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Eating watermelon fast


I’ve recently been quite busy working on Foruchizu with Cheesie which is why I haven’t been inspired to blog much I guess.

There’s still a lot more to perfect la (you all don’t say, my self esteem very fragile now wtf) and plus running the day to day sales and operations — don’t know how girls who run one man show blog shops do it!!!! Super capable lo.  Or maybe I’m just inefficient — I find that my days are all packed up!

Things have been quite encouraging this month though!  Although something that still mystifies us is what sells out and what doesn’t.  Don’t understand!!!! What kind of items would you buy or not buy?



Like this eyelet lace dress is selling very well! And the rose hair wreath I paired it with.  Not my normal style maybe more Cheesie’s cos she’s quite girly hahaha.  But everyone seems to love it so thank you yay!Untitled


Then this Cherry dress which we both are in love with nobody really seems to like!  Seriously why ah?  What is it that is not nice pray enlighten me wtf.

We really liked the quality and detailing, so much so that I got one for myself.  It’s probably going to be my go-to dress when I can’t decide what to wear.


Sleepy face.


Macaron tee!  Sold out thank you!


See through dress.  I admit it’s a bit hard to wear because you need an entire outfit under it lolol but quite special.


Close up of the details.


Oh then I cut my hair!  Hikky asked me if I wanted it shorter and I said OKAY and then got a shock wtf.

Damn short la!!!!  It looks freaking good when styled but the styling is way beyond my capabilities fml.  Don’t know what to do.

If style wrongly I either look like:

a) Anna Wintour

b) Margaret Thatcher

c) This guy.

pat leong kam



(god when I googled Pat Leong Kam – guy above – I came across news that he has a sex tape.  i don’t want to know.)

But when styled properly, it has the potential to look like this.UntitledThis was for a Seventeen magazine shoot we did recently!

 p/s: the title of this post is because I think I saw on some game show that Pat Leong Kam won a watermelon eating contest cos of the shape of his mouth WTF

  • Ping Ping

    so….what’s the relation between your title and the blogpost?I was looking forward to see some pictures of you eating watermelon…or at least some watermelon…or any act of eating..hehe..

  • pikapikh

    LOL that’s my thought also. The title and the post content hahahaha! Aud, me likey!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahahha cos pat leong kam is famous for eating watermelon really fast no meh! Due to the shape of his mouth fhl

  • Isabel

    IMO the cherry dress is ‘spaceous’ and doesn’t hug /show curves. Probably wouldn’t look that good on non-skinny girls

  • Pete

    Those boots paired with the transparent black dress….Can you even walk in them?

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha of course! I wore them to a party the other day

  • Fourfeetnine

    But I don’t think you have to be super skinny to pull it off! If i wanted to hide flab i would have thought this was a better option than say a bodycon dress! Most Malaysians are quite skinny anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I think what sells out are something not so catchy. As in attention grabbing. Because I think you and cheesie are more bold in your style, but not your shoppers/buyers. Just my opinion from the few photos! So is not that your clothes are not nice, but your buyers are just not bold enough to wear those style.

  • elaine

    I think the short hair suits you very well! Looks very cute and edgy *~* The macaron shirt is very cute! I hope you guys get it back in stock someday!

  • Laura

    Actually I really like the cherry dress! Def my type of casual dress too!

  • Eagle

    I thought the post was to share something about holding a watermelon-eating contest or something like that. accounts

  • Eagle

    I thought the post was to share something about holding a watermelon-eating contest or something like that. LOL.

  • yy

    i think the cherry dress is not sold out because of the price tag.. expensive for a dress sold on blogshop

  • Eagle

    I thought the post was to share something about holding a watermelon-eating contest or something like that. accounts

  • Eagle

    I thought the post was to share something about holding a watermelon-eating contest or something like that. LOL.

  • yin xian

    Love the white eyelet dress and your photo is my guideline to consider whether the length of the dress is suitable for me or not as I have the same height as you. lolololol

  • Amanda

    Hmm to be honest the clothes are really nice but I dont think i hav the looks to pull of those looks #low self-esteem I think you should have more of those casual shirts like the macaroon shirts tho. those would sell really well cos u can wear them anytime anywhere. like casual saturdays for work.

