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Karaoke queens

Went for karaoke the other day with Fayth, Gin, Bobo and Sherlyn.  All of them are serious karaoke-rs especially Sherlyn who basically sings for a living.  Yea she’s that good.

No wonder when we went for karaoke once with my parents and Ooib, Sherlyn refused to touch the mic.  Probably scared that if she did, all of us would turn mute for the evening.  She’s probably right too lolol.

Anyway Sherlyn said when she was younger she had a bunch of housemates with whom she regularly went for karaoke with.  And ALL of them could sing.  Not just keep a note but really belt out a tune I think.

So she said she used to not want to go for karaoke with anyone who couldn’t sing WTF.  Super elitist can!  If this was the past she sure would have refused to come out with us hahaha.

But after a while she said she realized that karaoke is about having fun and lightened up a bit wtf.

Anyway that got us talking about manners during karaoke and people who are erm not so fun to go sing with.  A lot of sensitive people nowadays need to put disclaimer. D:  None of the below is meant to be taken seriously ok!  These are just rubbish things we were laughing about and only reflect the views of very kiasu karaoke-rs.  Ahem.

1.  People who are tone deaf

This one quite pitiful not their fault ma hahahahaha.  Why, even our own Suetpants is tone deaf hahahaha.  But her tone deafness is very magical!  She always ALWAYS sings two whole notes higher than what it’s supposed to be.  So when she sings with you, it sounds damn nice cos it’s as if she’s harmonizing successfully with the melody hahahahahaha.

But Gin said she had a friend who LOVES karaoke.  Like loves it as much as I love…laughing at people wtf.  Sadly, the friend is also as tone deaf as a stone.  So every time she opens her mouth to sing, Gin says she feels like fainting hahahahaha.  Then she said once she couldn’t take it anymore and cut off her song midway HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Friend: “eh why you cut off my song?”

Gin: “oh sorry accidentally.”

HAHAHAHAHAH WHERE CAN LIKE THIS ONE!  The friend would probably just repick her song and Gin would have to sit through it again what!

Anyway that brings me to the next point.

2. People who choose a lot of songs.

You know the type.  After that person has been at the remote, you’ll find that there are 1-2 pages worth of songs chosen by that person only FYL.  Then everybody has to sit through about an hour long solo concert from the fella until someone else gets a turn.

3. People who sing along to your song.

This one’s tricky.  You’ve probably picked that song because you’ve practiced it a hundred times/it reminds you of your first love/you know you’ll really shine at it and you’re all ready to show everyone what you’ve got.

The intro starts and you pick up the mic… and so does the fella next to you.  He says, “Oh I love this song!” and proceeds to sing louder than you for every note, drowning you out and making you wish there was a button to mute him out.

We all know someone like this!  So please, if someone else has chosen a song and unless they invite you to sing along with them, do not, I repeat, do not touch the other microphone.

4.  People who come to karaoke to watch the music videos only.

This is the most WTF one!  I’m lucky to not really have encountered that many, but I know of people who come into a karaoke room, pick a song, and when it starts up, leans back and says, “I just wanted to watch this video.”

Want to watch video go back and watch on Youtube la!  Waste time and money for what hahahahaha.

What are the types of karaoke people you’ve encountered?



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  • ms.bulat

    surprisingly I like sing alongs 😛 providing the person isn’t tone deaf. haha cause it feels fun to sing a song together and at least other people’s voice will cover if I ever go out of tune or something haha (applicable to fast / old songs like BSB?)

  • zl-ching

    the music video wan…seriously wtf! beh tahan =.=n

  • Ping Ping

    I’m not a regular karaoke-r but when I go to karaoke with my friends, we almost always sing together unless we don’t know the song (like chinese songs which we have yet to learn by heart since we can’t read the lyrics). HAHAHAH I’m guilty for being the person who have chosen a song but actually only knows the chorus..worse still, chorus also sang wrongly and gave up to skip the song!!But we are always cool with sing-a-longs except for my sis who damn show off wanna sing on her own..hehehe…

  • tsui

    hahaha I can relate to the karoke business! Also the snail cream looks interesting, I want to try!nFashion Ganache.n

