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Foruchizu Spring Style contest!

A few weeks ago I blogged about our Foruchizu and Shu Uemura photoshoot remember? 😀

This April, Shu Uemura is launching a new range called ob for shu uemura.



It’s a complete range including the cleansing oil, assorted cosmetics and fake lashes!  Ya  super dreamy and pretty hor!  The range comes in four different colors/princess themes – Sakura Princess (pink), Moon Princess (yellow), Ocean Princess (blue) and Forest Princess (green).

In our photoshoot we did our best to recreate the four Princesses according to Foruchizu’s interpretation!



Cheesie is Forest Princess.  Hence the green dress and wildflowers in her hair. 😀_U5C7027_副本



I was Sakura Princess.  To be honest, we had a little trouble with this look – the outfit we originally planned on didn’t turn out so good so we had to a last minute switch!

Pink and white outfit of fabric that reminds us of flower petals. 🙂 And pink flowers in the hair!  Btw we are restocking the Rose Hair Wreath everyone loves sometime this week. ^^


Crazy love for this outfit.  Cheesie is Ocean Princess.  Cue the Ariel-esque hair, starfish clips in her hair (made of real starfish btw!), and long flowy blue dress.  And my favorite bit – a necklace made of bubblessssssss (actually made of glass la, very fragile)

Let me be Part of Your World Cheesie!!!!! wtf


The moon represents my heart wtf.

Moon Princess!  We struggled with this a bit also hahaha cos while Moon is supposed to be yellow, we decided to make the Foruchizu interpretation more black.

Dress has a cat motif on the front and I’m wearing a cat hat! (both were available at Foruchizu but now sold out) Why black cat is because black cats are often associated with mystery and night = moon wtf.  And the pastel rainbow hair also went well we thought, cos the moon evokes thoughts of shimmery light colors (or so I think wtf hahaha)

Anyway straight to the point!  It’s our first time collaborating with a makeup brand (especially a Nihon one!) so we’re very excited. ^^

To show our support for Shu Uemura, we put together four sets of coordinates, one for each Princess.  And our (ahem) Foruchizu styled princesses are on display at the Shu Uemura roadshow, for ob for Shu Uemura!!!! 


Taken while still setting up so nothing much yet.  Yup one of the outfits is the mermaid one Cheesie wore!  😀



This is the finalized version for Moon Princess.  We decided it needs more yellow but we’re still staying true to the cat theme.

Ok la my pictures suck plus it wasn’t set up properly yet but really the outfits look a lot nicer in person la hahaha.  Can go to the Shu Uemura roadshow in 1Utama to see (from now to 8 April, then Midvalley Megamall from 8-14 April)!  They are running a simple contest to give away ALL the Princess looks (which includes not just dresses, but accessories – rings, necklaces, hats  hair pieces, stoles, etc – and even iPhone cases… and wigs!) so go find out more!

For every purchase of Shu Uemura worth RM200, the first 50 customers will receive a RM20 cash voucher for any items available at ^^

And in return……… here’s what Foruchizu is doing!



Foruchizu Spring Style contest. :3

Shu Uemura was very generous and gave us loads of ob for Shu Uemura products so we wanna give them away to our customers to thank you for your support!

Obviously all our customers super love fashion (or else why would they shop at Foruchizu wtf) so we’re having a styling contest in conjunction with the super pretty spring-themed ob collection for Shu.

All you have to do is pick at least ONE Foruchizu item that you wanna style, and style it in a whole coordinate according to one of the FOUR themes – Sakura, Forest, Moon or Ocean.

It could be an item you already own, and think it would fit perfectly into one of the themes, or it could be an item you’re planning to buy (ahem) but the whole point is creating a kickass Spring Princess coordinate for us to see 😀

Eg. you decide to use this pair of bunny earrings as part of a Moon Princess coordinate (cos bunnies live on the moon right).

If you already own it, just create a Moon Princess inspired outfit and wear it with our earrings and take a photo and post it on Facebook.  Remember to tag Foruchizu so we can see it!

Something like this la.

If you don’t own anything anything suitable from Foruchizu (and you don’t wanna buy wtf in that case I am giving you crazy eyes), you can still join the styling contest.  Just create a collage of pictures of items you wanna wear together (but need at least one item from Foruchizu ok!) like this:

And post it on Facebook and tag us too!

Simple enough right?

We will try to give consideration to people who actually style the outfit and wear it themselves (cos we wanna support our customers in return) but when it boils down to it, judging criteria will be:

  • creativity (how creatively you interpret the Princess look)
  • style (how well you put the outfit together, so consider doing your hair and makeup and accessorize!) and
  • photo quality (must be clear and bright enough to see) 

This is what we will be giving away…

image (2)

4 complete sets of ob for Shu Uemura makeup range! (one for each color)

Each set includes: 1 Cleansing Oil +1 Compact Case (for foundation) +1 Custom case, duo (for eyeshadow) + 2 Pressed Eye Shadows +1 set of Fake Eye Lashes +1 Rouge Unlimited lip color +1 UVUB Mousse.  Total worth about RM800 each!

We will pick 4 grand winners to give these to – doesn’t matter which color princess you go for – we may even pick 2 Sakura princesses for example if they’re really the best styled.  For the same reason, the four colors will be given out randomly to be fair!

We also have consolation prizes!  5 consolation winners will win an Express makeover voucher from Shu Uemura Iconic Services worth RM100 each.  So you get a free makeover done by Shu. ^^

Contest runs 2-30 April.  All the best and we can’t wait to see your entries on Facebook!

Foruchizu Facebook page.

P/S: The prizes are redeemable in Malaysia only (cos we can’t send liquids overseas) so this contest is only open for Malaysian residents.  But hopefully our next venture we’ll be able to do something for our international customers too!

PP/S: We also have Shu Uemura cash vouchers to give away!  From 3 April onwards, we are giving away RM2o cash vouchers from Shu Uemura (for their products) to the first 50 Foruchizu customers who spend RM80 and above in a single purchase (only applicable for Malaysian residents also, sorry!)

PPP/S: Phew that was a long entry.  Very excited to hear from you all!

  • Dylla Fadzil

    Super love the sakura princess look! Super ke ai and sweet!

  • clarisse

    Aud, do you know where the Moon Princess wig is from? Thanks

  • Fourfeetnine

    The colorful one? We got it for foruchizu specially from our agent 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea sold pretty well too!

  • ms.bulat

    this is one contest many girls would like! ^^ btw your moon princess look reminds me of the luna cat that is always with sailormoon. hahaha 😡

  • fan

    is the mint green sweater part of the collection!! I cant wait for you guys to stock more , my favourite things on sundays are to browse foruchizu and save up money for the beautiful new items!

  • Fourfeetnine

    No that’s just a google image sorry hahahaha

  • googling87

    I just spent 300+ on Shu Uemura yesterday and I saw your instagram pic after buying it.

  • murderface

    I adore the rainbow wig, all the interpretations are so nice!

  • clarisse

    Will you be selling the Moon Princess wig on Foruchizu? I want eeet

  • Fourfeetnine
  • Cherry

    When does the contest end? 🙂 Is it ok to join if I stay in Malaysia occasionally bcos I’m working in Singapore? :)) (I’m Malaysian)

  • Fourfeetnine

    As long as we can send it to a Malaysian address 🙂