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Hello from the hospital wtf

Very free now so can blog a bit.

Here’s the story of what happened.

Angela has been visiting the past couple of days!  As Fighter’s godmom she wanted to come along for my monthly doctor’s visit so she came! (separate blog post on Angela’s visit later)


Us makeupless cos it was really early in the morning.  Had to come in early to do a blood test. Then went to my gynae for my usual monthly scan.  She made me do the usual blood pressure check and pee test… and said I had to be admitted into hospital.

My blood pressure was much higher than normal (normally it’s super low, 90/50. Normal is about 120/80).  This time it was 130/90.  And my pee analysis showed protein present, which are both signs of preeclampsia. T_______T

I’d only vaguely heard of this term two days ago and now I’m so well versed in it sigh.

Preeclampsia is a condition that only develops in pregnancy.  I don’t even have any risk factors for it so I also dunno why I got it. Suay max.

Summarized from Babycenter:

The more severe the condition and the earlier it appears, the greater the risks for you and your baby. But when preeclampsia is severe, it can affect many organs and cause serious or even life-threatening problems. That’s why you’ll need to deliver early if your condition is severe or getting worse. Preeclampsia causes the blood vessels to constrict, resulting in high blood pressure and a reduced blood flow that can affect organs in your body, such as your liver, kidneys, and brain. When less blood flows to your uterus, it can mean problems for your baby, such as poor growth poor growth, too little amniotic fluid, and placental abruption (when the placenta separates from the uterine wall before delivery). In addition, your baby may suffer the effects of prematurity if you need to deliver early to protect your health.

And in worst case scenario, besides affecting baby, it can affect my organs, cause stroke or blindness for me and/or cause death for either of us fts. The causes of it are unknown and the only real cure is to have the baby delivered.

It’s something that doctors take very seriously, especially in my case cos I developed it so early that having Fighter out right now is not a good option.

So in the coming weeks, the challenge is to monitor and control my blood pressure so it doesn’t go too high and give Fighter time to grow more.  Every day he spends inside is worth a day more to his health and safety.

If it really gets uncontrollable that it’s detrimental to me or Fighter, he will have to be delivered early.  And that will come with another set of challenges — certain steps to take to make sure he is ready for the outside world, and hoping there will be no lasting negative effects on him later. 🙁

A lot of people commented that they or their loved ones had preeclampsia too and all went well!  But most of them developed it later in their pregnancy thus a better chance overall but Fatty and I are optimistic!  We cannot be that suay right wtf.

Anyway on my hospitalization.

The nurses double checked my blood pressure and found it was still 130-140.  Damn stupid la this old fat ang moh man who was in the clinic overheard us and said to me “Don’t worry dear, you’re only 130, my blood pressure is 180.”

HAHAHHA WHY LIKE THIS.  He is at least 70 and quite obese leh I don’t see how this is comforting at all hahahahaha.  But I appreciate his effort. T3T

Anyway kena hospitalized for observation for a day. Fatty canceled his meeting and rushed over and I’m super thankful I had Angela there with me. T___T


Still upbeat wtf.

Here are some key things I remember:

1. Finally got to sit in a wheelchair!!!! Hahahaha.  Quite fun being pushed around. :X

2. Got my blood pressure monitored every 4 hours.  Did a couple of blood tests and further pee analyses too.

3. No pain nothing which is good!  I did have a headache the night before, which developed into a migraine in the middle of the night, waking me up.  The headache was there even in the morning and I felt slightly nauseous; I thought it was the migraine but turns out it’s another sign of preeclampsia.  Took Panadol after that and it was okay though.

4. Hospital food is expectedly bland.  But super healthy I think cos my heartburn all but disappeared since I’ve been here!

5. My blood pressure hovered around 140/100 which is confirmed preeclampsia but still okay.

So the next day, my doctor (Dr Teresa Chow from Gleneagles) said I could be discharged on a few conditions – that I would have to come in for weekly checks with her and I would monitor my BP with a home BP monitor three times a day.  If my BP hit 150/100 twice in a row, I had to go in to hospital immediately.  If more than 150/100 once, have to come in right away too.

So I was discharged on Thursday afternoon!  Went home, took a nap then had dinner. Jammie came over after dinner and halfway Fatty wanted to show our maid how to check my BP in case he wasn’t around.  I got…. 160/100. T________T

He checked it three times and it was still the same sigh. So off we went back to the hospital.  My bag wasn’t even unpacked so it was very fast wtf.

I think I took it pretty well before this, but the thought of going back into hospital so soon… well, I couldn’t take it.  Literally burst into tears and sobbed until I scared myself.

