Baby elephant

Hmph wanted to blog about this but Fatty stole my content. >:(

Anyway I’ve been having loads of very vivid dreams lately.  The other day I had an extremely long and realistic dream in which Fat Her and Mummy Ooi were getting a divorce WTF.  I guess all my childhood fears are still deeply entrenched in me cos I woke up from the dream in tears. ಠ_ಠ  But I also vaguely remember thinking in the dream that maybe if I cried enough they wouldn’t go through with it hahahahaha.

Don’t wanna elaborate too much cos it makes me feel sad wtf. 🙁

But then a few days ago I had a dream that made up for it!  This is the conversation I had with Fatty about it.

*Fatty comes home from work and comes into our room

Me: *waking up from an afternoon nap* Fatty!

Fatty: Wah good life huh! Sleeping while your husband works to put food on the table huh!

Me: *ignores* I just had one of the best dreams ever!

Fatty: What what?

Me: I dreamed that I was at my (parents’) house. And my house wasn’t renovated yet, so it had like this shallow wet area to wash clothes and do wet work in. And I had a small pet elephant!!!

Fatty: …

Me: And the elephant is damn cute! It’s damn small and round but quite heavy. It had a pink ribbon tied around its neck some more.  Then the backside is like a basketball like that. In the dream I was carrying it but I accidentally dropped it into a bucket of water and when it fell you can see the big round ass sticking up. I thought it was hurt but then it happily splashed around in the water.  Apparently it likes taking baths.  AHAHAH damn cute.

Fatty: Okay…

Me: Such a nice dream such a nice dream….

10 minutes later…

Fatty: Do you know that our neighbors have a cat?

Me: When did you go to our neighbors house?

Fatty: When you were sleeping.

Me: WOW SO MUCH HAPPENED WHEN I WAS SLEEPING. I had an elephant, the neighbor had a cat….

  • Crazenne

    Aud you just copy and paste from Tim’s blog eh? You forgot to change some of the “Shorty”s into “Me”! Haha gotcha 😛

  • Fourfeetnine

    Dammit hahahaha

  • JiaLingChan

    Awww i just imagined the baby elephant!!! Must be superrr cuteeee

  • TheJessicat

    I wish you and your pet elephant well hun 😛 😛 Don’t drop it again lolol

  • Winnie

    Conception dream? 😀