Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Yesterday I posted this on Instagram:


It’s an epidemic!! Hahaha.

I was super nervous before, debating if I should post this, but I’m glad I did because of all the 100% positive comments we received. <3 I know Mumsy Ooi was worried (don’t worry mummy!) but with all the love and well wishes pouring in, this can only be a good time. 🙂

Me & Fatty (and our families) are very excited about this!  Blog more later!

P/S: congratulations and lotsa love to Wendy and Mike on the arrival of Baby Dash!!


  • K

    OMG I’m so happy for you!! Can’t wait to see your tummy grow these next few months and also see the new coordinates you’ll be rocking as a preggie mom ^_^

  • Priscilla

    CONGRATS on the BFP!!!!! More shorty and fatty in the making.

  • Violet Eevee

    Congrats! Wish you three best wishes, health and happiness! Can’t wait to see how cute your baby will be 🙂

  • Yulihung

    Congratulation, sweetie ^^..

  • Corine


  • Ai

    Congrats to the both of you!! Very happy and excited for you both! And thanks for sharing the great news with us 😀

  • Anonymous

    Congratulation for u n Timothy ya ^^nwhen i saw ur instagram pic, i was really happy for both of u 2 =)ntake care n we will giving u 2 support always =DnHope u having a good day =)

  • ryn

    Hi ! Firstly congrats yahh. Erm can you pleasee blog about the lasik u did? Around how much it cost ? 🙂

  • air

    congrats! is the title a veronica mars reference cause i JUST watched that episode!

  • Alex-C

    Congrats Aud! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! 😀

  • Angelyn

    Congrats!! ^^ So happy for you!