The story of how we found out

This post was written some time ago! Now only can publish.  Up to you to figure out how long I am now wtf.  This is the story of how we found out I was pregnant.

My period had been late two weeks but I still didn’t really think I could be pregnant.  I was under the assumption that if you’re pregnant you start throwing up right away wtf.

So I just bought the test to ascertain I wasn’t so I could tell the doctor wtf.  In fact, I was so sure I wasn’t that when I was buying the test I also bought an ovulation kit for the fun of it to check if I really ovulated wtf. (due to my condition, PCOS)

I peed on the stick and waited for the windows to absorb the pee.

Saw the line appear on the first window and thought, ‘well that’s that.” And turned away to get toilet paper wtf.

Got my toilet paper, looked back at the stick and saw… TWO LINES.

My first reaction was to shake the stick and see if the lines would move WTF.  And the first thing I said was exactly the same thing I said when Fatty proposed:  “REAL ONE OR NOT?”


So.  My hand started shaking wtf.  I called Fatty to bring the box into the bathroom so I could check what two lines meant.  Fatty handed me the box and I stared at the instructions.

“Fatty I think I’m pregnant.”

“No la cannot be.”

“No really you see what the box says.”

“Are you sure those are two lines?  Not a watermark or something?”

Then when it sank into him, he silently went to his computer and googled pregnancy symptoms.  And didn’t talk much for like half an hour hahahahaha.

Why like this! I’m the mommy why is he more in shock than me lolol.

We called our respective parents and told them the (tentative) good news and Fatty’s mom started going on about how this tree in her garden never bloomed but it suddenly bloomed a few days ago so she thought it was a good omen of things to come WTF.

Both sides are very happy of course but I think the Oois were in a bit of shock lol.

So how has the first trimester been so far?

First week actually, I think I’m only about 5 weeks in so far.

1. No morning sickness yet, although I do get horribly nauseous most of the time.  I have no idea if this is morning sickness!  I’m not throwing up (thankfully) but I’m hungry and gassy all the time so it could just be the gas making me nauseous.  The second (literally) I open my eyes in the morning – usually because I have to pee – I feel a wave of nausea over me and I’m terrified I’ll puke.  I have to force myself to eat something right away, and then the nausea abates a bit but it never quite goes away.  I don’t feel like I will really puke but my stomach is still queasy and churning all the time. 🙁

2. Hungry all the time.  Oh my god I feel like a fucking whale.  I get hungry every 2-3 hours regardless of what I eat.  At the same time, I feel sick thinking of  most foods and the only thing I feel like taking is liquids… and spicy foods wtf.  BODY Y U SO STUPID.

Since I wrote this, I still get hungry but only because I seem to have lost all appetite. I mostly eat to not be hungry now so I eat teeny portions just to be full, then get hungry soon after.  I don’t really have food cravings, but I got lots of food aversions!  I can’t stand Japanese food now, especially the thought of sashimi (shocker cos it used to be my favorite food in the world) and keep wanting to drink clear Chinese style soup, and eat veggies and fruits hahaha super healthy.  I can’t stand the smell of meat and fish though so I’m like on a semi vegetarian diet now.  And water makes me nauseous fts so I’m existing on 100 plus, milk …and water tinged with Ribena.  The upside to this is that Fatty lets me pick what to eat nearly every meal now HAHAHA.

3. Peeing a lot.  Not sure why, but feel thirstier now more than ever.  And every time I take a glass of water I have to go to the toilet TWICE. Very horrible cos unless I drank a lot of water and didn’t go before bed I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to pee.  Now I wake up without fail every night, and when I go, it’s usually only a half full bladder wtf.  Very not worth it.  It’s like having a UTI but at least without the pain and fever.

4. Boobs are damn big. HAHAHAHA.  Ok la not Pamela Anderson big but shocking enough wtf.  I always wanted bigger boobs but now that I have em… I think they make me look fat wtf.  Cannot make up my mind.

