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I’ve honestly been cooped up at home/hospital for a little less than three months thanks to the preeclampsia, then confinement then Fighter coming home, except for a friend’s wedding dinner and then a birthday the other day.

Me & Fatty all dressed up.  I’m in my mid-pregnancy purchased dress which is now a little bit loose on me. *money flies away

Never expected to feel so torn though!  All the time we were out, I kept wondering what Fighter was doing (ok probably either eating, sleeping or pooping -_-), if he missed us (probably not wtf), and how early could we make our excuses and leave.

However I had been feeling a bit suffocated at home with no work or deadlines or anything.  Nothing to do besides pump milk like a cow and fight with Fighter every day about breastfeeding. -_- The confinement auntie handles Fighter like a dream so while I’m quite thankful for that, I feel a bit redundant wtf.  I guess that will change when she’s gone.

And because I believe a happy family is based on a good husband + wife relationship, we felt it’s important for us to have our own time together, away from family and Fighter sometimes cos I believe

So last weekend I decided we had to go out and do something no matter what.  We decided on catching a movie, I picked the movie (Prisoners!!! ironic because I was kinda a prisoner of my sickness before this wtf) and after making sure Fighter was all tucked in to his Moses basket and he had enough milk on hand, we piled into the car and left.

Got to the mall and marveled at the amount of people. Lolol.  Got to the movie theater, got into line for tickets, smelled the smell of popcorn vomit wtf …. and found it was sold out.  FOL.

By then it was late so the stores were all closed anyway and nothing else to do.  Got back into the car…….. and found we lost our parking ticket.  Double FOL.

Had to report its loss, pay an RM50 fine (in addition to the RM5 we’d already paid but probably left our ticket in the auto pay machine) and go home glumly.

Total price of a Night Out of Nothing: RM55.  MCB.

The bright side is we got to see Fighter sooner. Lol.

Next time!! And next time we bring Fighter!!

  • airmeli

    Cheer up!! At least u still get to go out. Better than many woman who had to stay at home during confinement.

  • Helena

    There’ll always be another weekend. No worries. 🙂 Fighter would appreciate her parents to be happy always.

  • Helena


  • cestlavie

    hi there, i definitely felt the same way as how u felt too during my maternity leave of 100 days. everyday i would jus wake up and pump then feed baby and wait for pumping time and pump again. i feel like a mummy cow. and i would worry that my milk supplies will not be enough for my bb. even till now as a working mother it’s even worst cause i really think i don hav much time for myself as i spend at least 30 minutes in front of the pumping station which mean 2 hours of ur day is gone to the pumping station *stress*

  • Fourfeetnine

    You have a pumping station?!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Er I already finished my confinement 2 weeks ago.

  • Christyn

    Awww.. abit suay la. but at least you and fatty get to spend some time alone out of the house 🙂 think on the brighter side of things. (*have to self-comfort*) nnAnyways, next round you must buy tickets online! especially for weekends! That way you can confirm if there are seats in the cinema so wont feel so bad if cinema is full (just dont go and queue for ntg). haha. Cheer up, Aud! nnPS- you look great in the dress 🙂

  • hello

    Are you still updating/dispatching orders for the foruchizu website by any chance?

  • michellesy

    You look really nice in the photo! 🙂

  • Amber

    Hi Audrey, I’m a long time reader and I was just wondering if you and Cheesie are still friends? You guys haven’t mentioned each other or Foruchizu on your blogs for months, nor posted any pictures of the two of you together. I hope that’s not an intrusive question, just thought it was okay to ask since you guys put your “addiction” friendship out there so publicly on your blogs.

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha thanks!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yes we are hahaha. We’re not working on foruchizu at the moment because I’ve been too caught up with this whole preeclampsia and baby thing and cheesie has her own stuff going on too. I also haven’t been going to many blogging events recently and that’s when we normally take pictures together. But yes we’re still friends and she’s been very supportive when I was in the hospital and now when fighter is out.

  • Nat

    Anything happened between you and cheesie? Foruchizu is not updated and you haven’t spoken of her neither has she. Curious because you two used to tell the world that you’re each other’s addiction

  • Nat

    I guess we’re wondering why you speak of all the people who have visited but keep cheesie as a secret? You used to put it out to the world of your every move? Why shield cheesie but speak openly of others who have been there?

  • Fourfeetnine

    Wtf I just replied the previous question leh please read. How did you even get the impression that I’m ‘shielding’ her? Shield her from what? If you’re talking about the blog post where I thanked some friends who came, please keep in mind that I didnt mention a lot of other friends also. Why don’t you ask about them? I only mentioned certain friends because at that point they had sent balloons. nnWhy don’t you ask how come I didn’t mention Tze or huiwen or Jammie besides Ringo? Or Sherlyn or even Wendy or Qiu? They all also came and/or sent stuff what. Pls don’t simply create stories/drama where there is none.

  • airmeli

    Oops!! But it’s okay. Everything has passed!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hahaha I find that really sweet ah!

  • Fourfeetnine

    It’s more crucial that preemies take breast milk cos their immune system is weaker than normal babies. Also if I bottle feed its actually expressed breast milk, not formula. nnI just want him to breastfeed so I can actually feed him, and do it without double duty of pumping then feeding.

  • ahlost

    love your dress <3

  • cestlavie

    my ‘pumping station’ is my make up table. haha. i’m too lazy to hold the bottles and luckily i can jus pull out the drawer from my backup table and use it to hold the two bottles while i pump. so my hands are free to do watever for 30 mins. *without having to purchase those hands free bra :P*