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Hello!  We just got back from London and in addition to jet lag, I got a thousand and three things to settle first!  But I also got anxiety disorder about not updating my blog so let this be a short post!

We arrived home yesterday evening and first thing this morning we struggled out of bed to see Fighter.  Fatty had only two hours of sleep so I said he could just rest and I’d go to the doctor alone.

Fatty: No cannot.  Later Fighter say “where’s Daddy why he not here to see me!”


Anyway, this time was like a full scan to check on all the major body parts – whether heart has a hole (no hole!), cleft palate, etc.

Everything accounted for and normal, good job Fighter!



Side profile of baby.

HIS NOSE DAMN SHARP RIGHT!  Super pleased about this cos I forever have crushes on boys with sharp nice noses one wtf Fighter got better chance of being handsome now hahahaha.

The doctor said, “He has a very sharp nose!” (turns around to peer at Fatty then turns back to me. “Guess he got his mother’s nose.”

F Fatty’s life hahahahaha.  In his defense I think his nose is quite ok la quite straight also! Maybe his glasses are blocking it wtf.


Doctor also pointed out the penis and scrotum, confirming that he is indeed a boy.

(Don’t think baby will like me much when he’s grown up and realized I posted a picture of his penis online wtf)

At first I couldn’t see it.  The doctor said, “how can you not see? It’s so obvious!”

I peered at the top left side of the screen (circled in red for your convenience) and said “WAH YOU’RE RIGHT IT’S HUGE”

Doctor said, “Uhh actually it’s the one on the bottom right (arrow pointing).  The penis is between the scrotum on both sides.”




Thanks for making Mommy fat Fighter! Hahaha.

Oh yea, while I was in London/Paris I was quite emo because my face is now noticeably rounder!  I think partly because I’ve stopped Botoxing my jaw (due to pregnancy) and partly because I gained weight la wtf.

I also think my nose is bigger (because according to old wives’ tales, if you’re carrying a boy your nose gets bigger wtf) but that could just be psychological.

Anyway since I cannot diet or Botox or anything to make my face smaller, I made an appointment with Hikky to do something to my hair to so I look less chubby.



The result!

Extensions to cover my cheeks. 😀 UntitledExtended my pink under-highlights too.  Very surreal that I went from a bob cut to this huh. 😀

For those who may be curious, the extensions are fixed on with a special tape, not metal clips, braiding or glue.  76style is the only salon I know of in Malaysia who has this type of extensions which are lighter and less damaging to your hair. ^^

My extensions usually last for 2-3 months but it depends on your hair care and regrowth as well.

For pricing and appointments, contact 76Style and Hikky (she’s at the Plaza Mont Kiara branch)!


  • Mindy

    Congratulations again, Aud! Don’t be sad, i don’t think u look fatter at all, only grew a baby bump! U look super cute still!

  • Jocelyn /lum

    *Thanks for making Mommy fat Fighter! Hahaha.*nPicture above this caption of yours caught my attention for few moment, I saw your husband smile in your smile. Same:)nn

  • Bobostephanie

    awww cant wait to meet him edi!!! I was turning my phone left and right but I still cannt see his penis wtf. shhh dont tell him this a, later he thinks im weird hahahhhah

  • Elisabeth

    I also think men with sharp noses are handsome!nAnd, as a person who is pregnant as well, i think you dont look fat 😉 let’s try hard to go back to our pre pregnancy body shape later after giving birth haha. Jia you!

  • Sunja

    Omg! When I first saw the second ultrasound, I thought, “holy shit! There is NO way that’s the penis… it?!” Hahaha. What is that in the top left corner? nnI think the long hair suits you and the pink is super pretty. 🙂

  • Sunja

    Omg! When I first saw the second ultrasound, I thought, “holy shit! There is NO way that’s the penis… it?!” Hahaha. What is that in the top left corner? nnI think the long hair suits you and the pink is super pretty. 🙂

  • Lixin

    You still look really really beautiful, and more so now that you’re a mummy! Even when you gain the weight, you still look great 🙂 your rounder face is cute! ^_^

  • angela

    HAHAHAHAHAH BABIE THEN WHAT IS THAT PENIS LOOKING THING ?? that looks exactly like a penis tho hahahahahahahaha

  • XiaoXiong

    how come i never looked this good when i was preggers?!! u inspire me to hv another go & do it right. my partner thanks u, wtf. nway, is that tim doing his business at the corner?