  • Lilly

    I know people who just come along and keep picking songs but don’t sing hahah,,, which is ok, since if they pick a lot of English songs, I get to sing them all :pnn2. Mai ba tell them to gtfo. Just cut your song before theirs lah!n3. When you are not the best singer, like myself, these people always manage to pull you off-key with them x_X

  • Elisabeth

    Hahhaha… Regarding no 4, i really really love when the karaoke music video is the original music video one. I dont like the music video with flowers animals etc one. Hahahahha

  • jazlyn

    I beh tahan those videos people choose that has long intro/non song moments like Thriller or Uptown Girl. Waste karaoke minutes. nnThen those super nice songs picked but then when the video shows, it’s some girl frolicking or rolling around on the sand like some x rated movie. wtf

  • Melissa

    I personally dislike ppl who falls into this category:- “People who choose a lot of songs.”

  • Mandy Faith

    Hahaha, you got me laughing! I agree to your points! I also dislike those who hold the mic forever and refuse to pass to others. And also, friends who come to the k room just to EAT.

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha personally I don’t mind this so much la someone else said this one. It can be a bit inconsiderate but if the fella lets everyone else sing along with him then it’s not too bad!

  • yen

    hahaha..reading this before going for a karaoke session tomorrow loL… i totally get that “i just want to watch the video” thing…super annoying but can’t do anything coz she/he is ur friend == ..singing with ppl that is tone deaf is fine is when that person is always the loudest that annoys the hell out of me

  • Apple

    =( I’m the tone deaf + monotone one. So it gets super boring when I sing. *sad face*

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahaha the song long not their fault what! the worst song is Tong Hua wtf.

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahahah you can love la but don’t choose the video in karaoke just to watch ok!

  • Fourfeetnine

    yea try! i haven’t tried it yet haha

  • Fourfeetnine

    2. haha but you cut how much also cannot cut ALL their songs you will still have to sit through them

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahaha i think it’s ok if everyone wants to sing together. it’s only if someone doesn’t want to. then you have to make sure that person is ok before you join them lo

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahaha it’s ok if you like sing alongs! i think the issue is if you assume that everyone also likes sing alongs then you sing and disrupt their song hahha

  • Lynn

    Omg this one made me nod so hard at every point. nnBut can I just say… I’ve a friend, who does all 4 FML. She seriously will do all four in just, say, 2 hours of karaoke. Damn sien. =_=

  • Keiko.C

    your blog is really cute !! n

  • Anonymous

    I’ve encountered every situation you’ve mentioned above FML!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Show her this post lolol

  • Fourfeetnine

    Fyl indeed hahahaha

  • Fourfeetnine


  • Jo

    Haha.. Tell me about it! I once went for karaoke with 2 other friends and besides them choosing many songs which I had to sit through, when it finally came to the song I chose, BOTH of them squealed and went, “This song so nice!” and BOTH continued holding on to the mikes and I missed my song. So stunned and disgusted I didn’t even know how to react. Needless to say, that was the first and last time we karaoke-d together. 😡

  • Fourfeetnine

    Omg that’s one of the worst cases I’ve heard of fyl!

  • angie

    hahahahahahha what about people who repeats the same song over and over again and record each version ??

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahahahahaha who does that!!! *innocent

  • ms.bulat

    haha will only do sing alongs with a familiar / close group of friends ! where everyone knows the routine already!

  • Shan

    LOL i totally get it! And people who whine about how they don’t know every song, but refuse to pick their own songs, and then make a big show of being bored *rollseye*

  • Seraph

    Hey Audrey, keep forgetting to inform you that i mentioned this blogpost in one of my recent post…. wanted to let you know as a courtesy…. 🙂 i bought the snail street cream to try after reading ur advertorial as i’m very much plagued with acne scars and uneven skin surface…. 🙁

  • Seraph

    Hey Audrey, keep forgetting to inform you that i mentioned this blogpost in one of my recent post…. wanted to let you know as a courtesy…. 🙂 i bought the snail street cream to try after reading ur advertorial as i’m very much plagued with acne scars and uneven skin surface…. 🙁