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written on 20 Feb

So yeah the reason I’ve been complaining so much about heartburn is because I’m pregnant obviously.  Hahaha.

I’ve been suffering from heartburn for the past few nights which is very very tiresome because as far as I know, I haven’t been doing anything to aggravate it!

I’ve gotten heartburn once or twice before (before pregnancy) and I’m not even sure why.  Maybe because I used to laugh at a friend who regularly got heartburn and even called him Heartburn (until don’t even remember his name now FHL) so maybe god is punishing me for that wtf.

(Heartburn during pregnancy is caused by the relaxation of muscles due to the pregnancy hormones or something which can also relax the esophagus muscles which is why stomach acid keeps coming up and you get heartburn.)

I googled extensively for causes of heartburn to see how I could avoid it.  I didn’t want to take any pills or medicine because… I hate medicine la wtf.  And  I don’t know what kind of effects it could have on the baby so I’m not taking chances wtf.

So the list of causes include eating spicy food, fatty food, lying down after eating, eating too big meals…. all of which I have been avoiding lo!

Spicy food is unfortunately one of the things that I feel ok eating and I have to stay away from it leh!  And I’m not eating any of Fatty’s food what LOLOL ok joke.  I make sure I’m upright at all times after eating also; I’ve taken to sleeping on two pillows which causes stiff neck in the morning fml.  So maybe the only thing I’m doing wrong is eating too much.

I don’t know how much is too much!  Before I was pregnant the amount of food I ate a meal was already a lot by other people’s standards so maybe even though I think I’m eating less now it’s still too much haih.  Maybe I should reduce my portions even more and eat more frequently… but I hate feeling hungry….

Anyway back to bad heartburn.  I had it for days in a row and I was so troubled by it I even felt like sticking my finger down my throat so EVERYTHING would come up and quit bothering me going up and down my esophagus.

Then last night I had heartburn AND a big wave of nausea, just as I was fluffing up my two pillows to sleep.  I sprang up, ran to the bathroom only to have the nausea pass as quickly as it came.

I climbed back into bed (with my throat hurting from heartburn) and feeling very sorry for myself wtf.  Fatty turned over to pat me on the head and hug me…

And I burst into tears.

Damn hormones.

I sobbed for like five minutes while Fatty went “why why? why you cry? is it the hormones? it’s the hormones isn’t it?” and rubbed my shoulders.

And after five minutes, I was done crying.  Fatty asked “why did you cry?”

I said, “I don’t know.  I don’t know what I was even sad about.”

  • Yyumi Corn

    Jiayous Audrey! when your little baby is out, I’m Sure you will think it’s worth it! 😀 I love reading your blog and your stories with your husband! and I always check NuffnangX for updates on both of your blogs everyday! ^^ So don’t be unhappy! Be cheerful and happy and positive! I’m Sure the heartburn times will pass soon!↖(^▽^)↗

  • TY

    The only rational solution is to stock up and eat lots and lots of Haagen Daaz Salted Caramel, or Vanilla dunked in Sprite.

  • Cline

    Congratulations Audrey & Tim! Hold on there Audrey, when u feel your baby’s movement inside your womb after you are 5 months+ pregnant, it wil really be a very wonderful feeling! Moreover, most of the pregnancy discomfort happens during the first trimester, hope that it will be better for u too after u entered the second trimester of your pregnancy. nnI was lucky that my pregnancy period less than a year ago was very smooth and

  • Cline

    I was very lucky that my pregnancy period less than a year ago was very smooth without most of the discomfort like heartburn or morning sickness or feel nausea at certain food. However, 1 thing I experienced quite frequently was leg cramping half way thru sleeping at night time which is really painful! =( So ask Tim to be prepared to be waken by you to give you leg massage

  • Cline

    Afterall, you deserved to be pampered during this period! Get plenty of rest and enjoy undisturbed sleep as much as you like, it became a privilege for new mummy like me after my baby was born (hence commenting on your blog at this hour). Sorry for my long comment, just so happy for you and Tim! Stay healthy and happy!

  • Angel

    Hopefully this only lasts through your first stage of pregnancy. Also, it’ll be worth it in the end, right? I don’t even know how to function. This is too much for me! First Xiaxue and now you. I’m so freaking happy okok continue to right about your pregnancy experience so your fans like me can follow along~ ^-^

  • shannen

    mine was rather bad too. So I had to prop myself up and sleep “sitting”. That helps. Can try, but pls make sure you don’t fall of the bed. Your body will somehow “automatically” lie you down when it is ready. It gets better by 2nd trimester. Oh, another tip. Start applying Clarins tonic oil (or cream if you don’t like the smell). No stretch marks.. but need to be very consistent in applying. Have fun!

  • Yvonne

    hello I hope this will help you. My dad have heartburn too. And he tried everything (pills, doctors etc). All he relies on overcoming heartburn is eating apples. It doesn’t have to be a whole apple, even a wedge of apple will help lessen the heart burn feeling. But this is by no means a cure for heartburn cause I don’t think there is a cure. But yeah everytime you feel a heartburn, try eating a slice of apple. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have exactly the same problem like you when i was pregnant 3 yrs ago. eat also heartburn, don’t eat also heartburn and the only thing i feel like eating was spicy food and orange juice. I drank so much orange juice until I have constant diarrhea.. LOL. In the end, I ended up surrendering to taking medication where doc confirm it’s ok for the bb.. It’s only

  • Jamie

    I have exactly the same problem like you when i was pregnant 3 yrs ago. eat also heartburn, don’t eat also heartburn and the only thing i feel like eating was spicy food and orange juice. I drank so much orange juice until I have constant diarrhea.. LOL. In the end, I ended up surrendering to taking medication where doc confirm it’s ok for the bb.. however, it stopped after the first trimester… Cheers!!

