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Today I’ve decided to blog about… what I wear when I’m pregnant.

I think some of the pictures here have already been posted in previous entries but whatever this is an educational experience ok wtf.

Actually I have no idea whether what Imma say is true or not la but I find these tips work for me so I’m just sharing them maybe they’ll work for you too if you’re pregnant / are thinking of getting pregnant but are worried about the havoc that will wreak on your appearance.

I know a lot of people these days say that I should be “proud of my baby bump and show it off” and a lot of modern mamas like to wear tight tight clingy clothing to show off their bumps!  Also it’s a very popular trend now to do maternity shoots isn’t it?  But why all the shoots I see are all monochrome and the man and woman will inadvertently wear matching clothing e.g. blue jeans and white/black tops but the woman will have hers pulled up one ah who dictated it must be like this wtf.

To all this I say, to each their own wtf.

It makes me very happy every time I feel Fighter move in me, and I am amazed at the way he (and my tummy) is growing so quickly.  But.  I don’t like seeing my own baby bump being glorified in tight shirts. :X  I feel like other people pull it off but I don’t like seeing myself like that.

Maybe it’s because I’m short and have relatively small limbs.  The distended belly and skinny limbs just makes me look like a malnutrition-ed child I think. :X

Anyway all of that was just to tell you not to bother telling me ‘your baby bump is beautiful and you should enjoy it’ etc etc la cos this is just my personal opinion.  I don’t go around telling people to cover up their bumps so you shouldn’t feel the need to tell me to show mine off.  Hahahaha.

Anyway here’s some things I’ve learned while dressing to complement a baby bump.

1. Get extensions WTF


Ok this is not a viable option for most people hahahaha.  But when I started gaining weight in earnest my self esteem plummeted.  Ironically while being pregnant is an exclusively female ability, I felt un-feminine, ungainly and unattractive.

So I got extensions.  Layers of long hair can disguise a rounder face and while extensions are high maintenance, I love that I can style it in different ways – long and curled, straight, odango-d, braided, etc according to my mood and style I want to achieve.

Extensions are not for everyone, but the point is, if you’re feeling low, go ahead and do something nice for yourself!  Get a new hairstyle, manicure, go shopping, whatever but I find that hair works best for me. 😀

2.  Babydolls and empire linesUntitled


This is the most obvious la!  If you wanna hide a big stomach, just go for empire lines – tops or dresses with waists that start right under your boobs (can also highlight your bosom wtf) and then flow in a tentlike shape.  Instant no more tummy wtf.

The white top above is from Miss Selfridge.  White loafers are from Chatuchak.

3. Black works


Everyone says black is slimming but I’d always kind of dismissed it cos I thought I looked the same whether I wear white or black la wtf.  Some more black attracts mosquitos, the bane of my existence wtf.

But now that I’m pregnant, black works wonderfully to camouflage the bump.

Top also from Miss Selfridge.  (this is not an ad for Miss Selfridge ah but if they wanna sponsor me, lemme know. Lolol. I actually never shopped there before but I realize they have a lot of flattering babydoll style pieces!)

4. Non-cotton tshirt material clothing 


Notice how in most of my outfits I lay off wearing cotton tees?  I love tshirts actually T_____T  But unless they’re empire cut, I found the fabric in most tshirts will cling to me unflatteringly.

So now I tend to go for more ‘formal’ (for lack of a better word) fabrics.  Like lace and chiffon which tend to be loose and flowy and somehow just make me look like it’s the fabric, not me that’s big wtf.

But pick your fabrics carefully!  Conversely, thicker fabrics – say denim or oxford – make me look bulkier and it’s just all me, not the fabric. >:(

Lace and chiffon pink shirt from Foruchizu.  Fat Cat Stockings also from Foruchizu.

 5.  Longer hemlines on tops

Cropped tops and high waisted pants are no longer an option, and not only cos they don’t fit.  Even if you find items that do fit, confirm you look like you’re wearing your future baby’s clothes wtf.

Believe me I tried.


For me right now it has to be big tops all the way.  Hems should end at your hips or lower (especially if your hips are getting bigger like mine are fml)  This also doubles usefully to cover your camel toe when you wear leggings.  And you will be living in leggings/stretchy pants.


