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Beary cute

Note: Just a lot of Fighter photos spam musubi wtf.


This is Fighter.


This is Fighter’s backside wtf.  And me in my home clothes.  God I’m bald wtf.


This is Fighter Bear. HAHAHAHHAHAA.

This was what I put him in for Halloween!  (Sherlyn got him this bear suit as a present)


As you can see, Fighter Bear isn’t too happy about being a bear.


Is there a magic potion I can drink so I can turn into a boy again please please please.


No? Even mommy’s milk which is supposed to be magical? Sigh..


Oh well I’ll just lie here and await my fate.



(still lying still awaiting his fate)

Hahahahaha so cute I die!

When I put him in the suit he didn’t seem to know what to do.  He stayed daaaamn still and stiff and didn’t move at all. Lololol.


Hello Baby Bear! I’m uhhh Goldilocks wtf.

Now I think about it I should have dressed as Goldilocks to match ah.  Too bad no party to go to wtf. *loser


Check out his tail hahaha.  Actually he was sooo much easier to hold when he’s in the bear suit!  Bigger and not so wriggly hahaha.

Ok that’s all wtf.  Thanks for reading this rubbish post!


  • JessicaC

    The bear suit looks oversized but it makes fighter damn cute!

  • Meigilee

    Tooo cute.. I am almost die by the cuteness!!

  • LihLih

    Aiyo, Fighter bear’s face soooo innocent.. Melted my heart… Hahahaaa…

  • Polka86

    I love fighter bear!!!! More more!!

  • defaultlisa

    He may not like the bear suit, but he’s super cute!

  • Catherine

    I died too. So cute omg

  • Anonymous

    so cute!!!!!! i love that sad face !!!

  • Lih

    omg soooooooooooo cute!!!

  • TenshiChn

    Lol! He looks so cute in the bear suit, I don’t mind Fighter Bear Photo Spam Post at all! Lol..nReally very cutteeee! >.<nn

  • Raine Lee

    I love this bear suit!! Looks so cute on baby Fighter 😀

  • Grace

    aww, i have one for my niece in white color! Super cute Fighter bear bear! 🙂