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So I’ve been laying off my contact lenses in preparation for my LASIK next week!!!

Read up articles and articles about LASIK, talked to loads of people who have done it and all said they didn’t regret it, found that nobody has gone blind from LASIK before, contemplated a lot, and finally decided to go ahead with it.

I actually probably wouldn’t have considered it if my night vision hadn’t gotten so bad. T___T

Every time I drive at night and a car comes from the opposite direction, it’s like there’s a rave going on WTF.

Enlarging contacts don’t usually come with astigmatism and night refraction-reducing powers and it’s quite ridiculous if I wear contacts then night glasses on top some more right wtf.  So ok lo do it while I have the chance.

Is it bad that my key concern is not being able to wear cosmetic contact lenses after surgery? :X :X

Yea for three months at least (or maybe forever who knows), I will bare my naked irises to you.  You all confirm feel cheated one haih ya lo my eyes are not actually that big I just have contact lenses on.


But if Ena Matsumoto can do it why I cannot! (yea I also don’t believe I compared myself to her. Hahahahaha)

But then her irises are not as small as mine. T____T Dunno why mine are so small and my eye sockets so big I hate them for making me look perpetually surprised.  I even googled for eyeball tattoo ok WTF to check if there’s any procedure that can give you permanently bigger irises HAHAHAHA.  (got but super gross one).

Maybe have to change makeup style la see how for sure cannot be cute anymore *plucks up courage

But I figure I have to lay off contacts at some point.  I’ve been wearing them for twelve years now and I’m getting tired of the extra care I need to take, and the lack of oxygen wtf.  And if don’t wear contacts have to wear glasses which is even worse.  Plus I left my glasses in Bali WTF.  Also my retainer FTS.  AND my Clarisonic just kill me now.

So anyway I’ve been putting off all appointments this week because I’m in full nerd mode.

Nothing can save me when I wear glasses so I didn’t bother and went out to Pavilion for dinner with Fatty and his brother in a ponytail, no makeup and ratty tshirt and shorts lolol.

Fatty asked, “what if someone sees you and goes ‘wah why this Fourfeetnine look like this in real life one’?”

I said, “First of all they probably cannot recognize me.  And if they do, I’ll say ‘who is this Fourfeetnine?’ And if they say, but isn’t that Tim next to you, I’ll say, no this is not Tim, this is Mimothy.” WTF.

Fatty’s brother said, “Hahaha no really, you not scared somebody will see you meh?”

I said, “nobody goes to Pavilion on weekdays!  If weekend I’ll just shut myself up at home. It’s okay one.”

A few minutes later when we were waiting for the elevator to the carpark.


A reader.


Fatty: “Oh hello!”

Me: “Oh dammit.”


So. Close…….


  • Hannah

    Lol! Your reaction is so cute!! >.<

  • Mandy Faith

    You still look great with your glasses on! So, don’t be so upset! 😛

  • mindy.h

    Lasik can treat astigmatism? i always it is only for people with short sightedness… ^ㅡ^ means i got cure le!

  • miyeko

    i totally feel for you. I have been wearing glasses all my life. found contact lens and just couldn’t stay away from them. i hope you can update us about your lasik progress. It feels safer when someone I know is telling me “it’s cool yo. go for it.” lol

  • chibi

    I think its not a drama. I think people like your normal (asian) look as well (without false lashes and circle lenses) an fatty loves you so too ^-^nIn europe this things are not so popular, most of us take only normal make up an mascara ^-^. Be yourself an happy with it for a while. nnchibi (

  • thelixia(=゚ω゚)ノ

    After I had LASIK my eyes were sooo dry contacts are uncomfortable and my eyes get red so quickly I hate it, I definitely regret getting it because at least with my bad vision I had an excuse to wear contacts and look chio now it is so uncomfortable I can’t be bothered 🙁

  • cindyrina

    Aud! I want to do this very long time and still no courage to do this laser ‘thingy’ to my eyes. Serious, afraid of side effect if there is any. Tired to wear lenses and care for it too.I have been on contact lense since 17 yrs ago. Hate glasses because ‘got no wiper’ when rain, wei! 🙂 Can’t wait for your post on lasik soon.

  • NatashaTing

    go ahead with lasik! but you’re still pretty with your glasses on. really!

  • Tam Tam

    Aud, expensive & pain ernot to do LASIK? 😡 coz I oso borned with astigmastism *blame my mum* wtf

  • Jammiebuns


  • Jocelyn Lum

    Lasik, I can’t wait to keep abreast of your post-Lasik news soon.nnAhh, the reader must be lucky to see the natural side of you. nn

  • Plumi

    Haha, your reaction is so funny! No contacts is good though, I don’t know if there is actually any medical evidence to suggest this but my por por told me that if you wear contacts too much, your eyes will slowly start to bulge, similar to a frogs eyes! O_O so i have one day off a week from them!

