Better luck next time

Today I tweeted this.


I stand by this statement.  Although I do procrastinate a lot wtf.

But seriously, the oddest things happen just to make my life that little bit more difficult.  It’s like I got a bad case of Murphy’s Law wtf.

Not the big things, granted.  The big things I’m really pretty lucky la.  Just the teeny irritating “wtf-where-did-that-come-from” curve balls life throws at me just to, I dunno, strengthen my stamina for stupid things wtf.

Here’s a list of some off the top of my head.

1. Today I wanted to go to the bank so I asked the GPS to lead me to the nearest bank branch according to my location.  Ended up driving 5km to some godforsaken place where the bank has already closed down wtf.  This happened TWICE in a row. ಠ_ಠ  I ended up taking nearly two hours for a simple errand that should have taken ten.  Fuck you Murphy!

2.  Went to develop wedding photos for our families.  First time I went to the photo shop (haha wtf) they told me their memory card reader was broken.  Went home empty handed.  Made another attempt today, this time armed with a thumb drive.  I loitered around for 45 minutes while waiting for the photos to be done.  After 45 minutes, I returned to the store only to be told that I probably pulled out my thumb drive before the pictures got properly saved, so the files are all corrupt wtf and therefore un-develop-able. It is not corrupt please!  It’s a new thumb drive and I left it in my computer all night so I definitely did not pull it out too early.  This one I suspect is incompetence on the shop man’s part cos I checked before and it was ok, only until he put it in his computer.  ಠ_ಠ

3. Went to client’s office to pick up products for an ad.  Kept taking the wrong way cos I read the GPS wrong.  From KL to the Curve I took 1.5 hours with no jam fml.  Ok la this is my incompetence.


(how I sit in the car wtf.  Ya I sometimes read during traffic jams don’t tell the police — or Fatty. *shifty eyed.  I took this photo cos recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people post these sort of photos on Instagram but it’s very disgusting one.  They’ll make sure the center of the steering wheel is visible so you know what expensive car they’re driving.  Even worse some even position their Chanel/LV/insert brand bag on their lap, next to the steering wheel.  WHO DOES THAT! Bag on the lap how to turn the wheel!  Take everyone for idiots think we don’t know the bag is there to tell people they’re rich wtf.)

Got a lot others.  But for one day, 3 incidents is quite enough. >:(


To add on the suayness, here’s a picture of my underwear drawer. HAHAHAH.  Embrace the suay!

I actually took this photo because I was quite impressed that nearly all my underwear is either pink, black or white.  You didn’t need to know this hahahahaha.


Lastly picture of me!  My hair blends into the wall wtf.

  • eric

    I like that yellow one.

  • Charis

    Hahah! You’re so funny! 😛

  • cindyrina

    me too …did the same in my car muahahaha…..but not that many pink and black panties like you…

  • cher wee

    hi…u really reading your post 🙂 er…not suay la, sometimes just the things don’t run smoothly.

  • ohfishiee

    lol so humorous one you! embrace the suayness with a cheerful post like this one 🙂

  • jes

    hahaha i admit i did those “car pics” before; but no one believed that i was driving the car…thought it was some random google image =_=

  • Cutebun

    lol ur hair blends in the wall. suay lo GPS sucks when it bring u to long way

  • qistina

    your posts never fail to make me laugh!! you’re the best hehehe <3

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thank u hahaha