah

    How dare she !

  • Fourfeetnine

    *weeps bitter tears

  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha ya fhl wtf

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha what were u expecting?

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha what were u expecting?

  • Chee Ching


  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha thanks!

  • rubyleeyee

    Like the normal finally Got eaten. After travel many places. Hahha

  • Chutipond

    HAHAHAA This made my mundane Saturday better now. XD

  • Amelie Yap

    Lol this is really funny! Reading ur blog made my day 😀

  • Mandy

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. This post was awesome Audrey. Good one!

  • daniel

    so kesian…it is like those “Saya sebuah kereta” type of essays we use to write in primary school!!

  • daniel

    it is like those “saya sebuah kereta” type of essays we use to write in primary school…

  • Ken Kf

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF poor ramen…… =(

  • annna


  • Jessie

    Yam kong nya

  • Chaho

    Is this that cup ramen’s suicide note?

  • warmsheet

    waaa sad story!!!

  • Leanne Tran

    HAHAHAA just made my day!!

  • Khor Hui Ying

    Hi audrey ,is the palaroid camera that sell in Japan is cheaper than Malaysia”s ?

  • JH

    HAHAHA poor thing! y u no pick his/her eager friends!?
    reminds me of your papan apung post! what happened to the papan apung already?

  • ohfishiee

    lols you forgot your Mr. Ramen who wants to serve you well so badly 😛

  • tiera


  • alice-jane

    lolol! the adventures of ramen.

  • Teresa

    LOL! sooooo funny! This is the first time I read a story of a ramen [from the ramen’s pov] And oh, we have that kind of ramen here in Manila and its one of my favorites! XD

  • Jolene

    lol!!!!! I cackled like a witch… oops!

  • FionaChan