We’re back!

It’s that time of year again.

Isetan Love Tokyo Fashion is back!!! See here for one of last year’s blog posts on it.

We were super proud of what we had achieved last year, and Isetan is obviously happy with us too because we are collaborating again for a Foruchizu Pop Up Store at Isetan KLCC!!!

(in case you’re wondering about Foruchizu online it’s on indefinite hold because me and Cheesie have other commitments e.g. Fighter wtf and we have no timeeee T___T Sad but life goes on wtf.)

But anyway Isetan X Foruchizu totally makes up for it!

UntitledFeatured in Vivi Malaysia Nov ’13.

Cheesie and the Isetan team went to Tokyo again on a buying/inspiration trip!  I really wanted to go but… I was in the hospital then. D: Never mind Cheesie represent.

One of the brands we’re bringing in this year under Foruchizu is Smir Nasli, a Japanese bag brand that is super cute and quite affordable considering it’s a Japanese brand.  The best part is that their stuff isn’t limited to just one kind of style, they have all sorts of designs and are versatile enough to match in many different ways and styles. 🙂

Smir Nasli under Foruchizu has a great houndstooth range too among other styles, and everyone knows houndstooth is trending this year.

The popup store will launch end of November and will extend until early next year.  So you have more time to shop!  And there will be tons of events and workshops. More details later on my blog and in Vivi Dec issue.

Speaking of ViVi, we did a Foruchizu shoot for ViVi a couple of weeks back.  There’s going to be a whole booklet on Foruchizu so exciting!



Ermagerd I look so exhausted.  Chu Fan (makeup artist) said all the new mothers he worked with look like this – eyebags all same color and size WTF.



Backstage. Everyone so busy.

I was just going to grouch about how my finger is in the picture when I realized it was Yoshi using my camera. :X  This Yoshi only good with hair, not other body parts wtf.



Chufan doing Cheesie’ makeup.



This woman can pull off cute and sexy both whyy WHYYY.



With Michelle our guest model lolol.  Thanks Michelle!



Me! ^^



And me again!  Hikky somehow always ends up giving me odango I notice.



Hikky and her love for Nars.



Cheesie and Michelle halfway through the shoot while I time out.



Another look.  Very nice hor the outfit!  Can’t wait to reveal some of the items we have this year.



Favorite part of this is the lip color.  Chufan blended different shades together to come up with this. #sifu



Hair rolls. 😀


With Michelle and the 76style team (and Sato who I suspect is Fighter’s biggest fan according to Hikky lolol).  Cheesie not here because… her part done she chao already.

Ok that’s all!  I’ll post more Foruchizu info soon!


  • Plum

    Woah, you’re glowing. You look beautiful! ^^

  • Fourfeetnine

    It’s the camera. Hahaha

  • jy

    AWESOMEEE *hyperventilates* last year i was still studying overseas so didn’t get the chance to pay a visit. will do this year rawrrr! *__*

  • Mei GI Lee

    Finallyy!! Been waiting for so so long!! Gonna do tonnes of shoppin again this year!! Hurrayyy!! Imma gonna be broke again.. wtf

  • Michelle

    MY FACE SO BIGGG why did you put that photo WHY T_______T

  • M

    foruchizu!!!!! *.*

  • Brian See

    Really wanna be your brand model too if u sell men’s fashion. Lol… and the make up so nice!! U and Cheesie both oso sexy and cute la

  • Poppy

    Should ask JaneChuck to be the model. Everything confirm sold out lol.

  • TenshiChn

    What’s odango? The hair bun? I love the hair bun! :Dnn

  • QQ

    Are you and Cheesie still friends? She never mentions Fighter when you were in hospital or come to visit.

  • Fy! I’m a reader from Singapore~ Just wanted to share this with you! It’ll touch your heart! 🙂 🙂

  • ahlost

    Wheee.. very happy to read your normal entry.. hahaha.. wtf.. i mean.. i.. hahaha.. nvm.. >.<

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yes the hair bun!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hehe don’t think she really fits the look

  • Fourfeetnine

    Ahhaha if we do men’s confirm we ask you!

  • Fourfeetnine

    I’ve answered this repeatedly. Why don’t you ask cheesie now?

  • Hanie

    Foruchizu yay! 😀 I hope to be able to meet both of you again, hehe! (^^)