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Long in the tooth

Quick update on Foruchizu‘s updates!  (it rhymes wtf.  no not really)



Gold peplum belt!  Also comes in silver.



Cardigan with fake leather front and lapels!



Pearl cutout shoulder sweater.



Oh yea what I wore the other day!  Houndstooth top from UNIF, maxi skirt from Twenty3.



It was Fayth’s birthday happy birthday Fayth!


And here Fatty’s food was late so he tried to eat me.

OMG this entry is so half assed I don’t even.


  • Alice

    Fayth is my senior from PCGHS… She’s Tim’s sista?

  • Yuki

    I have never seen anything as atrocious as the peplum belt in my life.

  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    Oh well to each his own! The things you like others might find atrocious too you know 🙂

  • chika

    I like your new layout 🙂 It’s very cute.

  • Fourfeetnine

    thank you!

  • annie

    the maxi skirt is gorgeous! but i couldnt find it on the website. =( is it restockable?n