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Stalking Hollywood celebrities

Ah lucky me I haven’t blogged about our last US trip yet!

*discovers treasure trove of unused content

LA was the most fun part of the trip for us this time!  Partly because we both haven’t been there since we were like twelve or thirteen so it was very fun to revisit.

And since LA was all about Hollywood, we gladly did all the kitschy touristy things, did tours and everything.

This post is about how we took a bus tour and stalked celebrities’ houses in Beverly Hills *creep mode on

Very fun la!  The tour guide was very entertaining; he had an anecdote for every house.  Dunno real or not also la he could be lying through his teeth for all we know wtf but let’s not burst the magic Hollywood bubble ahem I pretend everything is true.

Also we forgot some of the houses already so pretend everything I say is true also ok wtf.


Hello Rodeo Drive!Untitled

Tour guide said one of these restaurants is owned by Britney Spears, but I forgot which one wtf.  I googled ‘owner of Le Petit Four’ but came up with nothing. ಠ_ಠ


Where they filmed the ending scene of Pretty Woman, one of my favorite movies.  The scene where Richard Gere goes to find her and climbs up the fire escape! 😀 😀


Brook Brothers on Rodeo Drive.  Where they filmed Julia Roberts getting shunned by snooty sales people.

Ask her to come to Malaysia la worse!  Not even a hooker and I still get shunned by snooty salespeople fml.


Apparently owned by Leo Dicaprio?  Think it’s a motel.


Steven Spielberg’s house (on top of the hill).  Also where they filmed Charlie’s Angels, Iron Man and a whole bunch of other movies.  Spielberg damn generous ok.


Got into the residential area of Beverly Hills!  Was gonna say housing area at first but sound very cheap LOL.


Jackie Chan’s house!  Also identifiable is his white Bentley apparently people know he’s in LA cos he always drives the white Bentley around when he’s in town.

Adam Sandler. Identifiable by the huge hedges. Apparently he’s very private about his family.


Fatty says this is the Playboy mansion behind the trees (not very visible).  I totally have no memory of this wtf.

IMG_5575Christina Aguilera.  The story is she came to this house (don’t remember why, for work or to visit someone) and she liked it so much she bought it wtf.


Tom Cruise.


Bill Cosby!  Very different cos his place has no fences or hedges (and most of the stars are very concerned with privacy) but apparently he has a camera in every tree or something so you’re basically dead if you trespass lol.


Lindsay Lohan.  Ugliest house by far dunno why she so anyhow with her home!  Spent all her money on booze is it wtf.IMG_5582

Brangelina’s.  One of the houses I really liked!  Very elegant yet homey.


I think this was Courtney Cox’s.  Tour guide said she bought it to be near Jennifer Aniston awwww.

Muhammad Ali, according to Fatty. Again I don’t remember.


Michael Jackson.  He didn’t own this place but apparently this was where he stayed in his last months and he died here. :(((



Another view of the house.



Someone spraypainted this on the pavement.  People still leave flowers there we saw some dead bunches lying around. 🙁

Snoop Dog.  Fatty says he’s now Snoop Lion WTF?  Where can simply change species lolol.

Sharon Stone!  Very majestic also I thought.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s residence…. before Ashton Kutcher broke them up………

Nice family home ruined by adultery hmph.



Witch’s house.  Dunno who owns it but it looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale!



This one also from fairytale.  Dr Seuss.  The house has NO sharp corners.


Sandra Bullock’s house… or some other actress who’s quite famous and whom I like.  Pretty sure it’s Sandra Bullock hahaha.

Definitely a woman’s house cos it has the very well-cared for, cosy feel!

IMG_5625Al Pacino.  Second in ugliness only to Lindsay.  Apparently a paparazzi camped outside his house hoping to catch him and he came out and yelled at him.  Then nobody dare to wait outside his house anymore wtf.


  • Vanessa

    The fairytale house was in clueless, I think!

  • Liawati

    Nice tour you have. Not being rude here but…. one glimpse on MJ’s house, spooky….

  • Dolly Hua

    I’ve lived in Southern California for 4 years now and have not stalked celebrities yet. So behind! I must check out this tour now. Sounds like so much fun! 😀

  • Susie

    Whoaaaaaa I really like Brangelina’s and the one you said is Sandra Bullock’s :O

  • Lilly

    The fairytale house and witch’s house are super nice! Thanks for the tour hehe!!

  • Rumi

    Googled Britney Spears’s restaurant, I think it’s called NYLA @@

  • Fourfeetnine

    Either the guy bluffed us or I got it entirely wrong ಠ_ಠ

  • Eunice GM

    wow! O.O

  • Xiaoxin

    I enjoyed the 2 hour bus trip too! In awe of all the houses there!

  • T

    Lindsay Lohan no need house. Lindsay Lohan stays in lock-up =P

  • Jocelyn Lum

    so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!nPerhap some of us can get some inspiration before thinking what type of houses that we like.nnIt’s obvious that, different celebrities with different styles own different type of houses.nn

  • Jocelyn Lum

    By the way, you make me feel like I was really in the bus tour by looking and immersing in your pictures:)nn

  • sgrmse.

    Beautiful façades!! Thanks for sharing. Although there were different elements I liked about each (except Lohan’s. Wtf, damn fugly!) I think the clear winner was the Witch’s house ;D Lol.

  • abraxis

    Actually, that “motel” you point out is one of the locations of The Standard, a very atas boutique hotel chain.

  • komomo

    i really like the witch’s house, looks something out of a ghibli movie! ((btw, ashton kutcher didn’t break bruce and demi up. they’ve been broken up for while before demi got it on with ashton))

  • Annie

    “Brangelina’s. One of the houses I really liked! Very elegant yet homey.” ….I thought you wrote HORNY -_-|||

  • hyin

    hi audrey, I’m going to LA in december. I’d like to join this tour but they have prices ranging from usd25 to usd70. which one did u join? are they all about the same? takes 2 hours too.