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Spot the difference!

It’s not visible on my blog but remember last year when I went to the US twice?

The first time I went to Vegas, which is a desert and where the sun was INSANE.

Yea it was very hot and bright, but I didn’t give it much thought because c’mon what could be worse than the hot tropical sun we have here.

Obviously the answer is desert sun.

I applied my sunblock in the morning as usual, and as usual, didn’t supplement it during the day and just frolicked around shopping and touring the Strip.  I was also horribly misled by the cool breeze and wrongly thought that the sun there wasn’t as bad as it is at home.  How wrong I was.

I came home… to this.



It used to be a freckle, but after Vegas, freckle morphed into a frightening dark spot.  It looks like it’ll shape up to be Australia soon enough.

(please ignore the capillaries and redness they’re not the point here -_-)

Under the dark spot, I also have some acne scars T_____T Together with my mole, they might as well form the Bermuda triangle la.

I never used to have dark spots from acne!  In fact I never had acne.  But when I stopped my birth control pills, my hormones went crazy for a while and I started breaking out!  So these are the bitter reminders of it. 🙁

And sadly, the older I am the longer my skin takes to regenerate and for scars to go away. T______T I’ve been living with these spots for months now haih.


I recently learned about skin hyperpigmentation when I attended a mini briefing by Clinique.

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of skin caused by increased production of melanin.  Hyperpigmentation happens due to a lot of factors.  Like for me it was related to sun exposure and to zits healing, but for Redmummy (who was also there) it was caused by pregnancy sucks to be her.

Other causes can also be scarring from skin wounds or rashes, or even if you use a product which irritates your skin.  Super suay one.  Skin, Y U SO SENSITIVE!?


Clinique introduced us to to their Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (next to it is Even Better foundation which is part of the same range).

The dark spot corrector isn’t new on the market (Redmummy said she already bought two bottles of it lol) but it’s a product worth trying!

Hyperpigmentation doesn’t just appear overnight; for stuff like sun spots especially, it takes years of sun exposure to build up and pile on the melanin.  So in the same way, it will take a long time to lighten the spots too.

But Clinique’s studies have shown that there will be a 58% difference in skin tone in 12 weeks, although I do think this will differ from person to person.


Us at Clinique.  The lady with us is from Clinique and she has super gorgeous skin and she’s already in her forties!  Hope she doesn’t kill me for revealing her age.


So  this is the product.  Comes in a nice solid bottle with a pump for convenient usage.


Apply it after toner/lotion.  Just a small pump will do!  Unless you have tons of dark spots I guess haha.


For me, it’s only that one problem spot so I usually use about this much.

The texture is quite thick actually, not watery at all.  It is a targeted spot corrector after all, wouldn’t do to have it run all over your face.


Dab it on my monster freckle, and continue with my usual skincare routine.Untitled

Then finish off with the Even Better foundation!  Coverage is not bad ah!


Hopefully there will be a difference for me in 12 weeks! *fingers crossed

Clinique Even Better dark spot corrector is available at all Clinique counters now!


  • CL

    I used the even better dark spot corrector and my skin got a lot of zits. I stopped using it since and it’s collecting dust in my shelf! 🙁


    Hope it will work for you! My friend bought a bottle of it, but it did nothing for her! So I didn’t bother trying it either 😛 I’m using a vitamin C serum instead along with shiseido sun protection lotion 😛

  • ananas

    had tried this & it works somehow…. hope it works for you too!

  • Liam

    You might need laser treatment to remove the patch of pigmentation (solar lentigenes)

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea 🙁 but I’d rather try non laser treatments first! Not so drastic

  • feeda

    I used the Peter thomas roth De-spot and could already see a difference in 2 weeks (as claimed as their salesperson in the counter) You should try it! I bought two bottles of this but the result is not as good as a bottle of Peter thomas roth!

  • Jackie

    I saw that sneaky “not taking birth control anymore” comment you stuck in there!! Planning something exciting?! Good luck 😉

  • ahlost

    hmm.. i have that dark spots too.. but haven’t tried on any products yet 🙁

  • Fourfeetnine

    It works for you? Hopefully it does for me!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahahaha I was taking the pill more for PCOS than birth control actually! 😛

  • Mich

    Sad to say the product also did not work on me. Despite using it diligently, and putting on lots of sunscreen. Aud what about writing an advertorial for products that you believe have worked on you, after trying it on for the recommended period of time ? I guess it is more credible.

  • Timothy Tiah

    Ya it works for me too. Makes my skin sooo radiant now.

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yup it’d definitely be more credible that way! However different ads have different purposes if you notice – some are about product awareness and others may be about effectiveness and results. nnthis ad wasn’t meant to tell you of its effectiveness because I haven’t tried it long enough either; it was meant to let readers know about it’s availability and you can then make up your mind about it yourself. 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Sunscreen ASAP!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Oh how bad was your dark spots?

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha I’m using the Clinique with a vitamin c serum too! Also vitamin A wtf then finish off with sunblock.

  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    Is it cos it’s too rich for you? D:


    Haha good that you wear sunblock along with it cause I think vitamin C & A on skin makes me more sensitive right? I hope these products work well for you!! 😀

  • elaine

    I heard that the Clinique dark spot corrector works but after a couple bottles.. Lazy me I don’t know if I can keep up 🙁 I bought the Khiel’s one this weekend to give it a go!

  • Tori

    Your description of the spot was hilarious. I hope it vanishes for you! I personally like freckles. I think they are so cool and unique, but that would probably change if I had one I didn’t want. I’m still on the hunt for an acne scar cream…

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea I’ve heard that too! I guess how long it takes depends on the person and the dark spot. Hope the Kiehl’s works for you!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahahah I usually think freckles are cute too. I used to like the few I had until that one turned into frankenspot. 🙁

  • Melissa

    Look from the bright side, the spot looks like an almost upside down love shape, if look at your 2nd pic tilting your head to the right. =) That being said, I hope the product works for you.

  • feeda

    Hi Audrey, its me again! my spots are definitely worst than yours. I love the beach so much so i had small freckles all over my face, and they magically grew out of the blue. before i started it was so much darker, and at least size of 5 cent coin! Passed by peter thomas’s counter in robinsons one day and decided to give it a go… not putting high hope on it after trying clinique, but after two weeks, i did see them go lighter. Just got another bottle of dragon’s blood serum from them too!

  • Semsem

    My cousin used the ‘Even Better’ cream. She said it didn’t have any effect on her skin at all. Now I’m curious to know. I’m dealing with dark spots so bad. I know it differs from skin to skin. It will be interesting to find out if it works on your skin compare with my cousin. I’m currently using “All-In-1 Acne Control” from Neutrogena. I never used to have acne EVER! Then all of sudden last two year, it went crazy with acne. Dang hormones I guess.