  • Amanda

    The Cherry dress is really nice and casual. BUT what I dont really like about it is that it doesn’t hav much ‘shape’ to it. I mean girls actually like to show that they have nice body shape.. lol i don’t really know how to explain why i dont like it. It’s like i like it but not like it enough for me to want to buy it. i guess some people hav different tastes in clothes.

  • FlapJacq

    Cherry dress will probably make me look fat 🙁 thats why. hahah

  • rachel

    looks pretty bad even when “styled properly”

  • Fourfeetnine

    All right sour puss Susan thanks for your opinion!

  • ohfishiee

    haha it’s nothing compared to pak (not ‘pat’ lol) leong kam . yours is thousand times chio-er 🙂

  • Mabel

    is it possible to please restock the macaroon t? would love to get it 🙂

  • liss

    honestly the cherry dress is too ‘busy’.its cute but not really stylish

  • liss

    honestly the cherry dress is too ‘busy’.its cute but not really stylish

  • Donnalim

    halo.. i think i will look like kampung girl in that cherry dress. haha..

  • natalie

    the cherry dress doesn’t look like it has fantastic cutting to make it look the shapelessness look chic and i don’it like it much even on you. i also think the frills on top + flared body makes it look too busy. the cherries are a bit too big + i don’t like how they have this shaded effect? and i don’t like the words on the dress lol. i just really hate unnecessary words/ words + print on clothes. ok that sounds like the whole dress..oops..

  • veena

    the ruffles of the cherry dress are placed in a not very flattering way.. also the cherry print looks too childish.. unless the girl wearing it is very petite and small, it would look awkward on the average grown woman.. nnlove the macaroon tshirt! nnand i think its great that the commenters are being so honest. sour puss or not shouldn’t matter that much, honesty is what counts (and can be hard to get) when it comes to feedback if you are going to improve from it.

  • K

    I LOOOOVE the white dress because it is has a nice shape and many pretty details. The cherry dress isn’t as flattering and I prefer a bit more color.Plus I think most of your fans aren’t as bold in styling so they like girly stuff more than mode?

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thank you! I like your feedback cos it’s constructive and points out exactly what you think is not working. nnI said sour puss cos she just sounds sour what hahaha. Simply say bad things without saying why sounds sour no meh

  • Fourfeetnine

    And actually I just realized sour puss was talking about my hair not our clothes wtf

  • Yen

    I think its cos the cherry dress has too much ruffles on it, and together with the print, it looks too busy. Also, I think it looks kinda shapeless which could make the wearer look frumpy (and fatter than usual). :S However that said, I think the print is really cute (and unique!) and it would look better without the ruffles on the top. In other words, just keep the collar but make it streamlined like a normal dress? (: Hope that helps!!! (: (:

  • Manon

    I like the new hairdo!nnManonn

  • AC

    You can wear contact lense already ? Just curious 😉

  • eivinying

    omg so in love with the rose hair wreath !!

  • jessie

    Different customers have different taste.. 😉 I used to own a boutique and it amazes me too… to see what sells out and what don’t HAHAHA… But yeah, i kinda agree, maybe some of the clothes flatters Cheesie and you but not others coz of the difference in body shape 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha yea I can. But I try not to unless very necessary and I take it off as soon as I can.

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thank you!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha we have w couple of versions!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thanks for the feedback! Makes it clearer to us what customers want 😀

  • Fourfeetnine

    But isn’t the cherry dress super girly? Black and white doesn’t mean mode!

  • LizAkina

    aaaa I spot Jeffrey Campbell Spikey Lita shoes!! I WANT..! LOL

  • Stella

    When will the rose hair wreath be restocked? It’s so pretty!nnp/s: I love your Litas!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    We have a slightly different version! Instead of a wreath it’s a hair band. More convenient to wear I think!

  • please!

    Why cant you restock the macaron tshirt ): i super duper love the cat dress btw

  • Gulsom Sakhi

    OMG. So cute!!!! I just love you. nLuv the dress.