  • T

    **TIP: add these to your water bottle in the morning and drink an hour later.** nnOrange & Lemon water: Citrus fruits help digestion especially in room temp (or warm) water. This water can help heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, vomiting & constipation.nnLemon, orange and lime water: Same benefits.nnI saw this at FB, hope it helps but I do not know if is the correct way.

  • Sher

    i feel your pain! i’m around 11 weeks now and have been feeling nauseous, having heartburn and yet feeling hungry all the time….it all gets so bad that sometimes i have a lil pity party for myself….anyways, let’s hope all this stop at the end of the first trimester….you will feel its all worth it when you get your first scan and you see the tiny creature jumping around inside of you….so surreal:)

  • Jocelyn Lum

    The hormone causes you to cry for no reason. It’s so true:)nThat’s why we must love mama, not only because mum and dad bring us here, but they sacrifice for us:)nn

  • SingleByDesign

    Congratulations to you both! XD Parenthood is indeed a new journey not only for you but for your husband too and I’m sure that you’ll be good parents to your child. As for the first trimester, yeah it sucks [the morning sickness, nausea, raging hormones and all] but believe me, its worth the journey. Cherish every moment. And yeah, get plenty of sleep coz once you give birth your baby will make you stay awake 🙂 Stay cheerful and happy always!

  • Anonymous

    You are so hilarious Aud!! I cant stop laughing reading your blog! Oh man! Yes it is the hormones. You can just cry for no reason at all.

  • julian

    Hi, yep it’s tough being pregnant at times. Sometimes people expect you to be ‘glowing’ and happy all the time to be pregnant but actually it can suck too. It can be helpful to see what other mothers are saying too – there are forums like and where you can lurk and/or share with others in the same situation.

  • Tash

    Hi Aud!nFirst of all congrats! am so excited for you!! 🙂 nI thought maybe this link would help you out in getting all the things you need for your pregnancy and baby otw. I do not work there but my sister in law highly recommends this place. Maybe you might find it useful too. Have a look =)

  • Audrey’s lover :)

    Hi Audrey!! (I am a girl so don’t worry about my ‘name’) Hahaha just wanted to say that I am very happy for you. I don’t know why I was so overwhelmed with emotions when I saw ‘AudBaby’ :’) You go girl! 🙂 <3

  • Mandy Faith

    Hate to know you’re suffering! But jia you, and best wishes to you, Audrey! <3

  • SM

    Hi Aud! I read that you’re partial to liquidy food nowadays. Maybe you can try having more solid and dry food for dinner like rice and crackers to stop the food from coming up when you’re sleeping. Some over the counter antacids such as gaviscon or natural alkalotic food such as bittergourd juice (bleurgh) really helped with my acid reflux. Good luck!

  • Gerri

    Sweetie there are meds for heartburn suitable and safe for preggers. Ask your Gynae. Don’t suffer.

  • maviszu

    Take care there Aud.. Think about the little one and you would feel better…

  • SC

    Audrey! Don’t stress & keep being happy hokay! Hope you feel better now! So happy for you & Tim!! 🙂

  • azrina

    congrats audrey! i’m 4 months pregnant now and yes, my first 3 months was crazy also. i vomit everything i ate, woke up with very bad back pain, always late to work because everytime i step out the house, i want to vomit right away and heartburn everyday. one day i broke down and cry for hours & hours until my husband don’t know what to do or say to comfort me. so, stay strong ok?

  • k

    My movie theater has at least one pregnant woman a week yell at the entire staff over something while her hubby stands meekly by the side holding her purse. So your crying episode is nbd in comparison haha

  • D

    Hey aud,nnI’ve been reading your blog for a long time and only felt the compulsion to comment. I’m a doctor and do take some maxolon. It will help with the nausea at least and it’s relatively safe in pregnancy. Congrats and all the best

  • Fourfeetnine

    I did. She asked me to take milk which in fact helped my heartburn a lot 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahahahahah this is too funny

  • Peoniesandpancakes

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.nDO continue to update your pregnancy diary. It is an enjoyable read. nnMichellen

  • Anonymous

    Hi Audrey! Idk but this post made me laugh lol Not laughing at you getting a heartburn ok! Try not to stress yourself to give Fighter an increased fighting chance. Have you watched the video The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall) on YT? I’m not sure tho if you’ll find it funny/amusing since you know pregnant=unpredictable. But try to check it out, honey badger will help you learn not to give a shit to stress lol Have a good day!

  • zhangyun

    The last part was so sweet! 🙂 I hope your baby grows to be a cute and healthy one and may the rest of the pregnancy journey be a smooth sailing one for you!

  • Jess

    Poor thing! Thanks for blogging anyway. You are so cute even tho you preggas. I’m sure your baby will be even cuter! Jia You !! Also thanks for answer me on Instagram about fatty’s arm I did not expect an answer at all. I like u so much !!l Much love jjbenolive. Xox

  • Anonymous

    Hi audrey, were you at klcc by any chance today? .. I think you were right infront of me, in kinokuniya.I was holding erasers to buy at that moment and you were leaving kino then so I had to quickly go and dump my erasers first to leave kino too;; I eventually caught up(I’m aware I sound like a stalker.. lol) with you but I was quite shy so I didn’t say hi.. heh. nUnless the person I saw actually wasn’t you? (Possibility) .. Then I guess I’m glad I didn’t make a fool out of myself! haha.

  • Fourfeetnine

    yea i was hahaha. you should have said hi!

  • Giant

    wft!!! a midget’s webpage!!!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    So says the mammoth.