This top is Tshirt material!  But cut in a loose way and also black so it still worked. ^^

Check My Blog tee from Foruchizu.  Plaid leggings from Topshop, Laforet Hello Kitty bag was a present from Hikky. <3

Also since your top is going to be loose, tight pants are the answer to balance out your silhouette.  But I think everyone knows that already. ^^

6. Layering

Not sure how this works wtf.  But I find that if I have to wear a clingy shirt, putting something else on top of it seems to work.  Maybe to distract the eye hahaha.


Like a denim vest.

Double Cross grey tee is from Foruchizu.  We also restocked the very popular Rose Wreath!


A blazer works too.

Actually I would think a huge statement necklace would do the trick too.  Maybe I try it next time.


ZOMG face so chubby now. T______T


My bump!  Lolol Fatty on the bed. T______T

That’s what I figured out so far!  Any other tips you guys have are totally welcome. ^^

  • Erina

    you’re beautiful!

  • Elisabeth

    I really like your hair after extension! I like you with short hair too but now with your long hair and those dressing style, you look like a princess! Love when you wear white dress

  • airmeli

    Haha… I guess you have done all… 🙂

  • Timothy Tiah

    Hubba Hubba… Look at this hawt mama I married

  • Jz

    AGREE WITH THE EMPIRE CUT! Okay actually I’m just fat I’m not pregnant but I have a tummy that makes me look 4 months pregnant maybe hahaha. I wear empire cut dresses to “hide” them and it really works. But I think it only looks convincing if you have boobs like not too flat (sorry if I offend anyone!)

  • Jz

    Layering also! I find that if you layer an outerwear that ends somewhere below the boobs around waist line, it gives the illusion of a smaller tummy! Also can hide flabby arms hahaha! Wah Audrey actually all these tricks is used by us fat people hahaha

  • Irene

    You look damn cute lo!! Hope that your self esteem will be better :)) Enjoy your pregnancy!

  • wendee

    how about some flowy maxi dress? you may wanna check these videos. I find her pregnancy clothings kinda nice. Hopefully you get some ideas to look and feel great! nn

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha ya those work too. But most of the time flowy maxi dresses can look very resort or beach-y. Which is not really a look I like unless I’m on holiday hahahha

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thank you!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahahah why you so funny describe yourself as 4 months pregnant hahahaahha

  • Fourfeetnine

    Stupid fatty!

  • Melanie

    I think you still look amazing ☺

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha all those I listed la! Or else why would I blog about it hahaha

  • Grace

    Hey…. I thought I saw in KLCC (near Uniqlo) earlier this evening and you certainly don’t look 6 months pregnant!

  • yeesian

    You’re still looking good even that you’re pregnant! Can’t wait for fighter to come out from your belly too!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Ya I was there! Cos I was wearing a loose top ma haha

  • Dannielle

    Totally understand that feeling!!! used to have that prob when i was pregnant too.. and i too with tiny limbs with that huge belly seriously it does make me look like i have some sort of weird proportion/sickness.. hahhahahaa!!!

  • Vel

    Hello! Keep updating w more pregnancy fashion posts please! I absolutely adore ur fashion sense and this is the first time I see someone pregnant w the urge not to wear tight and clingy clothes, but dress so demurely like a sweet princess! I’m really inspired!nn<3

  • angela

    hahahahah Tim looks like he’s bored to death at the back … BABIE I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE PREGNANT IT STILL MAKES ME WANNA CRY . TEARS OF JOYY

  • airmeli

    suddenly remember. Irregular foral prints but the background must be dark.

  • p3arl

    i think u look younger and cuter with the extra weight. also fatty lying on de bed like a boss hahaha ^^

  • ahlost

    Wooaaahh.. 6 months already??

  • Fourfeetnine

    Ya lie there until damn sien like that hahahaha

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea like very sick of life hahahahaha

  • Fourfeetnine

    Awww thank you! Ok if I can find more clothes that can fit me ill continue to update wtf

  • Sarah

    Like the last ootd Layering.. it looks very nice on you with the baby bump !

  • oreo

    the extensions look very nice!! i love the way you dress!!

  • Grace

    hee hee.. In any case.. take care ya…