Harry Potter Studio Tour!

One of my favorite parts of our UK trip this time — HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR!!!

When we did the Warner Brothers studio tour in LA last year I’d already found out about  the Harry Potter tour outside London.  I made a mental note to go if we ever went to England again but I guess I lost the mental postit cos I forgot about it until Fatty reminded me about it.

So yay off we went!  For those who are wondering how we got there, we took a train from Euston to Watford (I think) and from there a shuttle bus carried visitors like us to the studio.

I was hoping the bus would look like the Knight Bus but sadly it turned out to be a regular looking tourist bus plastered with boring Harry Potter logos, not worth taking photos of wtf.  Besides it was damn cold and windy!

Iphone 27 May 2013 3645


Anyway we got to the studio quick enough. 🙂

Iphone 27 May 2013 3646


Killed some time in the souvenir shop before the tour started.  Made Fatty pose with the broomstick cos I think he looks like an Asian Harry Potter HAHAHAHA.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3647


Gringotts gold!

Iphone 27 May 2013 3649


A replica of the chess set in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


I’m in Hufflepuff wtf.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3652


The cupboard under the stairs!  Everything in the tour was really used in the making of the movies.  I had a ball peering into the cupboard imagining how Harry lived in it hahaha.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3653


The tour started… outside the Great Hall. Ahem.



Exactly like in the movies!!!!

Except one thing.  The awesome ceiling is actually not there at all.  There was no way they could have the ceiling up there because they had to put in the lighting and cabling and whatnot up there.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3664

So this is what they did!  Created a miniature detailed version of the hall ceiling and when the camera panned upwards, they superimposed the shot of the ceiling with the hall.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3658


Hello Dumbledore!  Tour guide giving an introduction to the tour before they let us all explore on our own time.  These were all the real costumes used in the movie – Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid…

Iphone 27 May 2013 3659


Mad Eye Moody and Sibyl Trelawney!

Iphone 27 May 2013 3662


Some other costumes from the Yule Ball … clockwise from bottom left: er don’t remember WTF, Hermione, Viktor Krum, Cho Chang.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3663


Forgot what this was also wtf.  Something from the Yule Ball also.  I only remember that it’s made of plastic but they lighted it up from under to look like ice.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3665


Chocolate feast!  Everything was made from resin.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3667


Bellatrix’s wig hahaha.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3672


Can’t remember what this corridor is!  But it’s not actually as far as it looks, it’s designed with weird angles to give the illusion of it being deeper than it is.Iphone 27 May 2013 3674


A glimpse into the Gryffindor boys’ dorm room!  The bed were tinier than normal size and the description for this display said that the beds were built when the boys were younger so they fit.  But when they grew up the beds were too small hahahah so after that they had to lie down with their feet sticking out ftl and the cameras made sure not to shoot the feet.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3676


Thought this was funny lol.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3677


Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem!

Iphone 27 May 2013 3678


Tom Riddle’s diary and the Basilisk tooth wtf.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3681


A peek into Hagrid’s house.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3680

Iphone 27 May 2013 3683


The Burrow!!!! One of my favorite sets it was just so warm and real and absorbing.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3684


No is it weird that my favorite was Dolores Umbridge’s room? Hahahahah everything pink what’s not to love.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3686

Another favorite was the Weasley twins’ products manufactured into real life.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3687


Iphone 27 May 2013 3688


Butterbeer was always described as absolutely scrumptious and I’d always wished that it was real so I could try.  So when I saw Butterbeer selling I was a bit hesitant what if it doesn’t live up to my expectations lolol.  Plus I actually don’t like sweet food so what if I find it totally gross!

Iphone 27 May 2013 3711


My fears were put to rest.  Butterbeer is soooooooo good you don’t even know.

The froth is actually creamy, not just bubbles.  It tasted like melted whipped vanilla ice cream? Hahaha.  And the beer itself was sweet and fizzy yummmmm.  And I noticed the longer I left it, the more cream would appear how does it do that!

If they sold it outside I’d buy it by the bucket.

I tried googling the recipe but went aiya so many ingredients one ah lazy hahahaha.  And it’s not alcoholic so you can stop worrying about me drinking when pregnant haha.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3689

Goblin masks!


Diagon Alley!!!  A lot smaller than it looked in the movie.  Red thing is Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes hahaha.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3693


Ollivander’s wand shop!!!Iphone 27 May 2013 3694

Iphone 27 May 2013 3696

Iphone 27 May 2013 3697


Just cos I liked the ice cream display hehe.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3700


Quidditch supplies!

Iphone 27 May 2013 3703

The other side of the alley.  Gringotts right at the back.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3701

Window display at Weasley’s hahaha.  The fella was really puking continuously leh hahaha.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3705

Breathtaking miniature of Hogwarts.  It’s miniature but still taller than a few men.  This is what you see whenever the screen pans to the outside of Hogwarts.  The level of detail is amazing from the turrets to the glass house to the brick walls.



4 Privet Drive.


My Dobby!!!! Looking dead here fhl.

Iphone 27 May 2013 3706Tour ends in a massive wand room.  Each wand box has the name of a crew member who worked on the Harry Potter movies!

There’s a lot more going on that I didn’t write about, don’t want to give out too many spoilers.  But if you get a chance and you’re into Harry Potter, go!!!


  • msbulat

    Wow, this is so amazing. Wish I have a chance to see it with my own eyes. N imma will go google for butterbeer recipes now!!

  • Ashli

    I’d love to go there when I visit relatives, it seems really fun!

  • Elie

    Making a mentally note and reminding myself this is a MUST VISIT place…so awesome! *Drools*

  • Sue Me

    The corridor was where Harry blew up his aunt and he took the Knight Bus to stay in that inn. nnAnd that’s Cedric Diggory’s costume in Yule Ball. nnOMG! Butterbeer looks so darn good. Putting this in my to-do-list when I visit London 🙂

  • Sue Me

    The corridor was where Harry blew up his aunt and he took the Knight Bus to stay in that inn. nnAnd that’s Cedric Diggory’s costume in Yule Ball. nnOMG! Butterbeer looks so darn good. Putting this in my to-do-list when I visit London 🙂

  • Sue Me

    The corridor was where Harry blew up his aunt and he took the Knight Bus to stay in that inn. nnAnd that’s Cedric Diggory’s costume in Yule Ball. nnOMG! Butterbeer looks so darn good. Putting this in my to-do-list when I visit London 🙂

  • Mel

    Omg looks amazing. Haha how come you’re in hufflepuff? They sorted you?

  • iamginny

    I wanna visit there too!

  • Mandy

    Timothy the Asian Harry Potter. haha. omg this place looks ah-ma-zing!! hope I’ll have the chance to visit there some day. I was sorted into Slytherin in Pottermore. LOL. and the butterbeer looks delicious!

  • Angela

    Aud.. which apartment did you stay at London??

  • Fourfeetnine

    We stayed in Bermondsey!

  • FionaChan

    OMG THIS LOOKS AMAZINGGGG!!! :””) EVEN THE SOUVENIR SHOP :O Can I just move and live in the studio?nnI have actually never seen pictures of it because everyone who went said they couldn’t take photos.

  • Gypsy On The Move

    A must visit place for all Harry Potter fans! Thank you for this sneak peek Audrey! 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    can one! maybe it was a different tour?