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Pee on me once, shame on you; pee on me twice, shame on me

Today’s lesson learned: as soon as you get home, change into your oldest, moldiest tshirt and shorts.  Your laundry will thank you for it.

So… Fighter was being relatively cheerful and easy today.  Took his milk quietly, burped well and stayed asleep with little to no groaning or grunting.

Until the afternoon, that is.

On the dot, he woke up yelling for his afternoon feed.  So ok, I scooped him up and went upstairs to feed him.

He was drinking his milk… but he was also squirming around and sort of squealing (in frustration??) around the nipple.  Squirmed until he came off the breast and he was still making frustrated sounds – unusual cos he’s usually super quiet when drinking.  I tried giving him the nipple again but he yanked his head away so I thought okay maybe it’s time for a diaper change.

Carried him to the changing table and peeked into his diaper.  Yay mommy instincts he did poop!

Carried him to the sink to wash his butt, then brought him back to the changing station.  Before I could slap on a new diaper, he peed……… all over the both of us.

Sigh life of a mommy.  So I picked him up again, and went to wash him the second time.  Got him clean, set him back down on the changing table….. and he peed.  On both of us.  AGAIN.

Seriously Fighter do you have two bladders or something!?

Totally not expecting the second attack, I think I panicked a bit and started throwing tissues at his crotch.

A few minutes later, the confinement auntie came up, saw me all frazzled and reminded me it was time for Fighter’s bath.  She filled up his bathtub while I quickly changed out of my pee stained clothes (into new old clothes), and I gave him his bath.

Bath done, wrapped him up in a towel, dried him, and got his tshirt on.  Went to put on his diaper so I unwrapped the towel around his bottom half… and saw the awesome present he’d left for me inside his towel wtf. T___________T

(in case you didn’t get it, he shat in his towel wtf.)

Fighter, you’ve really outdone yourself.


“You don’t say?”

Hahahah dunno whether to laugh or cry. T____T



The universe empathized and later the same day I got this as a joke gift from Fatty’s brother and his wife.  What joke gift, this is seriously the most useful thing ever right now hahahaha.  Can’t wait to use it please.


But after it all, you’re probably the only person who can pee and shit all over me, and I don’t mind… too much.  Lolol.

And I think Daddy would agree with me huh?


In every family, there has to be that one clown not looking at the camera and spoiling the family photo. Lolol.



  • Catherine

    He’s such a handsome boy now. So much chubbier

  • LihLih

    One word, hilarious!!! omg, Fighter you gave your mommy drink tea twice ah…heeeheeee

  • Elisabeth

    Has Daddy got the turn sprayed by Fighter’s pee? Lol

  • Fourfeetnine

    Noooo hahahah. He needs to do diaper duty more!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Lol what’s drink tea?

  • Fourfeetnine


  • A

    Audrey, try holding his penis up and pouring warm water on his pee hole when bathing, he may pee out everything because of the warm sensation. Same for the ass. Haha. Worked for me ;)n

  • Michelle

    Sorry Audrey, I was LOL-ing but don’t worry, there’s such a thing as karma – for sure I will get peed/ poo-ed on when I have kids nFighter was having a detox day huh wtf

  • Gabriela

    Hahaha, a few years ago an aunt told me that she was carrying her niece up, and she vomit in her mouth! (She was “talking” with her), lucky for her, it was just milk. Jude in the white outfit looks so big and chubby and happy *_*. Btw, I saw this on pinterest (for Jude’s nursery): 🙂

  • Fiz

    Baby boys and their ability to ‘target’! Hence why my diaper changing skill is all about speed. My son used to pee all the time whenever we change him, had to change his nappy in the speed like FI car tyres being changed. LOL I used to have everything ready near me (cotton wool, water, wipes, new nappy) before i change it and also have his new nappy under the old one, so I can clean (bum up), take away old nappy and new nappy already in place. Oh, not to forget changing in the middle of night, zombie mummy always gets sprayed. Good times! Congratualtions to you and Tim for your baby. Been a silent reader for awhile and happy to hear the safe pregnancy and how healthy Fighter is growing to be!

  • Anonymous

    Am gonna digress from the pee topic for abit here cos i wanna say how chubby fighter is now!!! Super cute!! With the double chin and the puffed up cheeck..well done mommy! Please kiss those chubby cheeks for me and keep up the good work mommy and fighter!!

  • Tina Beanie

    He is such a beautiful little boy! I am so happy to see you and the baby doing well. I went through similar issues when I was pregnant with my baby boy and was quite upset for you went into the hospital early and the issues with the birth you had. I never left a message before, but wanted to let you know this. 🙂

  • Rose

    my husband and my nanny have been pee sprayed on their face by my son when he was a baby 🙂

  • Baby Q

    Hahaa…that’s a wonderful gift. i’d like to have one too. my baby does the peeing thing too.. luckily on his daddy. But he is very mean.. he poos in the bathtub!! and i will panic.. not knowing to let him finish.. or get him out immediately before he gets himself all dirty. 🙂

  • Forgetful Cupid

    LOL, that’s a hilarious gift. Your baby looks so cute!nn

  • Irene

    Not sure whether you’ve heard of this before but you can train Fighter to pee at your convenience!! Just make the “shhh shhh shh” sound when he’s peeing. Sooner or later he’l associate the sound with peeing. So whenever you “shh” he’ll automatically pee. I graduated from diapers after 9 months when my mom used that method on me. Good luck!

  • Peiszong

    The reason that he pees when you change the diaper is because he feel cold when you took off the diaper so he has the urge to pee. I agree with Irene’s comment. Took off his diaper and you ‘shh shh’ him first before changing to a new diaper. He will understand after awhile. He is a smart boy. Another way to avoid is put a lampin (traditional cloth diaper) besides your changing table). If he pees, quickly cover him with the lampin, more absorbent than tissue. Good luck.