I guess getting discharged I foolishly thought I was over the worst, even though Dr Teresa cautioned me to watch out for it.  I stupidly thought I’d have more time before going back in the next time, and I was terrified that it was still so early (I’m only at 28-29 weeks) and already it was spiraling fast.

So yea went back in, got rushed into a wheelchair, blood taken again, and got stuffed with medicine to bring the BP down.

And so here I am.  With medicine, my BP is about 130-140, but without it zooms back up to 150-160. Crossing fingers that I will be released tomorrow though!

I am very thankful that I am so loved and cared for though. T____T

My parents, brother and Sherlyn who came and hung out the whole day in my hospital room, providing me with company and love.  Mummy and Fat Her couldn’t sleep two nights cos of me and Fat Her came to the hospital and fell asleep and snored damn loudly hahahaha.  Luckily he didn’t stay overnight with me or else my blood pressure sure spike again wtf.

Angela who was there before Fatty could get there and helped me check in and keep my spirits up.  My assorted friends who came to visit and sent flowers!!!

My in laws who called every hour from Penang to check on me and who are making plans to come down to KL now.  Lucked out with them! My brother and sister in law who rushed with me and Fatty to the hospital when I was admitted.

And most of all, my Fatty who has been a complete rock in this.  We still have a few days to our first wedding anniversary and this is the most major test in our relationship yet.  And he was there for me every step of the way!  From hugging me tight when they inserted the IV needle into my hand and sleeping on a cot in my hospital room, he was there every time I needed him.  I really married the right man and I couldn’t ask for more.

More updates later, hopefully when I’m out!

  • ahlost

    Keep on fighting Aud.. you can do it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yes you married the right man, so don’t worry and just keep on going, everything will turn out fine .

  • Cassandra

    Hi Audrey! I wish for the safety and health of you and Fighter! You really married the right man and I hope you and Tim will stay strong! <3

  • Jeri

    I was so worried about you after following you on instagram ! So glad you blogged coz at least it means you’re alright. Preeclampsia is a super scary thing but please remember it is very common and your readings seem very mild so I have every faith you will be back to normal very soon ! Get well really soon and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy 🙂

  • Amanda

    hi aud! u will be alright.. i am going to pray lots and lots.. be positive alright. have faith in yourself and your baby. he is Fighter after all..:) and remember you have lots of love and support from your readers here too.. *big hugs*

  • Miki Ong

    Jia you Audrey ,u will be alright

  • Anonymous

    Stay strong! Gambatte Audrey! You and Fighter will be fine because lots of people are praying for both of you and you guys totally deserve this more than anything! xoxo

  • Jen

    I usually don’t comment on blog posts but you are a nice person so I believe that you’ll be alright. Stay strong 🙂

  • joannalee90

    take care audrey 🙂 stay positive and strong 🙂 you and fighter will be alright ^_^ *fingers crossed

  • joannalee90

    take care audrey 🙂 stay positive and strong 🙂 you and fighter will be alright ^_^ *fingers crossed

  • joannalee90

    take care audrey 🙂 stay positive and strong 🙂 you and fighter will be alright ^_^ *fingers crossed

  • V

    Hey aud (first time commenting, not sure if i should call you aud???) keep calm and take care! listen to some calm music and think happy thoughts! positive thinking goes a long way, it’s going to be okay! <3

  • karleen

    seen a few pre-eclampsia cases during my posting in hospitals and know how dangerous the situation could be. hopefully blood pressure stays under control, no more protein in urine, no uric acid in blood and baby’s growth is fine. u’re a fighter and he’s a fighter, and hopefully all will be well.. stay strong!

  • SingleByDesign

    stay positive and keep the faith 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi Aud, i had preeclampsia too and my bp was 180-190. had emergency csection at 38 weeks. Take care and get more rest.

  • DancingMommy

    Hi Audrey, stay relaxed. You have a good pro-natural OB. Have you heard of ‘The Gentle Birting Group’ and ‘The Breastfeeding Advocates Network’ on facebook? These two groups will provide excellent resources and support during this important time of your life.

  • Sandra

    Take care Audery, fighter and you will be just fine..

  • Aivy

    I hope you get better soon! Stay strong for fighter!!

  • Celine

    Stay strong and positive Audrey! And watch lots of comedies!

  • Nicole

    Hope you get well soon.. Be strong Fighter & mommy =) *2 thumbs up* *2 feet up* for Tim..

  • Zoe

    Stay strong and may God bless. Take care of yourself 🙂