Springing it on you

Three things to post today!  All related to Foruchizu hahaha.

First, here’s a look at Foruchizu behind the scenes!

Foruchizu behind the scenes of a shoot

When we first started, we planned on using mannequins to model our stuff… because we thought it would look more uniform la.

But when we looked at our site, nothing looked very appetizing on mannequins. :X

One of the first things we learned was that… humans still look better no matter what wtf. So this round, we enlisted the help of Bobo to model for us!  Reasons: cos she pretty la what else wtf.  And also because she’s taller so normal people don’t need to worry about being able to fit into the stuff I wear hahahaha.

(she’s about 5 ft 5 if you want to measure yourself against the clothes she’s wearing)

UntitledWe did our shoot at One Way Studio, which is a studio owned by Kim In Pink.  She did my blog layout as well as our prewedding photoshoot.  I’ve always loved working with her so it was an obvious choice.

onewaystudio photo

This is the latest endeavour from her – a studio that specializes in product shooting (although she probably also does indoor wedding shoots here) so if you’re selling something, you can always look for her!  Prices as below:


First 5 readers from Fourfeetnine or Cheeserland who mention the promo code onewayforuchizu will get 10% off.  Contact One Way Studio here.

Besides product shooting, that day we also did a concept shoot for April.  Since it’s April, the theme was obviously spring.


Our makeup for that day was all done by Shu Uemura.  Even these super cute lashes above!  Super spring feel right, got teeny sakura blossoms at the ends.


How it looks on.


Being very awkward during shoot.  I don’t know why I kid myself that I can pose.  Lolol.

This look is called Sakura princess.

Wearing Sakura Ruffle top and white tutu skirt from Foruchizu!  (obviously wtf).  The skirt is already up while the top will be launched on Monday.  Rose wreath is currently out of stock but we’re restocking and should be up again within the next two weeks!

Hair was done by Amy from 76style! 76style opened a new branch in Bangsar so you can go look for her there.


Second look was Moon Princess.  Hair is a wig not done by Amy wtf.


Cheesie was Ocean Princess!  Hence the Ariel-colored hair lolol.  Her outfit details damn nice – bubble necklace and starfish hair acccessories.


Moon and Ocean Princesses!


Actually a lot of things to do but still got time to be stupid. -_-  Mickey /Lady Gaga glasses are also available at Foruchizu.


And and… bunny scarf!  Hahahaha not sure how many people will buy this la but the bunny is super soft and fuzzy when worn around the neck and much cuter than you would think hahaha.  Launching in April.


With Cheesie and Bobo!

Mercedes Benz Grand Prix Fashion Week

Feeling extremely awkward around the other guests who were decked to the nines in flashing jewelry and evening gowns aside, the launch to the fashion week was quite interesting!

Never been to one of these events before but Shu Uemura was the makeup sponsor and they kindly extended us invites.


Wore again the cat dress (and cat hat) that was part of the Moon Princess coordinate.


With Fatty!  Got miss his face or not wtf.


Shu Uemura makeup artist doing her thang.


Cheesie <3  We both came in black and headgear hahaha.

Self promo time wtf

Ok time to show newest Foruchizu releases!  Spring is coming so our newer stuff are more lighter-colored and have a cuter more playful vibe.


We call this the Candy Crush denim jacket.  Cos it has Candy Crush elements!  The cherry… the word Candy… uhhh plus the eyeball… *keeps quiet.


Aztec (?) print two piece maxi!



You’ll always have Paris… (or Tokyo)… in your hair wtf.


The neko hat comes in beige too!  Ears are pale pink satin.

(Super love this picture of Bobo)


Matches our scalloped bow skirt!  The skirt fits UK8-10 best I think.

Reason why I mentioned Shu Uemura so many times



Foruchizu is doing a collabo with Shu Uemura (Malaysia) in April!!!!!

Now cocktease you first, next post only tell you what it’s about HAHAHA.

(Cheesie is Forest Princess here)


End with a picture of myself wtf.  I think I still like side swept bangs on myself best. >_>


  • Raine Lee ♡

    Omg I want the neko hat in beige!!! So badly. Can’t wait for it to be released! *secretly hoping it won’t be too expensive, broke girl is broke haha* But I’ll definitely purchase to support!! <333 Excited!

  • StarFuit

    so gonna buy that neko hat!! itz so gorgeous!!! *___*

  • Anonymous

    Everything so cute and lovely, Aud!

  • fishchong520

    thr is one photo bobo standing behind u, did she wear a pants? or maybe she didn’t tuck in her shirt. anyway, am just telling if u didn’t notice @@ don’t misunderstand ya. hehe.

  • murderface

    Love your moon princess wig!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha she just didnt tuck in her shirt. She was wearing super short shorts.

  • angz

    Aud you look like Namie Amuro in the shu uemura x foruchizu banner! so cute w

  • Mimi

    Ohooo, that neko hat is GODLY and I would actually use it here in Finland! 🙂 Also I love that beige skirt, but my fat angmoh ass can’t possibly fit in it (I’m UK 12-14 wtf, must lose weight or what). 🙁 Anyway, rock on! 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Got meh!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha check the measurements! The cutting is really quite big so who knows? 🙂

  • Mary

    Hi Audrey r u pregnant? U look diff in a good way. U look more radiant than usual n there seems to be a different aura u r emitting! Can’t wait to hear gd news!

  • Manon

    I thought Bobo was around the same height as you! >.<