(blog cut short need to eat again WTF)



  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    well my mom didn’t have morning sickness either and you usually follow your mom 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    haha the baby clothes were for xiaxue!

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahaha everyone is saying different things so i dont know how accurate you are…

  • Fourfeetnine

    is it an asian thing? do people in western countries announce the minute they know? because it just makes sense to keep quiet for a while until it stabilizes, no?

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  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    thank you!

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahaha i’d love to but wait for cheesie to get pregnant first 😛

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  • Fourfeetnine


  • Anonymous

    What a thrilling news!!!!!! Can u share me if anything u taken to help to boost the chances to conceive??? I wanna get pregnant too!!!!

  • Seraph

    Great to hear that! Hope u’ll have a smooth pregnancy! Cant wait to see your cute baby 😀

  • Shao

    I was just being diagnosed with PCOS last week, well pretty frustrating to get to know that chances of us getting pregnant is not as good as others who doesn’t suffer from it. On medication currently, I hope we have good news soon too, anyway, congratz! =D

  • Nicole Chang

    So happy for you! Big big eyes baby is coming!!! Hope you update more on your baby!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    half of it is tim’s genes lo hahahaha only 50% chance of big eyes

  • Fourfeetnine

    no i didn’t! why, do you have infertility issues? D:

  • Fourfeetnine

    sorry to hear that 🙁 but i know lots of pcos patients who’ve conceived, not as hard as you think it is. good luck!

  • murderface

    Congratulations Aud!!! Reading your blog makes me feel like i’m preparing for life hahah. I can’t wait to hear you blog about your pregnancy adventures, and hope your baby and whole family are happy and healthy!!

  • JiaLingChan

    Congratz aud!! Somehow i was looking forward for you to be pregnant after xiaxue wtf hahahaa. Really happy for you. 🙂 Dont worry too much. Praying you’ll have a smooth pregnancy and delivery. ^^

  • Peyson

    Hi Audrey, nniI’m so happy for you! when you said that you have lower chances of conceiving, I was praying in my heart that you will be blessed though I’m a free thinker!!nnAll the best for a healthy baby & you! fighting!nn

  • annoymous

    congrats :-)nso happy you are going to become a mother soon..nhere a video how baby are made…maybe you can have a look at it..very meaningful..n

  • Heaventears

    Feel really to know that my “inspiration” (the one who inspired me to blogged again and share the same name) is gonna have a lil Aud or Tim soon!!! eat more, laugh more, stay happy and healthy!!

  • Nicole

    You should be about 4 mths now i suppose.. whatever is it.. i’m so happy for you and tim.. can’t wait to see fighter.. must be cute like the both of you =)

  • Fourfeetnine

    How babies are made? Sounds like a sex video lolol

  • Isabel Lee

    LOL the blooming tree.. So Chinese..

  • mel

    Hello, can i check how long does the botox for the jaw muscle would last usually?

  • mel

    Hello, can i check how long does the botox for the jaw muscle last usually?

  • annoymous worries…not sex video…just how the baby is form..from foetus to baby…is a miracle…ncongrats anyway.. 🙂

  • Jocelyn Lum


  • Jules

    Congrats you two. Hope you’ll have a safe and smooth pregnancy and delivery

  • iamthewitch

    They said if you crave for fruits and veggie most probably you’re having a girl, whereas the opposite is true if you crave for meat! Let’s see if this theory is true! Hehe and congrats!

  • Gypsy On The Move

    Congratulations Aud! 🙂

  • Alice

    Awww congrats!!! Sounds like you are having a boy! Haha let’s just see. May be i’m wrong. 😛

  • m ! ss Y

    congratulations Audrey!! super excited for you :)nnxx,nyour fan from canada

  • Salty Bodice Ripper

    crap, when i saw your blogname I thought you were 14! I’m guessing you’re much older?