  • Ry

    I remembered for few days after Lasik I wasn’t allowed to shower water directly onto my face and I had to wear shades going out in winter having people think I’m a snob :s It was well worth it though!

  • joy

    i also used to wear CL everyday. up to maximum 10 hours a day. but since june this year, i reverted to glasses. now i wear glasses everyday. yay to bravery :))) haha

  • Anonymous


  • Chumi

    i did LASIK about 10 months ago n i couldnt love it anymore than now, but since i had really high power and astigmatism, i still have some astigmatism left behind, but i dont wear glasses anyways.. n my night vision is not all that great. its a good thing i dont drive here in UK, dont know how i’ll manage when i come back to malaysia though. but i still have no regrets doing it!! just make sure u use the correct eye drops and stuff that u need to for as long as needed..

  • Fourfeetnine

    HAHAHAH sorry but the way you said it is hilarious AHHAHAHA

  • Fourfeetnine

    i don’t think that’s true! what i heard was that wearing glasses would make your eyes bulge, because your eyeballs would be straining to get closer to your glasses wtf. but its good to give your eyes a rest and let oxygen through!

  • Fourfeetnine

    why lucky!

  • Fourfeetnine

    it’s expensive la but i guess you can put that against saving money on glasses and contact lens? and how to tell you pain or not if i haven’t done it yet wtf

  • Fourfeetnine

    ahhhh you liar. but i like you.

  • Fourfeetnine

    haha ok i will blog about it!

  • Fourfeetnine

    T__________T how long can you last with contacts on now?

  • Fourfeetnine

    when you’re used to seeing yourself with circle lens it’s very hard to go back. if you try you’ll realize too! but thank you <3

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahahah eh don’t trust me too much wtf

  • Fourfeetnine

    yes it can to a certain extent!

  • Fourfeetnine

    you bluff1

  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    why you laugh wtf

  • Fourfeetnine

    wah good for you!!

  • thelixia(=゚ω゚)ノ

    About 6 hours befor it’s RLY red and burning, when before I used to be able to wear them a full day 🙁

  • skyler

    Aud where are you doing lasik and how much ah? I wanna do also

  • Nana

    You are super cute and funny! Am sure you still looked pretty 🙂

  • Jocelyn Lum

    Because the reader get the golden chance to see u in real life, with natural beauty.

  • Baby Gin

    welcome to going out a la lazy style to places like pavilion. muahahhaa!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    How long after your surgery did you try contacts again? D:

  • thelixia(=゚ω゚)ノ

    a long time!! I had it done 2011 May. i think I waited until December 2011 to try -_-‘ lol but I’m clumsy and paranoid, that’s why. An hour after your surgery, be prepared to sleep sleep sleep, its really painful, you can’t open your eyes for a day. and then, no watch TV or computer for days :-O !!!

  • A

    Hi, here’s my opinion as an optometrist. LASIK at the end of the day is surgery, and with surgery there’s always risks – you need to weigh the pros and cons. As a blogger your image is important so the pros may outweigh the cons.nPossible risks which may affect you:n-Permanent dry eye (can affect contact lens wear)n-Glare/haloes/starburst effect with lights (can worsen night vision and driving)nAlso, make sure your prescription is stable or you will still need glasses later on.nGood luck!!

  • A

    Don’t forget though that the risks are small, the surgery has come a long way! You just need to consider them, and make sure you know the success rate of the surgeon who will be operating on you.nAgain good luck, and don’t worry, you still look very cute with glasses and your normal iris size!

  • justtellingthetruth

    Many of the celebrities you and your friends dissed got so far because A LOT OF PEOPLE VIA POPULAR OPINION find them attractive. There is a reason why Angelina(SHE’S ALWAYS named the most beautiful woman and people who see her in real life are STUNNED because she’s so pretty!) ,

  • justtellingthetruth

    Kate Winslet , Isla Fisher, Kumicko Funayama(popteen loves her so much because simply put she SELLS , MANY jap girls LOVE HER and she’s an idol for so many gyaru girls and LOADS find her gorgeous), Katie Holmes , Miranda Kerr etc have gotten pretty far in their respective fields.

  • justtellingthetruth

    and ARE ON COVERS OF MANY MAGAZINES BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE FIND THEM APPEALING/ATTRACTIVE. So you and your blogger friends can call them ugly but the truth is IN REAL LIFE if say Katie holmes were standing next to cheeserland OR AUDREY MAJORITY would say Katie is WAYYY prettier than those silly asians with way too much makeup. Majority opinion has you overruled (:

  • Fourfeetnine

    Lol ok I officially think you’re crazy. Nobody is denying all those people are known to be good looking and famous so i Don’t know what you’re going on about or why you sound so threatened. Either you’re high or your sanity is missing.

  • Anonymous

    you are so beautiful funny and smart.